How to make wet hair effect at home

Many ladies seek to diversify their hairstyles, without turning to the masters for help. The effect of "wet" hair is considered to be a simple and popular styling that does not require special skills. However, as in any other business, there are some peculiarities that need to be taken into account. Stylish chaotic strands are always in trend, and to create them you will need only the necessary styling, hair dryer and comb. A feature of a stylish hairstyle is that it is suitable for all types of hair.

How to make wet hair effect

The choice of funds to create the effect of "wet" hair

Styling products differ in the degree of fixation, purpose and consistency. Depending on the type of hairline, you can make a choice in favor of a suitable option.

  1. Gel. Application of the product requires attention to detail, it is important to distribute it evenly on each strand, so as not to overdo it with the quantity. If you overdo it, the curls will look dirty, greasy and heavy, creating the opposite effect. Specialists in the field of hairdressing have created a gel texture that is designed to create “wet” hair. The cosmetic product belongs to the professional series and costs about 400 rubles. The gel will help you create the desired effect without weighing the curls and giving them a kind of randomness.
  2. Foam. Laying with this product is easy to use and quickly achieve the result. The airy texture does not stick together strands and keeps its shape perfectly. In most cases, foam is used to give a “wet” effect to long and curly hair. Styling involves natural drying, because with the help of a hairdryer, the product dries and absorbs into the hair, making it stiff and unkempt.
  3. Wax. The product is used, as a rule, to create extravagant hairstyles for short hair. Wax has a viscous consistency and excessive density, which helps to fix the strands in the right direction as quickly as possible. With the help of a tool and a pair of hands, you will create beautiful chaos on your head and symmetrical disheveled. The wax is evenly distributed over the entire length and combed with a comb, after which it is dried with a hairdryer with a diffuser.
  4. Lacquer. The fixation tool will allow you to maintain the original result for a long time. If you decide to attend a festive event, give preference to strong fixation varnish, for everyday wear it is quite light or medium. Manufacturers produce a series of glossy varnishes that are distributed evenly on the hair and leave no residue. Also, the product will avoid the effect of the wig and make the hairstyle more natural.

How to make wet hair effect

The basic laying rule is not to overdo it. If you use funds in large quantities, the reverse effect of greasy and dirty hair is possible.

Instruction manual

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly using only shampoo. Do not apply masks or apply balm. Dry your hair a little with a towel or hairdryer.
  2. Put the product on your hands and rub it between your palms, and then proceed to styling. With careful, but light, barely touching movements, distribute the composition along its entire length. The product is selected individually for each type of hair.
  3. Twist locks on curlers or plaits, you can use only with your hands.In the latter case, crush the hair, lifting it up at the roots.
  4. If you use tows or curlers, proceed with a blow dryer. If the shape was imparted by hands, leave the curls to dry naturally. If you have curly hair, in any case you need drying without using a hairdryer.
  5. The final stage is fixing the hairstyle. Again, the varnish is selected based on the circumstances. However, it is important to consider the fact that long and heavy hair is much easier to lose shape than short and curly.

How to make a “wet” effect on straight hair

Straight hair is difficult to style, as a result of which it is very difficult to achieve any effect. Also, the search for the number of styling products will contribute to the formation of “icicles”, which looks extremely ugly. Make sure that you have purchased hairspray with maximum fixation. As a main tool, both foam and gel are suitable. The most successful and effective hairstyle on long hair is called a ponytail.

Gather the hair at the crown and fix it with a tight rubber band. Take a little gel and spread it on your palms. Start eliminating “cocks” sticking around the perimeter of the head. Now proceed to tail processing. To create a "wet" effect, blow dry your hair with a hair dryer and immediately apply a foam. After that, collect the tail in a bundle, stab with hairpins and leave for 1 hour. After the time has passed, dissolve the hair and begin to carefully disassemble them into separate curls. Fix the hairstyle with varnish and climb the heights forward!

How to make a “wet” effect on short hair

How to make a wet effect on short hair
Prepare gel or wax to maximum fixation in advance. Wash your hair and pat it slightly with a towel, collecting water. Apply the product in the palm of your hand, rub well and evenly, and then gently begin to distribute through the hair. Put your hands on your head, spread your fingers, and pull up. Your movements should resemble scissors. After you are convinced of the optimal amount of the product on the hair, let it dry naturally for 50 minutes, then blow dry with a hairdryer for 3 minutes.

How to make a “wet” effect on curly hair

Owners of curly hair are incredibly lucky, because they can use absolutely any styling tool. As mentioned earlier, it is better to purchase a gel texturizer that is 100% suitable for girls with curly hair. Many ladies apply the product only to individual locks, others prefer to cover the curls completely, it all depends on individual preferences.

Distribute the composition along the entire length of the hair or on those strands that you will make “wet”. Gently comb them with a wide comb and let dry naturally. Do not resort to using a hair dryer, it will only fluff your hair, as a result of which you will look like a dandelion. After 30 minutes after drying, begin to compress the curls from the roots to the tips.

How to make a “wet” effect on medium hair

Beautiful curls to the shoulder blades look extremely elegant if the choice falls on a stylish hairstyle. The basic rule is to present in all details how curly the curls should be, otherwise there will be a bust. As a styling tool, give preference to gel, other products will make curls look like rags.

How to make a wet effect on medium hair

Put foam on hands and rub between palms. Separate one strand with a comb, and then process it from top to bottom. Twist into a small bundle and secure with a hair clip. Perform simple manipulations with each curl separately, after which leave the hair to dry naturally for 30 minutes. After the time has passed, blow dry them at a low speed for another 10 minutes.

Features of the effect of "wet" hair

The hairstyle is designed for absolutely any hair texture and length. The styling looks elegant and stylish on both long and short haircuts.Owners of curly hair can help emphasize the natural beauty, and ladies with a short haircut will find the long-awaited chaos on their heads. You do not need to use too much money so as not to be tormented later with error correction and not to start the procedure again.

  1. If you work in an office or government office, use wax rather than foam. It fixes curls better, and they do not begin to fluff 5 hours after styling.
  2. For a romantic candlelit dinner in a cozy cafe, a hairstyle with imposing foam on individual locks is suitable. In this way you will achieve soft and graceful waves in 30 minutes.
  3. For those who like to hang out in night clubs, we recommend resorting to a zigzag parting. With such a hairstyle, you will conquer the entire dance floor!
  4. Please note that the “wet” effect looks different on hair of different shades. The locks painted in different color scale - coloring look very beautiful and stylish. If you are a brunette or brown-haired woman, do not skimp on styling tools, but within reason. So, for example, wax or gel with a flickering effect will deepen the color and add shine. Light blond beauties and blondes should be more careful, your hair will not look so impressive in case of an increased amount of funds. Also note that applying the product over the entire length of the hair will emphasize yellowness (if any). For this reason, you are advised to apply the product locally on individual curls.
  5. “Wet” effect looks more profitable in summer than in winter. Tanned skin and summer heat emphasize freshness and well-groomed appearance. In a beautiful dress or flowing sundress you will look very elegant. In winter, styling will seem ridiculous to many, based on weather conditions.

Puzzling and do not know how to make the effect of "wet" hair? Choose a suitable styling product, take care of the presence of a large comb and hair clips. Begin the procedure by washing your hair, apply only on clean hair. Do not forget to withstand drying time to maintain the effect for a long time. At the end of the procedure, always fix the hairdo with varnish. In case of difficulty, replace the used styling product with a similar one. You will succeed, go for it!

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