What is chayote and how is it useful?

An amazing vegetable for the northern latitudes, chayote is well known in Mexico, the countries of the American continent. One can hardly call another plant product, in 100 grams of which contains only 19 kcal. The plant uses all parts, fruits, leaves, shoots and roots used in cooking, folk medicine. Such a valuable product needs to be considered closer.


Mexican cucumber and its properties

The plant really has a twofold name. Its resemblance to a cucumber is quite impressive:

  • both species belong to the pumpkin family;
  • grow on vine-like stems;
  • have an elongated shape and color from green to almost white;
  • Rip from June to September;
  • preference is given to young fruits;
  • are part of salads, are used fresh, salted and pickled.

Substantial differences begin. Chayote jokingly called the dream of a breeder who wanted to cross potatoes with a tomato, collecting a double crop.

The fruits of the Mexican cucumber grow up to 600 gr, have a sweetish taste of juicy pulp. She hides under a glossy thin skin, which is quite resistant to external influences. In addition to pulp, seeds that have a nutty flavor, young shoots go to food. They are prepared on the basis of asparagus. Tubers are similar in properties to potatoes, contain a large amount of starch, but unlike domestic root crops, they grow up to 10 kg.

Interesting: there are many dishes based on chayote. Depending on the accompanying products, it becomes an ingredient for soups, salads, an excellent side dish and even a filling for a sweet cake.

Its benefits are appreciated by traditional healers. He has:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • purifying;
  • diuretic property.

Chemical composition

An almost complete line of B vitamins, amino acids, among which the most valuable are lysine, tryptophan, and histadine, was found in the pulp of fruits and green parts of the plant. The list of minerals includes magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron. Sugar, starch, fiber, carotene supplement the composition.

Benefit for health

Regular inclusion of the product on the menu helps to get rid of kidney stones, reduce weight, improve the digestive tract, remove excess fluid and stabilize blood pressure.

In gynecology, based on a Mexican cucumber, preparations are being prepared that are used in complex therapy for mastopathy, myomas, and oncological diseases. In men, chayote is able to alleviate the condition and relieve the severity of symptoms of prostatitis. Dishes based on it are recommended during the rehabilitation period after chemotherapy sessions. It enhances immunity due to the high content of ascorbic acid, stimulates the regeneration processes.

Chayote is gradually gaining popularity, spreading across the countries of the European continent. It is worth introducing it into the diet for variety and enjoyment of taste.

Video: how to grow a chayot in the garden

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