How to wash leather gloves at home

Did you know that leather gloves tend to get dirty? On dark material, this is not very noticeable, but there is a problem. And already fair skin becomes dirty literally before our eyes. What to do? After all, absolutely all sources claim that it is impossible to wet the skin. How to wash leather gloves? It turns out very simple. Go.

How to wash leather gloves

Can leather gloves be wet?

Can. Only it is worth remembering that to wet is not to ferment gloves for several hours. It should be a quick wash. How to spend it without harming the skin?

You will need:

  • clear water (2 containers)
  • liquid soap (glycerin or baby recommended)
  • drying mold (in the form of a brush, plastic or wire)
  • dry towel (ideally - microfiber fabric), 2 pieces

The procedure is very simple, anyone can do it. In one container you need to bring a warm soapy solution. Not hot! Approximately 35-37 ° C. Now we put on gloves on hands, and we begin to wash them. Only outside! The movements should be as if you are soaping your hands. Some effort can be made at the joints. But not strong. Leather gloves cannot be rubbed and pinched. You don’t wash the tarp.

How long does it take to wash? There can be no exact recommendations. It all depends on the degree of pollution. By the way, if the gloves have never been washed, it is recommended to change the soap solution several times a new one. As soon as the water has stopped darkening, it means that your leather gloves have become clean, and you can proceed to the next step.

Tip. Some types of skin may shed. Therefore, the soap solution can darken for a very long time. Therefore, do not confuse dirty and colored water.

After the washing process is completed, you need to rinse the gloves. You can do this in a separate container with clean water. And you can rinse the skin right under the tap. Do not splurge for a long time. During a quick wash, the skin will not have time to soak through the soap solution. Therefore, a couple of minutes rinsing will be quite enough.

Important! The entire process of washing and rinsing leather gloves is not removed from the brushes. Otherwise, the material may be irreparably deformed.

Now you need to lay the towel (microfiber) on a flat surface. For example, on the table. Wet leather gloves are placed on top of the fabric. Cover with a second piece of fabric. And lightly pressed, like a press. The keyword is slightly.

Do not lean on with all the weight or put a weight on it. It is better to shift the gloves to a dry area of ​​the fabric and repeat a light push-up. Do not try to dry your leather gloves completely. With a towel, this is not possible. And do not try to twist or push them out strongly. Otherwise, after drying, you may get a completely damaged accessory that is not suitable for further use.

Important! Just do not need it now about the fact that the skin can not be wet, about deformation, about skukogovanie. Who says you need to pour water INSIDE gloves? Or were you forbidden to wear them in the fall because it is raining? Do not listen to the nonsense that like parrots repeat all the sources. Just follow the recommendations and calmly wash your skin.

How to dry leather gloves?

It is highly recommended that you do not dry your leather gloves while lying down. We advise you to carefully straighten them and put them on a special uniform. By the way, it is not at all necessary to buy an expensive plastic mold. It is enough to make a kind of brush from a thick wire, and fix it vertically.

Now all that remains is to gently straighten the gloves and place them in a warm, dry place.Only in no case place accessories near radiators or other heating appliances. Such extreme drying does not affect the condition of the skin in the best way. And in most cases, cracks or creases may appear.

Tip. Leather gloves should always dry naturally.

How to care for leather gloves after washing?

After drying, leather gloves should be properly treated. You can’t just put them on and wear them. During washing, the skin somewhat loses its luster and elasticity. Therefore, it can burst. To avoid such a nuisance, you will need castor oil (can be replaced with glycerin) and a cotton pad (a piece of soft rags).

How to care for leather gloves after washing

A small amount of castor oil is applied to the fleece. Then with quick smooth movements they rub the entire surface of the gloves. It is more convenient to do this by putting the accessory on the brush. After lubrication, you can rub a little hand in hand to restore elasticity to the skin.

Then remove the gloves and leave them on the form for 20-25 minutes to absorb oil or glycerin. Everything, after that you can flaunt a stylish look again.

Tip. Do not pour lubricant directly onto the skin, only on cotton wool or rags. Otherwise, stubborn stains may remain on the gloves. And do not take too much grease. The skin simply does not absorb and will stain all around with oil.

Some helpful suggestions

Patent leather gloves are washable. But only very quickly and carefully. Instead of lubricating after drying, simply polish your skin with a soft cloth. If you are afraid to spoil them with water, then wipe them with onion juice once a week. Just cut the onion and rub the patent leather. Then wipe dry.

Leather gloves are not recommended to be washed inside. It is better to loosen the lining (if possible) and wash it separately.

If the gloves were unlined initially, then folk wisdom will help you. Pour some talcum powder or dry starch inside. Lightly jam and shake gloves. After we turn them inside out. Using a medium-hard brush, remove the powder. Repeat the procedure until talcum powder or starch no longer darken. Usually a couple of repetitions is enough.

Try to prevent leather gloves from being washed. After all, a couple of minutes a day is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth from dust, after shaking them well.

Now you know how to wash leather gloves. And you can no longer worry about the cleanliness of this stylish accessory.

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