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In Pushkin’s famous fairy tale, Balda, talking about working conditions, said: “eat me a boiled spelled.” He did it for a reason. In a special kind of wheat, which is characterized by stable films on the grain, there are a number of very valuable qualities that are good for health. No wonder it was grown in the first centuries of our era, mentioned in the Bible.


The benefits of spelled

In the modern world, filled with familiar and exotic types of cereals, few people remember this type. He is forgotten completely in vain. This cereal is unpretentious, resistant to typical diseases and ripens much faster compared to other species. It has an unusual brown color with a reddish tint. The disadvantage is low productivity and difficulties with its processing and storage. These factors affect the cost of the product in stores, but this does not stop fans of healthy eating. Product benefits are:

  • low calorie content of 127 kcal. per 100 grams;
  • rapid saturation with a small amount of cereal;
  • rich mineral composition of grains;
  • wide selection of recipes;
  • minimum list of contraindications.

Inside each grain a whole pantry of useful substances is hidden. Micro and macro elements, omega fatty acids, almost all B vitamins in high concentration, and dietary fiber are especially valuable.

Interesting: in raw cereals, the calorific value reaches 337 kcal, when cooking it decreases by almost 3 times.

Regular consumption of porridge and side dishes from spelled reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol, cleanses blood vessels and strengthens their walls, while preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. B vitamins increase immunity, the body's ability to resist viral and fungal diseases, strengthen the nervous system. Spelled grains help to withstand daily stress, give strength, replenish internal energy, eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome. The inclusion of spelled dishes in the diet protects against gastrointestinal malfunction, prevents the transformation of cells into malignant, and is recommended for people with a genetic predisposition to the development of cancer.

Nutrition is appreciated by nutritionists for its ability to speed up metabolism, while removing toxins and excess fluid from the body, which leads to rapid weight loss and improved skin, hair and nails. Croup is suitable for mono-diet, but you should not get carried away, the optimal time for its use should not exceed 7 days.

For babies porridge from spelled is introduced at 8-9 months, provided there is no allergy to gluten. Grains are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. By the way, such porridge is really useful for men, restoring strength after hard physical work and enhancing sexual desire.

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