How to deal with excitement: 5 ways

Serious conversation with loved ones, speaking in front of a large crowd of people, a report to the bosses about the work done, passing the exam - these and other events often make a person “sweat”. Excitement affects all people, regardless of training, gender and age. A purely psychological feeling is an emotional experience that clouds the mind. A person cannot think and take any action. This raises the question of how to deal with excitement.

How to deal with excitement

What causes the excitement

  • low self-esteem;
  • lack of confidence in their professionalism;
  • weakness in the limbs, breathlessness;
  • inappropriate behavior in public (loss of self-control);
  • severe stress and, as a result, prolonged depression;
  • loss of appetite;
  • complete deconcentration, disorientation;
  • negative result in solving a specific problem.

Excitement exercises

  1. When a person is worried, his breathing goes astray, and his heart rate jumps to heaven. Try to calm down. Take a few long breaths with closed eyes. Try to perform the manipulations slowly and confidently at the same pace. You should not puff out your cheeks or hold your breath, the diaphragm should open completely.
  2. Need to move. Run the mill with your hands or wave them from side to side. Some public figures massage their brushes when they worry before speaking. Similarly, when shaking the lower limbs (foot and calf massage).
  3. Often uncontrolled excitement occurs due to the large release of hormones into the blood. To bring the indicator to the optimum mark, gently pat yourself on the chest with your palm. Activation of the thymus gland will allow you to calm down faster due to the control of hormonal disruptions.
  4. People who are very worried before speaking at the podium should get a small item. It is important that during a speech this thing is not noticed. Sort the keychain (pen, lighter, paper clip, piece of fabric, etc.) in your hands. Thus, you will calm your thoughts and transfer them to another channel.
  5. If your nose is an important event for which there is no time to prepare, devote 2-5 minutes to a little trick. For a given period, first climb on toes, then slowly lower. Next, turn your shoulders clockwise and counterclockwise. Alternate movements with limbs.
  6. When the excitement took you by surprise right during serious negotiations, being at the table, begin to bend and unbend your toes. Try to focus on the sensations received, translating your thoughts there. You can also squeeze earlobes with all your strength, the main thing is that your manipulation is invisible.
  7. An excited person looks constrained before a performance or other serious event. Muscles do not seem to obey, so they need to be made to work. If your legs tremble, do 10-20 squats. In the case of hands - push up from the floor or bench. It will not be superfluous to swing the press and other physical exercises that can distract the body.

Method number 1. Get ready for the event.

  1. Often the excitement takes by surprise people who are poorly prepared for the upcoming event. If you are planning a ceremonial speech, report or speech soon, collect the necessary materials and literally memorize them.
  2. Rehearse in front of the mirror until you yourself like it. Then gather friends or unfamiliar people (even better), speak to them and ask for an objective assessment.
  3. Think in advance about your image, namely makeup, hair, clothes, shoes. You should look 100% perfect. Do not forget to provide incidents (torn pantyhose, smeared mascara, poorly writing pen, etc.).
  4. If you will soon give a speech in front of a wide circle of people with the subsequent giving answers, think in advance about the possible questions that people will ask. Your answers should be concise but informative, and your speech confident and professional.

Method number 2. Remember the past victories

  1. In most cases, excitement occurs due to low self-esteem and recall of defeats in the past. However, you need to go from the other side.
  2. Take a piece of paper and write down all your strengths. Do not forget to mention your victories (diploma defense is “excellent”, independent surrender of rights, obtaining a prestigious position, etc.). Awareness of your own professionalism instantly relieves you of excitement.
  3. Analyze past situations. Surely you used to worry too, but everything went well. So this time. Anxiety only confuses you, not allowing you to focus on the main thing. Say to yourself: “I will succeed!”, “I am confident and strong in what I do!”.

Method number 3. Boost your self esteem

Boost your self esteem

  1. Unsure of themselves and their own abilities, people often worry about any reason. To get rid of emotional discomfort, you need to love yourself.
  2. Improve your self-esteem in any way possible. Sign up for a gym, attend personal growth courses, overcome bad habits.
  3. Enlist the support of loved ones who will objectively evaluate your behavior. With each increase in self-esteem, excitement will disappear.

Method number 4. Pause before the keynote speech.

  1. This method will help to cope with excitement in cases when hands and feet tremble before a conversation (a solemn speech, speech, etc.). Do not start talking immediately, wait 10-15 seconds.
  2. The specified period of time is necessary in order to "put yourself together." If you start talking right away, thoughts will be confused, disordered.
  3. A pause will help to build a logical chain and partially calm the excitement. So you will not forget the speech for which it took so long to prepare. Control your breathing, it should be even, without jumps.

Method number 5. Don't be afraid to make a mistake

  1. Often there are times when a person begins to tremble for the most ridiculous reasons. On a subconscious level, all people who soon appear are afraid to make a mistake.
  2. It’s important to understand that the audience will not throw eggs at you if you forget the word or drop the pen. Every person is imperfect, accept this statement.
  3. From now on, think differently. Think about the fact that a small mistake will not lead to dismissal, unless you directly call the boss a "goat."
  4. Throughout a serious conversation or speech, imagine shaved lambs trying to jump onto a tree. Or make up for yourself another funny fantasy.

Prepare for the event thoroughly, learn the psychological techniques of dealing with excitement. Exercise, believe in your own strengths, increase self-esteem. Watch your breath, do not be afraid to make a mistake, remember past victories. Prepare a small thing that you can sort out in your hands to normalize the psycho-emotional background.

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