How to open the car if the battery is dead

The fact that a battery in a car is a thing that is not long-lasting is not a secret for anyone: it tends to gradually deteriorate and discharge, especially in the case of long idle time (especially for those batteries that have already worked out 2/3 of the set service life) . So, in 3 weeks the charge of almost any battery can drop to zero, which, in turn, will make it impossible for the car to be opened by the standard method due to the current security system of the car.

How to open the car if the battery is dead

Obviously, if the car does not respond to the signal from the remote control, and the alarm is still on, then you can try to open the door with the usual key. However, there is one “but”: if before that the car was opened exclusively with the help of a key fob, this method may not work due to nitrous or clogging of the lock's larva.

Tip: to avoid this situation, at least twice a month, it is recommended to open the car with a regular key. This will help prevent the development of oxidative processes in the future.

But you should not call the TO service in a panic attack, since you can open a car with a dead battery using several methods, which can be conditionally divided into three groups:

  • The method of external voltage supply to the battery located under the hood of the machine;
  • The method of external power supply to the voltage generator;
  • Emergency methods.

Each of the methods belonging to a particular group has a different approach to opening the car, however they are not universal, since the security systems of all brands of cars vary in their structure.

External battery voltage

Obviously, in order to apply external voltage to the battery located under the hood, it must be opened in some way. For this purpose, a wedge pump is used, or, as this device is called in Russia, a pneumatic cushion with manual air pumping. In addition to it, you will also need:

  • Copper wires with a cross section of 2 mm2 as long as possible (usually 1.5-2 meters);
  • A portable or replacement battery, or other power source.

The essence of the method is quite simple: since the air bag takes up very little space when folded, it’s pretty easy to slip it into the gap between the car body and the hood. With the help of a pear, it is necessary to quickly inflate the pillow in order to slightly increase the gap so that it is possible to thread a positive wire into it to a discharged battery. Obviously, you should stick a pillow on the side where the car’s battery is located.

As soon as it was possible to connect the plus wire to the plus of the battery, it must be connected to the plus of the external power source, not forgetting to take the minus to the ground of the machine (usually connected to the unpainted wheel nut). After the external source energizes, it will become possible to start the car, and charge the battery.

Tip: you should always carefully check the correct connection of the plus and minus wires; the only mistake can lead to fatal consequences! If the air bag is inflated to its maximum state, and the plus and minus cannot be distinguished, you can use the camera on your smartphone.

External voltage supply to the generator

If for some reason it is impossible to raise the hood with a pneumatic cushion in a car, you can supply external power to the generator; This option works in 95% of cases. To apply voltage, you must have:

  • Car jack and stand;
  • A portable battery or other external power source;
  • Copper wires with a cross section of 2 mm2 as long as possible (usually 1.5-2 meters);
  • Set of wrenches.

The first action will be to lift the car using a jack and special stands for it. To tear off the front wheels from the ground is absolutely necessary, just a small gap is enough to make it possible to crawl under the hood.

Tip: it is important to always use jack stands (in extreme cases, ordinary wooden blocks may come up). Their non-use, especially if the car is on an uneven surface, is dangerous to health and life!

After the front of the car is raised and it is generally stable on the jack, you should crawl under the hood and remove the engine protective boxes with wrenches, since they block free access to the generator. Next, you must again find the conclusion where you can attach the positive wire from an external power source; minus is displayed on the car body.

Then you should gently lower the car with the jack back and try to start the car using the remote control.

Emergency Vehicle Opening Methods

The use of emergency methods of opening a car is highly discouraged, since in the vast majority of cases they entail damage or complete breakdown of any components of the car and, as a consequence, subsequent repair.

Emergency Vehicle Opening Methods

The first way is to use a thin wire (or thread) as a pulling tool, with which you need to hook the door opener inside. This method is suitable mainly for old models of domestic cars (until 2014).

The bottom line is simple: on a wire or thread, which must be carefully inserted into the gap between the door and the car body, a small loop should be made: it should hook the handle up. If you cannot get the thread through, then you can again use the pneumatic pillow.

If the door still does not open, even though the handle is in the upper position, you can use the loop to hook the hood opening lever, which in some cars (for example, Chevrolet Aveo) is located below the driver's seat.

The second method already uses as a hood opening element not the lever located in the passenger compartment, but the driving cable located near the radiator grille. This method does not require the use of an air bag. Since the bonnet cable usually runs either along one of the wings, or in the immediate vicinity of the radiator grill, it can be picked up with wire just like in the previous method.

Advice: it is obvious that attackers are aware of the two described methods, therefore it is necessary to exclude in advance the possibility of performing such tricks by third parties, having built individual protection.

The third method partially repeats the ones listed above and consists in using a metal ruler (a wooden one will quickly break down), as the main tool to weaken the lock traction. The seal is removed from the outside of the window, and the ruler is pushed into the resulting gap in order to press the traction. Again, this method is suitable for outdated domestic cars.

If the methods described above, although conditionally referred to as emergency ones, cause local damage (for example, sealing gum on a window or hood cable), then the following methods are not recommended at all - it will cost less to call a brigade from a service center than to pay for repair or replacement of a part .

So, the easiest way to open the door with the “barbaric” method is to break the driver’s glass with a hammer or other heavy object. In some cases, desperate owners of the car do use the fist for such purposes, completely forgetting about safety measures.If you need to get inside the car so urgently, you should first wrap your fist in some piece of fabric, wrapping the brush as tightly as possible.

Tip: on the windows of some cars there is a “window”, which is relatively small in size and costs significantly less than a whole window. Obviously, it is better to break the window.

It is also possible to use expansion wedges for emergency vehicle opening, which, diverging to the sides from the inside, force the door to obey and open. This method is likely to entail a break in the larva of the castle and, as a result, subsequent repair of the entire security system of the machine.

In general, so that you do not have to resort to any non-standard method of opening the machine, you should always carefully monitor the battery charge and prevent its full discharge. For this, it is only necessary:

  1. Warm up the engine completely at least twice a month in case of long parking.
  2. If possible, then simply completely turn off all electronic systems of the car during downtime.
  3. Turn off the dimensions, rear lights and music.
  4. Regularly check the battery charge with a multimeter.

It is recommended to change the battery in the car every 3-4 years - this will additionally prevent the possibility of its discharge. It should be remembered that the frequent use of external power sources negatively affects the overall operation of the car battery.

Video: how to open the car if the battery is dead (Range Rover)

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