How to clean dirty kitchen towels

A kitchen towel is the face of a good housewife who not only pleases loved ones with homemade dishes, but also keeps her heart clean at home - the kitchen. But many women admit that keeping kitchen towels clean is getting harder. Especially if they are used as potholders, and even tablecloths. How to wash towels and return them to their original appearance? In this article, you will learn about all the available methods of washing the dirtiest kitchen textiles.

How to clean dirty kitchen towels

Classic towels

This is the easiest way to wash towels, which will certainly give a good result, if everything is done correctly. To begin with, towels should be inspected - after active kitchen battles, they are most likely decorated with large greasy spots that do not just wash out. To do this, on a dry towel you need to precisely apply any dish gel that is in the house. As a rule, the detergent composition is able to fight fat and there will be no trace of stains after washing. After application, leave the towels soaked in detergent for an hour. After that, put the towels in the washing machine, select the desired mode, fill in the powder. Remember that only high-quality and good powder can remove kitchen towels - no savings.

We wash colored towels separately - at about 40 degrees. But white must be washed with hot water, so they will become radiant, for them we select the mode at 95 degrees. Be sure to add a little conditioner to the washing machine, which will help you get rid of the unpleasant smell of food. This is especially true if towels are after cooking fish dishes. Try not to store towels for a long time - the longer the stain on the fabric, the more difficult it is to remove. After such a wash, almost all towels will become clean and fresh. However, in some cases with difficult spots, you may need heavy artillery in the form of additional cleaning agents.

How to remove complex stains on kitchen towels?

There is no limit to disappointment when there are stained spots on washed and even dried towels - getting rid of them becomes more and more difficult. In the fight against pollution, it is advisable to know the enemy in person and to deal with spots with spots, depending on their nature. Here are a few time-tested and hostessed recipes.

  1. Shampoo. Any shampoo for hair effectively fights fruit and berry spots. Apply a little hair product to the contaminated area of ​​the fabric, leave for half an hour, and then rub thoroughly with a brush. After that, send the towel to machine wash or wash the fabric manually.
  2. Salt. This is an effective way to get rid of bloody, wine or coffee stains. To do this, make hard salt water - about 5-6 tablespoons of salt per liter of cool water. Dissolve the salt, and then dip the stained towels into it. When the stains get wet, they can be rubbed with your hands or with a brush. At the end of the wash, rinse the textiles in running water.
  3. Laundry soap. With proper use, even old greasy stains can be removed with laundry soap. To do this, the contaminated areas of the fabric should be rubbed with laundry soap, leave the fabric for 10-12 hours, and then wash it in the machine or manually. There will be no trace of stains and greasy stains.
  4. Vegetable oil. The wedge is kicked out with a wedge - this is about our next way to get rid of grease stains.Two tablespoons of the powder should be dissolved in five liters of boiling water, the same amount of sunflower oil, baking soda and any bleach. In the resulting solution, soak the towels for 4-5 hours, and then wash them as usual. Greasy spots will disappear completely.
  5. Vinegar. If the stains are old, have an unpleasant odor and even traces of mold, just soak the towels in vinegar water. About three tablespoons of vinegar per liter of liquid.
  6. Potassium permanganate. This is a powerful recipe that will help remove even the most serious stains. In three liters of water you need to dissolve a tablespoon of a strong solution of potassium permanganate, grate a small piece of laundry soap. Dip towels in hot water, leave for a couple of hours, and then rinse in the usual way.
  7. Mustard. This is a great way to get rid of stains of any nature. To do this, you must dissolve the mustard powder in warm water, leave the towels in it for 2-3 hours. After that, towels can be washed or just rinsed.

In addition to home methods for removing complex stains, there are proven products for colored fabrics. Among the most effective stain removers are Vanish, Amway, Faberlik, Ax, etc.

How to refresh white kitchen towels?

Crystal white towels are a sign of a high “level” of the hostess who is able to keep the textiles shining and fresh. But how to wash white, and especially waffle towels?

How to freshen white kitchen towels

  1. Boiling. It’s easiest to boil towels, but make sure that there are no traces of blood on them. After heating, the blood coagulates, it will be impossible to remove such a stain. In a pot of water, add a little powder or crushed laundry soap, lower the towels and simmer for over half an hour over low heat.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. In a bowl of hot water, dissolve one bottle of hydrogen peroxide, chopped laundry soap and a teaspoon of ammonia. When the soap dissolves, place dirty towels in water, leave for a couple of hours, periodically rubbing dirty stains with a brush. After soaking, wash the fabric in the machine or manually.
  3. Ammonia. Dissolve ammonia in half with water and pour over contaminated areas of white towels. This is an excellent remedy for removing stains from tea and coffee. After the stain leaves, you can leave the towel in a weak solution of ammonia - this will help the fabric to completely bleach.
  4. Ammonia and glycerin. Berry and greasy stains from white towels can be removed using a mixture of ammonia and glycerin. Mix the two ingredients, dilute them in half with water and apply to the dirt. Leave the product for an hour, and then wash the towel by hand, gently rubbing the place where there was a stain.
  5. Lemon juice or citric acid. Acid perfectly whitens and refreshes towels, and most importantly, gives them a pleasant lemon scent. Soak the towels in a citric acid solution and then simply rinse the cloth.

Among professional bleaches, Bos, Eared Nyan, White, Persol, etc. are especially powerful. A tool for cleaning pipes copes with any stains very well - it should be diluted in half with water and soaked in a solution of towels.

In Russia, a kitchen towel was always considered a symbol of hospitality and goodwill; embroidered towels were presented to matchmakers and close relatives. And when they came to the house to marry the girl, the groom’s parents tried to look at the kitchen towel - according to his condition, the cleanliness of the young housewife was estimated. Keep your kitchen towels fresh and you are in a good mood in the kitchen!

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