How to stop loving a married man: psychological advice

If dreams have crashed into harsh reality, and you are no longer with your lover, it is worth considering how to get rid of negative thoughts. You should not pound and reflect on the fact that everything is over. Remember, you are young, there are many good and free men around. You should no longer try on the role of a lover.

How to stop loving a married man

Step number 1. Set yourself up for a break

  1. Carefully analyze the behavior and character of the man. Try to find its negative sides. You may not be able to do this at first, because you are in love. But looking at things differently, you will be able to tune yourself to a gap.
  2. Now reincarnate in the "skin" of his wife. How unpleasant it is for her to know that her husband constantly goes to the left. How hard it is to accept the existence of a third person in a relationship. It is likely that you, too, will get bored with a man, and he will jump over another passion. Do you need it?
  3. Find strength to get angry at your lover. Remember all the moments when he promised to come, but did not come. How long I tormented you with the words "I will divorce." As constantly talking about the omissions with his wife. Why do you play a supporting role, knowing that this man is a stranger.
  4. Remove finally the pink glasses. Face the situation. Understand that the lover is with you because he is so comfortable. The wife feeds, erases, strokes, the mistress satisfies. A man who cheated on his mate does not deserve your love.
  5. Think about your union in terms of religion (for believers). In any book of such a scripture, treason is condemned and punished. Do not blame yourself for the love of him, mentally ask your wife for forgiveness and tune in to break with her husband.

Step number 2. Break up with a man

  1. First, evaluate yourself. Why did you choose a man who already has a wife? Is he financially independent, good in bed, adult? Perhaps, but there is such a plan for men who are not busy with other women. Do not try to raise your self-esteem due to the fact that you took the companion away from his wife.
  2. A married man in communication with his mistress is in no hurry to break the connection. You have to do it yourself. Talk to him, share your thoughts. Say that you no longer want to play a supporting role.
  3. Exclude tearing, hugs and other tenderness. Speak clearly and confidently, do not try to doubt and succumb to his persuasion to stay. Understand that he will feed you “breakfasts” for a long time to come. We need to put an end to this.
  4. Do not offer to remain friends and do not accept such an offer from him. If you constantly see this person in front of you, it will be difficult to stop loving him. Put an end to it once and for all.

Step number 3. Burn all bridges

  1. Experienced psychologists in the field of human relationships will say that you can stop loving a married man, but only forget about him. Burn bridges, do not look back, exclude any opportunity to meet again.
  2. Often, married women continue to look for a date with their former lover in order to again feel her tenderness and other perspectives that she can give. Appreciate yourself, do not succumb to persuasion about a joint pastime.
  3. If you and your lover have common friends, if possible, limit communication with them for the first time. When the pain subsides, you can resume communication. But in no case do not discuss the affairs of a married man. Try not to talk about him at all, avoid such conversations.
  4. Do not try to take revenge by finding a new man and publicizing your relationship.It is important to understand that in this case, you must first find peace of mind, and only then build new relationships.
  5. Refuse blackmail, the idea of ​​which can be scrolled in the head. If you plan to blackmail a former lover with joint pictures, trying to destroy his family, reconsider your moral values.

Step number 4. Exclude all contacts

  1. If possible, all meetings with a person to whom you feel should be excluded. If it is worth changing the job because of this, decide on a similar step or try to figure out yourself. At every meeting, suffering and flashes of feelings are inevitable.
  2. Get rid of all kinds of reminders of your relationship. Throw away gifts, delete all contacts, including on social networks. Stop chatting with your lover's friends. Clean your phone from messages and photos. Thus, thoughts of a man will gradually fade away.
  3. Change the direction of your thoughts. When you first try to think about past relationships, immediately try to get distracted. Stop yourself. Think of other life stories. Find a hobby. Train your mind and make it stronger. Learn to resist those memories that hurt.

Step number 5. Cry


  1. As soon as your relationship has come to an end, don’t throw out emotions to your closest people. They should not see your weaknesses, so you are humiliated and cause unnatural pity for yourself.
  2. In this case, close people can judge you and say that initially the relationship was doomed to failure. A married man is not the best choice, everything could not end well. If you want to throw out emotions, do it in private.
  3. Take a pillow, start screaming and crying into it. Believe me, it will become easier for you. Most importantly, no one will see how much it hurts you. If necessary, visit a psychologist, a specialist can say everything. Do not be killed, do not self-flagellate.
  4. You are young, do not forget about it, live on. It should be understood that age is a psychological state. This is not about biological years, even if you are 30+. Do not be afraid to be alone with yourself, think about the good.
  5. Also, do not resort to alcohol and similar substances. In this case you will not find a way out. It will become much more painful, in addition, you will significantly plant health. Turn to the services of a psychologist, there is nothing to worry about. Direct your emotions to sports or creativity.

Step number 6. Start a new life

  1. It is worth completely erasing an unsuccessful love story from life. Start making history from the start. Do not go in cycles in the experienced feelings, in the world there are a lot of pleasant things, always remember about it.
  2. Draw conclusions, analyze what you could learn during the time spent together. At this stop and cross out everything that was. Express your thoughts on paper, re-read, then burn. Such advice will give you a psychologist, they really work.
  3. Try to do what you always dreamed of. Remember what you always put off for later due to lack of time. It is not worthless to spend free hours. Now you have much more time, use it wisely.
  4. Put in the background all the emotions associated with a love story. You are more ruining yourself from within, it does not make anyone any easier. It is also strongly recommended that you change activities if it does not suit you. Find work to your liking and enjoy life.

Review your behavior, begin to respect your own "I". Find the strength to part with a married man. Put yourself in the place of his wife, say the cherished words of farewell. Try to stop loving the former lover and burn all bridges.

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