How to relieve eye pressure at home

Glaucoma is a strong increase in intraocular pressure. This phenomenon can even lead to blindness. However, one should not be very upset - modern medicine is quite capable of coping with such an ailment and preserving a person’s vision. Below we will talk about how doctors suggest treating glaucoma, how to reduce its manifestations by alternative methods.

How to relieve eye pressure

Causes of increased intraocular pressure

There is always some fluid inside the eyeball. Violation of production, as well as deterioration in absorption, leads to the fact that moisture begins to put pressure on the eye from the inside. Why can fluid metabolism be disrupted?

The first reason is taking strong medications. For example, antidepressants or hormones.

The second reason is eyeball injuries. A strong blow to the eye may not manifest itself immediately, but will come back through the years. As a rule, any injury can cause damage to small vessels inside the eyeball. Even small bleeding is a great danger. It’s best to avoid injuries. If you could not avoid them, be sure to periodically visit an optometrist.

The third reason is the wrong lifestyle. As a rule, excessive enthusiasm for alcohol, cigarettes and salty foods causes swelling of the eye. This state of the eyeball tissue causes a worsening of the outflow of fluid, which leads to an increase in intraocular pressure. What are the symptoms of glaucoma?

Symptoms of the disease

  1. Frequent and severe redness of the surface of the eyes, not associated with wearing lenses or increasing visual load.
  2. Pain in the head and eyeballs. As a rule, with a slight click on the eyes, a person feels pain.
  3. Nausea, as with high blood pressure.
  4. Blurred vision, the appearance of flies in front of the eyes or spots.

Determining glaucoma on its own will be problematic. Therefore, if you begin to feel at least one of the symptoms listed above, consult a doctor immediately!

Medication for glaucoma

First of all, in the treatment of glaucoma, doctors prescribe special drops. Some are designed to improve blood circulation and nutrition of the eye, others - to accelerate the outflow of fluid. At the moment, there are also drugs to reduce the production of excess intraocular moisture.

In addition to drops, it is mandatory to take special tablets. They have the same effect as drops, but act more efficiently. In the treatment of glaucoma, nothing can be neglected! Only a complex effect will help stop the drop in vision and normalize intraocular pressure.

Laser treatment is also used for treatment. It can both help create new channels for fluid outflow, and to improve moisture circulation. The doctor must decide which treatment method is needed. In especially severe cases, the doctor may decide on the possibility of surgical intervention.

How to reduce intraocular pressure

  1. It is important to sleep on a high pillow. At the same time, be careful not to overstrain your neck. We recommend that you pay attention to special orthopedic models.
  2. When working with a computer, there must be proper lighting. The light should be bright and well-lit monitor. Sit upright. The screen should be clearly at eye level.
  3. It’s best to minimize cinema visits. Cinema in this format has a negative effect on the eyes.
  4. Women are better off not wearing styles of clothes with a tight collar or tightly tied a scarf.As for men, they are strictly forbidden to tighten their tie and fasten the last button of a shirt. The neck area should always be free from all kinds of pulling.
  5. You can’t lean low. For example, during cleaning or ironing. All items should be adjusted so that the head is practically not tilted. This will protect your eyes from accumulation of excess fluid.
  6. Do not strain your eyes. When working at a computer, take breaks every half hour. Simple gymnastics does not take much time. For example, blink your eyes often, often for a minute. Or move them in different directions 10 times.
  7. Eliminate alcohol and cigarettes from the diet. They cause an increase in both total blood pressure and ocular pressure.
  8. Fresh vegetables and fruits, low-fat meat, dairy products should prevail in the diet. Dishes should be baked or steamed. Exclude fatty, sweet, salty, pickled.
  9. Go in for sports. But not by force, but by calm. For example, swimming or Pilates is ideal. If you choose yoga, exclude those asanas in which you need to tilt your head.
  10. Regularly massage the area around the eye. It includes light rubbing and stroking.
  11. Be sure to take vitamin complexes for the eyes with lutein and other useful supplements.
  12. It is necessary to minimize the amount of salt in the diet.

Another important point. You must remain completely calm always. Try not to get upset over trifles. If you can’t cope with stress on your own, brew herbs such as lemon balm or motherwort. Homeopathic sedatives can be purchased at the pharmacy. They do not cause drowsiness and are approved for use even while driving.

Alternative methods of reducing intraocular pressure

Alternative methods perfectly complement the conservative treatment of glaucoma. But note that it is impossible to replace therapy with folk remedies. Follow the directions of your ophthalmologist carefully.

  1. Grind half a glass of nettle and add a teaspoon of chopped lily of the valley leaves into it. The resulting mixture is mixed with a tablespoon of water and applied to the eyes in the form of a compress.
  2. Mix a teaspoon of anise and coriander with a glass of boiling water. The resulting mixture must be drunk during the day, and the next day to brew a new composition.
  3. Boil a couple of fleshy leaves of aloe in a small amount of water. This should be done within a couple of minutes. Then squeeze the softened leaves from the juice and mix it with a decoction, 2 times a day, this infusion must be instilled into the eyes. In this case, a slight tingling sensation can be felt, but this is not scary.
  4. A plant such as wood lice is an excellent way to fight glaucoma. Squeeze the juice out of it. Per liter of juice - 100 grams of vodka. We mix the ingredients and insist a couple of days. Next, drink tincture for a quarter cup a couple of times a day. The taste is rather unpleasant, so the remedy can and should be washed down with plain water.
  5. Include in your diet a daily glass of the next cocktail - carrot juice, beet juice, parsley juice and a drop of vegetable oil. Be sure to eat blueberries or take its extract in capsules.
  6. Instead of coffee, try chicory.
  7. Leaves of mountain ash or currant brew a liter of boiling water. Drink as tea during the day. These drinks have a pleasant taste.
  8. An unusual remedy is onion juice. But not in its pure form, but diluted with water with the addition of honey.
  9. Boil the egg. Carefully divide it into two halves and remove the yolk. Lean the halves of the protein against your eyes to feel warm. Such warming should be carried out until the egg has cooled completely.
  10. Another useful recipe using eggs. Cook hard-boiled egg and cut into 2 halves. In each pour a teaspoon of honey and put in the oven, heated to 130 degrees.Bake the eggs no more than half an hour. The resulting liquid is drained, cooled and dripped into the eyes 1 time per day.
  11. We make strong tea. It should cool to a pleasantly warm temperature. Put a pea of ​​candied honey in it and stir vigorously. The resulting mixture should be dripped into the eye 1 time per day, preferably at night.
  12. A regular honey compress perfectly reduces eye pressure. Mix liquid natural honey with water in a ratio of 1 to 1. Wet a cotton pad and put on the eye. Hold it for about 15 minutes. Water should be pleasantly warm at the beginning and cool at the end.

Gymnastics for the eyes

Special exercises will allow the eyeball to relax. Fluid outflow also improves. Therefore, we offer you a complex of not difficult exercises.

Gymnastics for the eyes

  1. Often, often, we blink for a minute.
  2. Blink at an average pace for a minute.
  3. Close your eyelids and start driving eyeballs to the right, left, up, down and diagonally.
  4. Now repeat the same thing with open eyelids.
  5. Find any item near you. Look at him, then look away. For example, in a window. Repeat a couple of times every hour after working on the computer or reading.
  6. Close your eyes and draw a circle, square, rectangle with eyeballs.
  7. Stretch your arms forward and begin to move your fingers, carefully watching them. Gradually move your palms as close to your eyes as possible. Repeat the exercise several times.
  8. Every day it is necessary to conduct a contrast shower for the eyes. This is done simply. When washing, direct a strong stream of water directly into the eyeballs. The temperature should vary from warm to cold. The final bath is done with cool water. Such a shower perfectly strengthens and trains the vessels of the eyes.

We hope that such an unpleasant disease will bypass you. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know about him and his symptoms in order to consult a doctor in time.

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