How to relieve alcohol cravings at home

What does alcohol have in a healthy person? As a rule, not very big. A person without alcohol addiction can occasionally drink on holidays. But often this grows into more frequent gatherings - alcohol is accompanied by meetings with friends, weekend breaks, trips to nature. Then a person drinks to relax - almost every evening. After such a drinking in the morning, my head hurts terribly, the symptoms of a hangover that come to my senses with a new dose of alcohol are felt. It turns out a vicious circle, or rather, a snowball or an avalanche that crush a person under him, destroying his whole life. And if an alcoholic at least for a minute agrees that he is sick and this is really an addiction - this means that there is still light at the end of the tunnel. And you can fight the craving for alcohol.

How to relieve alcohol cravings

What gives a person alcohol

We all know that even a small amount of alcohol raises the mood, makes a person more relaxed and open. To do this, they drink alcohol at large events and holidays. Alcohol can not only cheer, but also soothe. After taking alcohol, a person less acutely feels anger, anxiety, anxiety. In essence, it is an alcohol trap that creates the illusion of happiness and harmony. But, unfortunately, with each new method of drinking, satisfaction is becoming less and less, a person does not feel this pleasure, because he is getting used to such a state. Reducing cravings for alcohol comes down to two main tasks. The first is to get rid of the concept of alcohol = pleasure. That is, it is getting rid of physical cravings for alcohol, which is achieved through medications. The principle of their action is simple - the patient’s health deteriorates sharply as soon as he begins to drink alcohol. Over and over again, this forms a persistent aversion to alcohol. The second task of reducing cravings is to explain and show the patient that it is not necessary to drink alcohol for pleasure. You can live an interesting and eventful life without alcohol. Thus, a psychological reduction in craving for alcohol is achieved. Let's try to understand in detail how to gradually rid a person of this addiction.

Medicines to relieve physical cravings for alcohol

In the fight against alcoholism, there are several groups of drugs that have different modes of exposure.

  1. Removal of a hangover syndrome. These are medications that help get rid of the symptoms of a hangover, which can sometimes be quite severe. Indeed, often the alcohol cycle begins precisely because of the inability to independently endure a hangover. A person wakes up in the morning, feels a severe headache, thirst, an irresistible craving for alcohol. To get rid of such sensations, he drinks again - this gives him temporary relief, but drives him into a circle that is difficult to break. Therefore, first of all, the patient is helped to relieve withdrawal symptoms so that the “withdrawal” goes away without taking alcohol. Among these drugs are Alka-Seltzer, Medichronal, Zorex. Symptomatic treatment required. If the patient suffers from an upset stomach, he is prescribed sorbents that can cleanse the digestive tract from the breakdown products of alcohol. Also, the patient is prescribed pills for headaches, water-salt solutions to restore natural balance, etc.
  2. Removing alcohol cravings. Another group of drugs is aimed at making people less likely to drink. For example, the effective drug Proproten-100.It perfectly eliminates a hangover, introduces into the body the substances that are contained in alcohol. Thus, a person simply does not want to drink. The drug acts on the brain centers - relieves feelings of anxiety, anxiety. The medicine perfectly copes with vegetative disorders - relieves tremor, sweating, weakness, headache, etc. Proproten-100 is drunk both with a hangover and prophylactically in order to save a person from a craving for alcohol. To get the maximum effect, you need to drink the medicine with a course of 2 months. Another powerful drug of the second group is Vivitrol. If you drink it before drinking, it blocks the nerve centers that are responsible for the state of relaxation and euphoria. That is, a person drinks, but does not feel anything - the meaning of the process is lost.
  3. Drugs for alcohol intolerance. This is the largest group of medications aimed at causing various unpleasant reactions when drinking alcohol. They are most popular because they do not alleviate the hangover syndrome, but really relieve addiction - this treatment is called aversive therapy. One of the most famous drugs in this group is Disulferam. It blocks the production of enzymes that are necessary for the processing of alcohol. As a result of this, pure acetaldehyde enters the patient’s blood, which is a real poison, very, very toxic. If during the period of taking Disulferam, a person drinks alcohol, he will feel severe nausea, vomiting, headache, sweating, tremor. A milder drug that has a similar effect is Esperal. There are many similar drugs in the modern pharmaceutical market - Tetlong-250, Antabus, Teturam, Livedin, Colme, etc. Only a doctor can prescribe a medicine, its dosage and duration of administration, since such drugs act quite aggressively on the body and can be dangerous for the patient’s liver and nervous system.

These are the main medications that will help relieve physical cravings for alcohol. However, psychological craving is often much stronger - a person is used to drinking constantly, he has no sense of life, he doesn’t do anything else, he can’t rest and relax without a glass of vodka. What to do in this case? How to overcome a habit?

How to remove the psychological craving for a drink

This is one of the most difficult stages of rehabilitation for an alcoholic. It is quite difficult to pass it alone to the patient with the help of relatives alone. The help of a professional, a psychotherapist is more effective. To bring a person back to life, you need to motivate him as much as possible. To do this, he must be aware that he needs relatives, family, parents and children in a healthy form. More often than not, responsibility saves people. It is necessary to entrust the patient with some business and convince him that no one else can do this assignment except him. You can start repairs, entrust a person to pick up children from a kindergarten or school, arrange a new job. It is very important to draw a person from his past environment in order to reduce the risk of returning to old habits. In no case do not push the patient away, because ignoring and censuring will cause a desire to be forgotten. It is necessary to try to talk heart to heart with a person - find out the reason for a sound drink. Sometimes spiritual wounds are poured with alcohol, which no one knows about.

How to remove the psychological craving for a drink

It is imperative to monitor the patient to eliminate the risk of relapse. If a person works, you need to take evenings so that he does not suffer from boredom. An interesting hobby or hobby often saves people from many types of addiction. Replace alcohol with other foods that contribute to the production of endorphins - these are chocolate, cocoa and coffee, honey, fish, sweet fruits, etc. All these measures will help to pull a person out of an alcoholic swamp.

Folk remedies for alcoholism

In the fight against terrible dependence, all measures are good, we must act on all fronts. You can remove the craving for alcohol using folk remedies and home recipes.

  1. Bay leaf. Many alcoholics refuse to be treated, so relatives have to resort to various medicinal methods. And since the alcoholic is not going to take medicine in the open, you can put them in vodka, which the drunkard usually does not refuse. Leave for 10 weeks in a bottle of vodka 10 leaves of parsley. When the medicine is infused, it must be filtered and with the next impulse to offer the patient. Ethanol causes vomiting, vomiting, nausea, severe intestinal upset, etc. Subsequently, even the smell of alcohol causes disgust.
  2. Common ram - This is a fairly toxic plant, on which alcohol tinctures are often made, effective in the fight against alcoholism. However, tinctures are prepared for at least a week, and help is often needed here and now. Therefore, in an emergency, you can cook a strong decoction from the plant - three tablespoons of crushed raw materials per 150 ml of boiling water and let it brew. Then add half the resulting broth to a half-liter bottle of vodka.
  3. Thyme. This plant has less pronounced anti-alcohol properties, however, it perfectly restores the body after intoxication, relieves cravings for re-drinking alcohol. Every day you need to drink thyme instead of tea - at least 5 cups per day.
  4. Creeping thyme, centaury, bitter wormwood. Mix these plants in a ratio of 4: 1: 1, respectively. Pour the collection with a glass of boiling water and let it brew for a couple of hours. Drink 2 tablespoons of the broth so that throughout the day drink the entire glass. If you continue treatment for a month, craving for alcohol is significantly reduced.
  5. Hoof. A tablespoon of crushed hoofed root should be poured with a glass of boiling water and allowed to boil over low heat for about 10 minutes. Then you need to close the broth with a lid so that it is well infused. Then the broth is filtered and stored in the refrigerator. Unnoticed, you need to add the prepared composition to vodka, not more than one tablespoon in a glass of alcohol. Over time, this will cause nausea and vomiting, feeling unwell, even if it is pure vodka drunk away from home.

These simple tips will help you when there is no longer any hope for doctors and medications. But be careful - many of these drugs are toxic enough and can poison the body if the dosage is not respected.

Drinking is a terrible disease, from which in most cases you just need to run, run fast and without looking back. But how to escape from a person, if it is the father, mother, brother, husband and father of their children? Never give up. Alcoholism is an addiction and quite serious. But you can get rid of this terrible disease. Proper motivation is a powerful impetus to the beginning of a new life. Walk this difficult path together to enjoy the fruits of a difficult, but such a welcome victory over a bottle together!

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