How to quickly defrost crab sticks

Recently, crab sticks are becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Mistresses prefer this product more often because it is affordable, tasty and easy to prepare. It is rare to find a New Year's table when at least one salad would not include this ingredient. But how to defrost crab sticks so as not to lose the taste, freshness and benefits of the product?

How to defrost crab sticks

How to defrost crab sticks

Crab sticks, like any seafood, are quite capricious in defrosting. The fact is that a high heating temperature can quickly spoil the product. For example, thawing crab sticks in hot water is not recommended - the consistency of the product will become viscous, like porridge. In addition, the heating of the stick is more than usual, an unpleasant smell of rotten fish will appear, which will be difficult to weather. Here are some classic ways to properly and healthy defrost crab sticks.

  1. A long defrost, namely, a smooth transition of the temperature regime, will help preserve the benefit and taste of the product. A few hours before cooking, transfer the pack of crab sticks from the freezer to the refrigerator. After some time, the sticks will thaw and become suitable for cooking and consumption.
  2. If you need to cook the salad after a couple of hours, thaw crab sticks at room temperature. To do this, open the pack and leave the product in individual packaging on the kitchen table.
  3. If guests are already on the doorstep, crab sticks for salad can not be defrosted. The product is quite soft and easily crumbles even in ice cream. Just chop the frozen sticks and dip in a bowl. While you are cutting the rest of the ingredients, the pieces of the frozen sticks will thaw out, and you just have to drain the excess water from them.
  4. Some recipes do not imply cutting crab sticks, but their unfolding. This is usually done when stuffing the product. If you are going to cook just such a twist, you need to unfreeze the sticks in a different way. Just remove them from the pack, remove the individual packaging and hold over boiling water. Steam will soften the product, but leave it sufficiently elastic, which cannot be said about simple defrosting. If you are uncomfortable holding the product over steam, just use a slow cooker. Leave the sticks on a special stand, pour water into the bowl and set the steaming mode. Literally three minutes after boiling water is enough for you.

These simple methods will help you defrost seafood properly while maintaining flavor and health benefits.

How to defrost crab sticks quickly

If a salad needs to be prepared here and now, and there is no time for defrosting, you can use emergency methods that can help any housewife.

How to defrost crab sticks quickly

  1. The easiest way is to defrost crab sticks in the microwave. However, be careful, the fish product is better not to contain than to overexpose. Remove individual packaging from the sticks, put them on a plate and leave them in the microwave in the “defrost” mode. The waiting time is about a minute, but not more than two minutes, otherwise the product will deteriorate.
  2. Due to their porous structure, crab sticks thaw quite quickly. You can simply leave them near a warm object and the sticks will thaw in 5 minutes. Put a pack of crab sticks on a boiling kettle, battery or near a heater. While you will be engaged in another dish, the sticks will be ready.
  3. You can defrost crab sticks with water. To do this, it is not necessary to remove them from the pack.Simply dip the sealed packaging of the crab sticks into cool water and change the liquid as it cools. Be careful not to immerse the product in hot water - it will be spoiled. In addition, you can not lower the sticks in the open form - water will take away all the taste and saturation from them.
  4. If you just recently removed the pastries from the oven and didn’t have enough time to cool, use this to defrost the crab sticks. Just place the sticks in a warm oven for 5 minutes and the product will be ready to cook. You can’t put the sticks in a hot oven - this process will not accelerate, but spoiling the product is very easy.

These tips will help you if you need to defrost a product as soon as possible. But what about crab sticks? Why do most Russians love this product so much?

Crab stick recipes

In addition to the classic use of crab sticks in salads, there are many recipes in which the product acts as a worthy snack.

Crab stick recipes

  1. The crab sticks themselves are very tasty and juicy. And if you cook them in batter, even children will not refuse such an appetizer. To make batter, we need a couple of eggs, dumb salt and flour. Mix foods until creamy. Dip the crab stick into the mass and fry in hot vegetable oil. Serve the crab sticks in a batter with any sauce.
  2. To decorate any table will help pita roll with crab sticks. Crab sticks need to be chopped, mixed with grated cheese and yogurt. Add salt, pepper and garlic to the mixture. Expand the pita bread and put the cooked minced meat on it. Roll the sheet and serve it on the table in the form of a cut roll.
  3. Tasty and juicy cutlets from crab sticks are obtained. The chopped chopsticks in a blender should be mixed with grated potatoes, a small amount of semolina and a chicken egg. Roll the patties in flour and fry in vegetable oil. The dish turns out not only tasty, but also simple and easy.

You can cook anything from crab sticks - recipes are limited only by your imagination.

When choosing crab sticks, ask yourself the question - when am I going to cook them? If in the coming days - it is better to take a chilled rather than a frozen product. If you take seafood for future use, give preference to a frozen pack.

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