Effective carpet cleaning at home

Currently, the carpet is an integral and important element of many interiors - not only simple and sustained in minimalism, but also elite, expensively furnished. The carpet has many useful functions, but as a floor covering, it needs the necessary care and attitude.

Effective carpet cleaning

There are a large number of ways to care for and prevent the pollution of such coatings, as well as to prolong their durability and maintain their original appearance. In this article, we will consider how it is possible to quickly and efficiently clean the carpet with improvised means at home.

When to clean the carpet

Carpet cleaning may be required in the following situations:

  1. Cleaning for the purpose of prevention (at least once a week) with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles and dirt elements.
  2. The carpet has been seriously contaminated: spilled drinks, a piece of fat, or any stain that is difficult to remove. In such a situation, it is necessary to start cleaning the carpet as soon as possible, otherwise dirt particles will be absorbed into its structure and dry.
  3. The flooring is saturated with unpleasant odors. For example, this can happen if the carpet is located in the kitchen or in the apartment where there are pets. Many housewives have encountered such a problem, and there are a large number of methods to remove unpleasant odors from the carpet.

It is in these situations that it is necessary to clean the carpet, and if there is no opportunity to call for help from floor cleaning specialists, you will have to start cleaning yourself using improvised tools. It is important to rely on various recommendations based on the long experience of many professionals and housewives.

General recommendations

Before you start cleaning the carpet, you should take into account the specific features and structure of the carpet, as this will determine the approach to the cleaning process. However, you can almost always use universal tips for home carpet cleaning:

  1. Use only dry cleaning methods. Many carpets have a negative attitude to water, but if it was required to perform wet cleaning, you will have to use cool water. Allowed to use ordinary or washing vacuum cleaner. In addition, you should always remember about an ordinary broom, which at the first stage will help to remove large particles of debris and dust from the carpet (it is advisable to moisten the broom slightly with cool water, which will avoid raising dust into the air).
  2. Hard brushes are not recommended for carpet cleaning, otherwise the structure of the pile may be broken or damaged. Using a brush, you should not be too diligent with rubbing the stains, and clean strictly to the center of the stain, otherwise the pollution will only increase in area. And remember that cleaning the carpets with a brush should only be in the direction of the carpet pile.
  3. Before you use household chemicals designed to clean carpets, you must carefully read the rules for using the product and look for reviews on it.You can check the chemistry used in advance on an inconspicuous fragment of the coating in order to further exclude the possibility of damage to the entire carpet (to avoid fading of dyes or damage to the pile).

Many housewives, deciding on the method of carpet cleaning, are initially inclined to choose folk methods and improvised tools that are not only tested over a long period, but also demonstrate clear effectiveness.

Below we dwell in more detail on each type of carpet cleaning, its specifics, cleaning algorithm, and means that can be used.

Note! Before using each method, which is listed below, it is necessary to clean the carpet from small particles of debris and dust, and also to check how the cleaning components act on it, hidden from prying eyes. This will not only help protect the carpet, but also achieve high cleaning performance.

Cleaning a carpet with baking soda or salt

The complex of soda and salt is an effective way at home to clean the carpet, which is used by more than one generation of housewives. To clean the floor with this method, you do not need to have specific skills or knowledge. For cleaning, you need to sprinkle the contaminated part of the carpet with a mixture of salt and soda, and then leave it for about half an hour. Further, the components are swept away with a broom, and the carpet is vacuum cleaned.

Cleaning a carpet with baking soda or salt

This method helps a lot in eliminating small non-greasy stains or, if necessary, freshening the appearance of the carpet, but is unlikely to help cope with serious stains of dirt. An indispensable advantage of this method is the availability of components (baking soda and table salt are in every apartment), as well as the fact that they are safe for almost every carpet.

Soda, in fact, is a fundamentally cheap and excellent tool to clean carpets or carpet.

Carpet Cleaning with Vinegar

When trying to decide what to use for this procedure at home, do not forget about ordinary table vinegar, which is often used to clean dirt stains on wool carpets. If you process the carpet pile with a low percentage solution of vinegar, the carpet will look fresher and the pile will return to its former luster.

The cleaning algorithm is as follows:

  • the carpet is vacuum cleaned;
  • a weak solution of vinegar is prepared (15-20 ml of vinegar is needed per liter of water);
  • with a soft brush dipped in the solution, it is necessary to walk along the carpet pile;
  • when twenty minutes have passed, wipe the carpet with a clean, dry cloth;
  • the carpet should be vacuumed again.

Remember that you should process the carpet with a rag in the direction of the pile, and if there are stains on it, you can moisten the floor a little harder. Then, at the end of cleaning, it is advisable to ventilate the room and allow the carpet to dry completely.

Using Tea Infuser for Carpet Cleaning

Please note that this method is only suitable for cleaning dark colored carpets. There is a good chance that a light carpet will be hopelessly spoiled by a tea stain, so you should not risk it. Using tea leaves is not the most popular method of getting rid of stains, but there is still some benefit from it.

What is necessary for cleaning:

  • fresh and still wet tea leaves - prepared in advance;
  • the product must be scattered on the contaminated areas of the floor covering;
  • wait for drying, and then collect the tea leaves with a broom or with a vacuum cleaner.

You can apply tea leaves from any tea: green or black. Before use, it is necessary to squeeze it well. This method often allows you to get rid of unpleasant odors from the carpet.

Using ammonia to clean a carpet

If the carpet is contaminated with red wine or various juices, the use of ammonia can be effective. For cleaning, you need to carry out the following steps:

  • the carpet is vacuum cleaned;
  • preparing a solution - 2 tsp ammonia per 1 liter of water;
  • the brush is slightly wetted with a solution, then the pile of the carpet is wiped;
  • the carpet is left for a few minutes, then it is cleaned with a dry cloth.

It is not recommended to wet the coating with the solution too much so that its base is not exposed to ammonia. And you will certainly need to ventilate the room, since ammonia has a specific and pungent odor.

Carpet cleaning with washing powder and kerosene

High efficiency can be achieved by using a mixture of washing powder, kerosene and pure water. Using a similar cleaning method is recommended for woolen carpets or synthetic floor coverings.

Carpet cleaning with washing powder and kerosene

To remove stains, do the following:

  • water and washing powder are mixed in the same proportion as for ordinary washing;
  • then 1 tsp is added there. kerosene per 1 liter of solution;
  • the sponge is wetted in this mixture, and the areas of the carpet that have been contaminated are wiped with it.

The main disadvantage of this method is the disgusting smell, it sometimes disappears for several days, so it is fair to perform this procedure in the summer so that you can not close the windows.

Method for cleaning carpet with sawdust and gasoline

This method is effective and has proven itself. Helps to get rid of stains of wine, varnish, chocolate products, the smell of urine and other contaminants. Sawdust in combination with gasoline is a wonderful tool for cleaning the flooring of a house. The remedy is especially good at removing old spots that have been eaten into the structure of the carpet. It should be understood that, as in the previous method, an unpleasant odor can stagnate in the apartment for several days.

Before you start cleaning, you will need to walk along the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, and then prepare a soap solution with the addition of gasoline - in a ratio of about 10: 1. Sawdust, which can be purchased at any pet store, is impregnated in it. Sites of contamination on the coating are heavily sprinkled with sawdust, then it remains to wait for them to completely dry. During this time, sawdust will be able to absorb dirt elements into its structure, and they can be swept away with a broom.

Using a steam cleaner

This is a relatively young, but very effective way to clean the carpet from stains. First you need to apply a brush in order to eliminate deeply clogged dirt, and then use a brush in combination with a rag.

Application for cleaning sauerkraut carpet

In order to get rid of stains on the carpet using this method, you need to take the most ordinary sauerkraut, which was prepared without vinegar. Then it must be thoroughly washed to get rid of strong odors, and scattered on the carpet. After that, it is necessary to roll it with a brush or a regular broom over the area of ​​the carpet, until the cabbage is completely contaminated.

Then the cabbage is collected from the carpet, washed again and the procedure is repeated from the very beginning until the cabbage is relatively clean at the end of the cycle. And then you need to collect the cabbage, and the carpet - thoroughly vacuum.

Carpet Cleaning with Starch

Before using starch to clean the carpet, you must vacuum the coating, and then scatter the starch into contaminated areas, grind it with a dry brush and after 10 minutes completely vacuum the carpet.

Starch helps to effectively remove dust particles from the carpet, to refresh the coating, but this method is not recommended for use with multi-colored and dark carpets, otherwise the use of starch is fraught with the appearance of white coating.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that all the methods mentioned above really help to quickly and efficiently remove a lot of dirt from carpets at home. But, if you have a fear for the result, then in order to avoid damage to the carpet, it is better to contact specialists.

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