How to drink alcohol?

Alcohol is the soul of the company. Therefore, proper drinking leads to mental comfort and healthy body. What you need to know when you open the next bottle of cognac in order to get maximum pleasure? Here are 5 simple rules.

How to drink alcohol

Vodka is the head of everything

When you really want to relax, drink vodka. Just not cheap. Good vodka costs from 500 rubles. and has a certificate of quality. Be sure to drink it in the company for a good snack. Vodka without a snack is the death of the stomach. So there must be a table. It is best to drink a drink from small 50-g stacks to stretch the pleasure longer and feel the fortress.

Cognac - drink of the gods

In small quantities it is good for health, so 100 g of cognac per day will keep you in good shape. It is drunk in small portions with lemon or chocolate. In no case do not bite salad, this is a plebeian thing. You can make fruit slices for a snack, this is quite acceptable.

Beer - for every day

There is nothing better than a glass of beer on a hot summer Friday after work. In small quantities, it is almost harmless, raising the tone and perfectly quenching thirst. You can drink beer by itself without a snack, but it is doubly tastier when there is some kind of “snack”, such as shrimp or crackers. Classics of the genre - beer with crayfish. Just do not drink too much and regularly; digestion diseases are possible from beer.

Gin and Tonic - A Carbon Adventure

More sparkling than beer, and more insidious. It can be drunk a lot without any snacks and pretty drunk. The percentage of alcohol there is low, but gin in large quantities knocks down. In principle, it is used by itself, like a cola. It is easy to drink and easily intoxicating, so the main thing is not to overdo it.

Whiskey - Refined Pleasure

A very popular drink recently. Beware of fakes, there are a lot of them. In no case is whiskey drunk like vodka. That is, a snack may be, but perhaps coffee beans or fruits are suitable for whiskey. Abroad, they drink it just like that, without any snack. This makes it possible to enjoy the spicy taste of alcohol. The classics of the genre are two fingers of whiskey and the same amount of soda. Everything.

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