How to love your appearance: 6 steps

In today's world it is impossible to give a precise definition of beauty. From year to year, stereotypes and tastes are changing dramatically. For the sake of fashion, many people change their appearance beyond recognition. Initially, it seems to them that their natural beauty is terrible and not up to date. The problem lies in imposing a common opinion on others. A person simply forgets about personal preferences.

How to love your appearance

Step number 1. Look in the mirror more often

  1. The technique was invented by famous psychologists who urge their patients to look in the mirror more often. You can carry out manipulations, looking only at the face or the whole body.
  2. So, stand in front of the mirror. Start peering at your own “I”. Look for only those areas that cause negative. Ask the body or face for forgiveness for the fact that you can’t accept your appearance with these “flaws”.
  3. Now share the other side of the coin. Say that you love yourself and will be proud of your body in the future. Touch your own mirror image, as if stroking the body.
  4. You can even kiss the second yourself if it helps to tune in to a positive wave. Do not consider such behavior immoral. It’s not normal that you try to reject your body, which nature has so diligently built.
  5. Learn to speak with the second self. Smile at the mirror, tell stories, give compliments. Perform simple manipulations for 3-4 weeks with a frequency of twice a day.

Step number 2. Order a photo shoot

  1. In modern people, complexes due to their appearance appear for many reasons. One of them is a comparison of yourself with people from Instagram or VKontakte. Media personalities set the tone in the image, from inflated buttocks and lips, ending with tattooed eyebrows and hair extensions.
  2. As a result, beautiful ladies are depressed, because they do not look like the same type of "doll". To evaluate yourself from the side, order a professional photo shoot. With the help of his technique and skill, the photographer will be able to emphasize your “flaws”.
  3. You look at yourself from the other side, delightfully proclaiming: “I am beautiful!”. Independently select an outfit to match the weather, explore the beautiful places of the city for the event. Make a hairstyle and make-up, pick up the paraphernalia.
  4. Pay special attention to the photographer, he must be a master of his craft and an open person. It is important that in the presence of a professional you feel relaxed: you can freely pose, laugh at the top of your voice.
  5. After taking the pictures, print them and hang them in frames on the wall. Admire yourself every day, periodically ordering more and more photo shoots. Do not think that the wall hung with your pictures will look selfish.

Step number 3. Treat yourself

  1. Many people who consider themselves ugly, stop caring about their appearance. Why invest so much effort, because nothing will be returned, you think. This results in a vicious circle: a person does not care for himself, developing even larger complexes at the sight of reflection in the mirror.
  2. It is important to understand that the more you look after yourself, the more you fall in love with your appearance. Allocate 1-2 days a week to work on a hairdress, manicure, wardrobe and other trifles.
  3. Take a hot bath with essential oils and foam, tidy your nails and hair. Go shopping with your friends, buy beautiful underwear and high-heeled shoes.
  4. Revise your wardrobe at the root. Put garbage that doesn't fit well.If you have problems with excess weight or cellulite, sign up for the sports section or in the gym.
  5. Allocate hard earned money to visit the spa complex, pool, heat sources. Make a face mask, scrub the body and hair removal.
  6. Take the habit of going to massage 1 time in 7-10 days. Regular exposure of body parts will allow you to feel more confident and relaxed. After a while, you will change your mind about yourself.

Step number 4. Feel like a star

  1. People do not always act boldly in a particular situation. Some need a push, an incentive to conquer the heights. Find yourself an example to follow, for example, a media personality or an athlete.
  2. It is important that the person has external resemblances to you. Carry out the analysis using special programs and applications that can be found on the Internet (similarity recognition scheme).
  3. Select 3 people, all of them must be famous. Think about what exactly you look like in body and face. Look for pictures of stars without makeup and with it.
  4. Therapy is aimed at making you understand that the attractiveness of media personalities is nothing more than the skill of makeup artists, stylists and hairdressers. In ordinary life, they are the same people.
  5. Then try to do yourself makeup and hairstyle, choose the most similar clothes. In this form, take a picture in nature and compare the photo. You will notice that everyone can become a star!

Step number 5. Accept your personality

  1. You need to understand that there is no single ideal of beauty. Each person is unique in his own way. The remaining stereotypes are imposed by the model world and people who work in this area.
  2. A personality is an individual trait of a person that makes him attractive. A big mistake is that the beauty industry is trying to fit people into a common standard, a priori it is impossible.
  3. It's no secret that every person has unique genetics, body structure and metabolic processes. If you try to adhere to the rules, you simply deprive yourself of many joys in life.
  4. Such an existence can be equated if you wear clothes of a certain color every day, eat the same dish. Soon, a similar lifestyle can bore everyone.
  5. The main task remains the realization that the concept of beauty is very vague. Ideals change every year in different eras, almost everything depends on various factors. Plunge into the past a little, and you will immediately realize that women and men have always looked individually.
  6. One can argue endlessly on this topic, cite many examples. Do not pursue illusions, otherwise you will cripple natural beauty. Discover the ideal in yourself and enjoy it. You are unique in your own way.

Step number 6. Compliment notes

  1. Dislike for their appearance lies in shyness, low self-esteem and the presence of many complexes. To correct the situation will help therapy, which lasts for 1 month.
  2. Prepare a casket or a beautiful box with a lid trimmed with fabric in advance. Take several landscape sheets of paper, cut each of them into strips about 4-5 cm wide. In the end, you should get the number of segments equal to the number of days in a month.
  3. Now consider the compliments that you are most often bestowed upon by people around you and close friends. Write each of them on a piece of paper, twist into a tube and fix it with a tourniquet. Send to the box.
  4. The main thing is to choose such compliments that will be pleasant for you. Avoid memorized phrases: "You are beautiful!" and so on. You know your character better, therefore, it will be easier to think through tactics.
  5. After preparation, the matter remains small. Each morning after waking up, unfold one note. Read the contents carefully and try to concentrate on it throughout the day.
  6. If it says that you have a wonderful smile, smile more often! Bring positive and give joy to others. It is important to believe what is written on the sheet.
  7. To achieve the best result, notes should be written by a person who is not indifferent to you. It can be a life partner dedicated to your dislike of yourself, or a close friend. So you will not know what is specifically stated on paper. Hence the surprise.

It’s easy to love your own appearance if you accept that each person is individual. If you look at yourself in the mirror, you will understand that facial features are in perfect harmony with each other. People who are worried about being overweight should sign up in the gym and pick up a wardrobe that hides flaws. Practice the tactics above and you will be happy!

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