How to increase self-esteem for a man: useful tips

The attitude of society towards man is largely predetermined by his attitude towards himself. Confident people are easier to communicate, make friends, climb the career ladder. An insecure person, on the contrary, is shackled and shy. This causes failures in many areas of activity. Self-confidence directly depends on a person’s self-esteem. What is self-esteem and how to increase it?

How to increase self-esteem for a man

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is a person’s attitude to himself, the perception of his strengths and weaknesses, personality characteristics and character traits, the ability to come to terms with them. Personality is a concept that determines the social side of a person, the possibilities of his intellect and temperament, the disclosure of his individual traits in the context of social activity. Immature individuals who are not able to adequately evaluate themselves from the side very often have low self-esteem. But this can be learned. Increased self-esteem and personality changes are inextricably linked.

What is self-esteem

There are several types:

  1. Overpriced. It arises when a person is unable to admit his shortcomings, considers himself the best, no matter what.
  2. Normal People with such self-esteem soberly look at any life situation, easily accept both victory and defeat, finding their pluses in everything.
  3. Underestimated. Such self-esteem leads to indecision, inability to accept oneself as they really are. In this case, each defeat is regarded by a person as a personal tragedy.

An overvaluation of one's “I”, as well as an understated one, is not the norm. It annoys others and ultimately also interferes with self-realization. We should strive to find a "middle ground".

Why self-esteem is needed and how is it formed

Assessing your "I" will perform several important tasks:

  1. Protective. It is expressed in the ability to protect their interests from external factors, among which the opinion of other people.
  2. Developing. Only a person who is not afraid of obstacles and knows that he will cope with them can work on himself and firmly go towards the goal.
  3. Regulatory. This function allows you to solve the tasks assigned to the individual.

Self-esteem is formed on the basis of temperament and character traits, but the society in which the person is located, his achievements and social status have the greatest influence. A vicious circle is formed: in order to increase self-esteem, it is necessary to have a good place in society, but to get it, you must have sufficient self-esteem. Most often, men face the problem of low self-esteem. How to learn to appreciate your own "I"?

How does low self-esteem appear

Such a problem is faced by disharmonious immature individuals with the following accentuations (pointed features):

  1. Alarming. Such people are always worried about what others will say. They are afraid of criticism and always perceive it as a tragedy. Anxious individuals are not self-confident, often envious and tend to please everyone.
  2. Dysthymic. These people shy away from others, prefer loneliness and always feel insecure in society.
  3. Pedantic. Such individuals strive for order in everything, they idealize their image and have low self-esteem if the reality does not correspond to the desired.
  4. Demonstrative. These people want to always be in the spotlight.They often have high self-esteem, but if society does not accept their new image, they can develop an inferiority complex in themselves.

It is important to determine the accentuation of the character and try to smooth out its weaknesses.

How a man to increase self-esteem

There are a few simple rules to follow:

How a man to increase self-esteem

  1. No comparison. There will always be people who are smarter, more beautiful, stronger, taller, slimmer than you. You can’t be the best in everything and you have to put up with it, don’t compare yourself with other people.
  2. Only positive communication. Our self-esteem is shaped to a greater extent by society. You should not communicate with those who do not respect you or even openly humiliate you. It is important to find someone who can support and cheer up in difficult times.
  3. We determine the merits. Find your strengths. To do this, write down all the good character traits on paper, re-read the list every day and try to increase it.
  4. Eliminate the flaws. Write down all your weaknesses on paper. Mark those that can be fixed, then those that bother you the most, with their elimination and start.
  5. Self-hypnosis works wonders. Start every day with affirmations. Go to the mirror and say compliments to yourself, just do it confidently. Repeat the procedure in the evening before going to bed. Do not skimp on good words for yourself.
  6. Do good deeds. You can do some little thing: feed a stray dog, remove a cat from a tree, help a neighbor bring heavy bags and much more. It is important to feel helpful. In addition, good deeds raise not only self-esteem, but also mood.
  7. Change your image. Imagine how you would like to look. Any even the boldest image. What prevents you from realizing your ideas? Make up your mind quickly and make yourself who you want to be.
  8. Do not be afraid of condemnation. There will always be someone who will not like something in you. Let it be his concern, not yours. You can’t please everyone, the main thing is to like yourself.
  9. Dream occupation. Often people have low self-esteem due to the fact that they are engaged in an unloved business. Be courageous and change your life. A person always gets a better deal to which the soul lies.
  10. Learn new things. Gaining new knowledge is very useful not only for intelligence, but also for self-esteem. The more you know, the higher you look in the eyes of others and in your own.
  11. Refresh your wardrobe. New things cheer up and add confidence. Of course, only if you like this thing.
  12. See a therapist. If you can’t increase your self-esteem alone, you can resort to the help of a specialist. There are even trainings for insecure people.

We can conclude that low self-esteem is a personality trait that interferes with communication with people and self-realization. You can increase it in various ways, including through working on yourself and psychotherapy. The main thing is to have a desire.

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