How to turn off the alarm on a car without a keychain

For most people in modern society, a car is an integral part of life: according to statistics, each of its owners spends about 20 hours a week in it. Sooner or later, some things will appear in the car, in order to prevent their theft, like the car itself, an alarm is set on the car. It works flawlessly due to the simplicity of its device, the main thing is to monitor the battery charge, however, for some reason, there may be a situation where you need to urgently turn off the alarm without using a key fob (for example, the battery charge has come to an end, or it is completely lost).

How to turn off the alarm on a car without a keychain

There are two ways to turn off the alarm without using a car key fob:

  1. Factory translation of the alarm from security to emergency, emergency;
  2. Coded alarm shutdown with a special pin code.

At the same time, it is very important to know where the special button is located - “Valet”, by pressing which the car’s electronics goes into service mode (“Valet” - servant, assistant in English). Using the button is necessary with any method of disarming the alarm. Depending on the make and model of the machine, the location of this button varies, but in most cases it is located:

  • to the right of the gas pedal or just to the left of the clutch pedal;
  • in the box of the fuse box, or in the immediate vicinity of it;
  • under the steering column, being slightly recessed;
  • under the front panel.

Factory way to turn off the alarm

Turning off the alarm using the factory method boils down to the fact that you must use a combination of the Valet button and any pedal (or pair of pedals) pre-installed in the service center. This extremely important information is always clearly stated in the instructions that came with the car or alarm (therefore, when buying this or that, it is important to pay attention to this).

If for some unknown reason there is no such booklet, then the only way out is to try all the combinations, using all the pedals in turn, and then three possible pairs of them. The most common combination is to simultaneously press the service button and clutch pedal.

Tip: to put the car into service mode, you need to hold the button and pedals for about 10 seconds - this is how much the car’s electronics need to recognize the command.

If the machine’s alarm system after this time emits a few short trills with a certain periodicity, and the size lights synchronously light up and go out, then this means that the shutdown was successful. At the same time, the light-emitting diode installed in the car should go out.

If, after the alarm was turned off, the car needed to be started a second time (for example, if it died out), then you will not need to repeat the described procedure: the alarm program will notify you that the electronics is still in service mode with two or three short periodic sound signals.

Tip: after installing the alarm on your car, it is recommended that you try several times to independently turn it off and on again, bringing the action to automaticity. In the future, this will help to avoid panic in case of emergency.

Coded Alarm Shutdown

The coded method of disabling the alarm means by pressing the service button a certain number of times (this number is called the "pin code").The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. The car ignition turns on.
  2. The service button is pressed the number of times corresponding to the first digit of the pin code (for example, if the pin code is 25, then press the button twice).
  3. The ignition switches on again.
  4. The service button is pressed the number of times corresponding to the second digit of the PIN code (in this case, 5).

Obviously, this method of disconnection is more individual than described previously, since the pin code can be set manually. So, the maximum value for it is 9999.

Using an encoded method to turn off an alarm, cars are often stolen by attackers, since in most cases the pin code set at the factory is a relatively small value. That is why it is desirable to set a complex parameter for the pin code, containing a random set of numbers (having nothing to do with any dates, etc.).

Features of disabling some alarms

It has been repeatedly said above that the process of removing a car from the alarm system of a particular company is strictly individual, and there is no universal method suitable for each system. Therefore, it makes sense to separately disassemble the signaling of certain models.

Features of disabling some alarms

For Starline A1, A2, A4, A8, A9 models, the shutdown algorithm is as follows:

  • The car opens with a key;
  • The ignition turns on.

Over the next 20 seconds, you need to have time to press the service button 3 times (4 times - for A8 and A9). After the system counts the specified time from the moment the engine starts, it will emit a corresponding sound signal. Then the car can be jammed and turned on an unlimited number of times.

In exactly the same way, the alarm is disabled for alarms of the brand Tomahawk, Pantera. Pantera models differ in that before you press the button, the car must be started twice (after the first start it must be drowned out).

The Starline A6 model is characterized in that it uses a pin code as a disconnection tool, so in 20 seconds you need to press the button not three times, but a strictly defined number of times. The process of removing a car from this type of alarm is described above.

Alarms from Alligator compares favorably with others in that a three-time entry of an incorrect pin code automatically blocks all vehicle systems for a certain time (usually half an hour), which thus additionally protects the car from theft by intruders, eliminating the possibility of selection. The principle of disabling the security system does not have any distinctive features, but at the same time the button is pressed for 10 seconds.

Scher-Khan offers a very peculiar way to turn the alarm system off, the essence of which is the need to transfer the car’s ignition key to the “On” position from “Lock” for a limited time. So, the Magicar 6 model is one of the safest, because to disable it you need to:

  1. After opening the car with the key, transfer the key from the locked position to “On” three times in 4 seconds. Then the machine must be plugged.
  2. The ignition switches back on, and the number of key position changes is the first digit of the given pin code. The machine is jammed again.
  3. The described operation should be repeated before all numbers are entered into the system in this way. The sound signal will then turn off, and the side lights will flash twice.

In the case of the Scher-Khan Magicar 6A alarm, you must also wait for permission to enter the next digit. If the key does not turn after starting the engine, wait a little.

Thus, a complete deactivation of the entire alarm system can be carried out without a control panel. To do this, you must remember either a combination of pedals and the service button pressed at the same time, or a pin code that is recommended to be set manually.If the keychain does not work, the main thing is not to panic, but to calmly get into the car and confidently carry out the system shutdown procedure.

Video: how to turn off the alarm if there is no connection with the remote control

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