Durian - beneficial properties and contraindications

It is difficult to meet durian in open sale; more often it is brought as a souvenir from Asia, and only in dried form. Most of its properties are still not amenable to scientific explanation and remain a challenge to common sense. Its appearance serves as a warning to the most curious, as the fruit is covered with sharp spikes, where its name comes from.


Exotic fruit with an unusual story

Durian can be called strange in many ways.

  1. The fruit is edible, but its smell is so specific that it is not recommended to bring it to public places.
  2. The flowering period is only a few hours, then the petals fall and the flower turns into a plain greenish lump on a branch.
  3. Fruits cannot be harvested, it is necessary to wait until they themselves fall to the ground.
  4. Taste qualities of even neighboring fruits can vary in intensity and shades.
  5. The fruit grows to awesome sizes, reaching 8 kg.
  6. This is the only fruit containing organic sulfur necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Plant description

You can recognize it by the impressive thorny balls hanging in many from the branches. Outwardly, they resemble chestnuts the size of a soccer ball. The tree itself is tall, the crown is small in diameter, the leaves are simple, elongated. Prefers low places with high humidity. The roots partially protrude from the ground, forming unusual props supporting a 40 meter long trunk.

Flowers open with sunset, delicate cups and petals are painted in white, pinkish, golden with a brown sheen. It is noteworthy that the smell of flowers is also far from perfect, having a sharp sour tint.

The fruits are dark green, the skin is dense, studded with cylindrical spikes. The value ranges from 3-5 to 8 kg, some specimens reach 10 kg. There are about 30 species, 9 are suitable for food.

The first records of the plant were made 600 years ago. Durian grows in Indochina, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka.

Features of growing and transportation

It is found in Brazil and Central Africa. The fruit is so useful that whole plantations are created for its cultivation. Strict safety rules have been introduced for employees:

  • personal protective equipment, including a respirator;
  • reinforced helmets;
  • special nets for catching falling fruits and their transportation;
  • tight protective suits.

Since only fallen fruits can be harvested, and their fall path is unpredictable, all reasonable safety measures have been taken for employees.

Important: the unusual smell of durian penetrates through any obstacles, so it is corrosive, so their transportation is allowed only in the form of canned food or dried fruits. Those who decide to eat fruit in a crowded place are facing a very serious fine. Apparently, this is the case when the saying "Eat alone in the dark."

Composition and unique properties

The fruits are very high in calories and are able to provide a stable weight gain in a short time. But for those who did not like him, this does not threaten, and those who adore him will not stop him. The pulp contains the most water, about 65 g. on 100 gr. product as well:

Composition and unique properties of durian

  • cellulose;
  • indole;
  • antioxidants;
  • phytoestrogens;
  • a complex of vitamins, which include A, C, group B;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • sodium;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • sulfur;
  • ash.

A unique combination of elements has developed in such a way that the fruit has gained the fame of a powerful aphrodisiac. It is recommended for lung diseases, cleanses blood vessels, removes toxins, supports the work of the heart muscle, immune, nervous and vegetative-vascular systems. Enhances male potency and increases the likelihood of conception in women. It is ideal for breakfast, because it has a strong invigorating effect, quickly saturates and maintains a feeling of satiety before dinner, improves mood.

Due to the presence of organic sulfur in the fruit, the fruit stimulates the growth and harmonious development of the figure in young people, activates the metabolism.

Anti-aging and bactericidal properties slow down the aging process, the fibrous structure as an abrasive cleanses the intestines from slag deposits, improves the structure of the skin and hair, prevents the development of osteoporosis and vascular diseases.

Use in traditional medicine

Not only fruits are useful, but also almost all parts of the plant. Decoctions are made from the leaves and added to the baths when spilling bile, used as lotions for local inflammations, they are drunk at elevated temperature and fever. The pulp cleanses the body of small parasites, including roundworms and helminths. Diarrhea is stopped by seeds, the roots have an antiviral property.

Use in the household

Parts of the plant are used in various sectors of the economy. On wood chips smoked fish, which is very appreciated because of the strong pleasant smell. Ash is carefully collected and added to the mixture for bleaching silk fabrics. According to its characteristics, wood is suitable for making masts for small vessels, and large trunks go for the construction of houses and public buildings. Nice white color and rough surface make the buildings very elegant. The wood texture is quite soft, lends itself well to processing and construction does not take much time.

Harmful effects on the body

Harm durian
Along with the benefits, it is dangerous when:

  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding;
  • hypertension
  • allergies.

A high concentration of micro and macro elements in combination with phytohormones can cause an overly violent reaction of the body similar to a narcotic dope, so you should not abuse the product. If you smell too sensitive, it is difficult to enjoy durian, because its smell resembles a mixture of rotting meat, garlic, sewage and long lying on sunshine of fish. With this combination, a choking attack is possible.

Fruit Selection and Eating

To enjoy a unique taste consisting of shades of custard, walnut, banana, strawberry, with a bite of cheese and ice cream, you must choose a completely ripe fruit. To do this, sniff the stalk, the more intense the smell, the ripe the fruit. Unripe durians smell like fresh grass. You can choose by ear, for this they tap the peel with a stick, a dull sound indicates the desired ripeness of the fetus.

You only need to buy a seasonal product and eat it as quickly as possible, within a few hours after purchase in the fresh air without bringing it into the room. In some countries, there are special open-air cafes where fruit is professionally cut in front of the buyer and they wish them a pleasant appetite.

Hands to touch the pulp is not recommended. It is not very convenient to separate it from the peel with a spoon, but the "incomparable smell" is guaranteed not to remain on the fingers. You should not buy already cut fruit in a vacuum package, the just opened fruit is considered the most delicious, over time it loses all its charm, leaving only an obsessive hydrogen sulfide smell.

You should know: Do not eat fruit with alcohol.

Ways to use durian pulp

Ways to use durian pulp
Residents of countries where amazing fruit grows have adapted to use it in various qualities.

  1. Fried in oil and served as a side dish for fish or meat.
  2. Marinate in small slices in coconut milk.
  3. They make jam, jams, make sweets.
  4. It is added to ice cream, boiled in sugar like candied fruit and served as a dessert for coffee.
  5. A paste is made from a mixture of pumpkin and durian and used as a spice.
  6. Cooking sweet cakes.
  7. In dried form, durian is devoid of a specific smell and many tourists for the first time decide to try it in this form.

The most valuable variety grows in Thailand. There he is solemnly called the king of fruits for size and amazing taste. However, the same rules apply in this country - it is not allowed to carry the fetus onto a bus, plane, or pleasure boat. You can eat them only on the street in special institutions. Surprisingly, the smell does not disappear, it passes through any obstacles, except for a hermetically sealed can, it is not removed by modern disinfectants. Therefore, the 2 most important rules for those who dare to enjoy fresh fruit: do not bring it into the room and do not take the pulp with your hands, using a spoon or a special fruit fork.

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