How to remove scratches from a laminate at home

Laminate flooring is such a floor covering that can serve for more than 15 years faithfully. And for sure during this time a large number of scuffs and scratches may appear on it. The view will not be the same. But it is not necessary to remake the laminate from scratch to ennoble the appearance of the room. Mini repair can be done independently and without much effort.

How to remove scratches from a laminate

How to remove scratches from a laminate? It all depends on the nature of the damage. Now let's figure out how to extend the beauty of your floors without making mistakes.

Deep scratches

Let's start with them. After all, it is they who most of all distort the aesthetic perception. The most common way to get rid of a problem is to replace an entire board. If the laminate was laid by the castle method, then carefully remove the baseboard in the place of the wall that is closest to the damage. Remove the first board, and there you’ll already figure out how to “snap” to scratched.

Put a new one in its place, then reassemble the cover in reverse order. Where to get an uncracked laminate board? There are two options:

  1. When buying flooring, buy a few boards more than you need. Suddenly a scratch will appear 10 years after operation? You may not find such a color on sale. Let them lie in reserve.
  2. If you didn’t stock up on extra boards, you will have to “snap” the locks. Pull the board out from under the furniture and insert a scratched one in its place. Anyway, no one will see under the sofa.

Sometimes the laminate is glued. In this case, an attempt to remove the scratched board may result in even more damage. Yes, not one, but several boards. What to do? Use a special composition that dissolves the adhesive base.

This is a long business, not always pleasantly smelling and somewhat costly in the material sense. Therefore, they try not to bring the laminate to a state of deep scratches.

Tip. If the appearance of the floors is very deplorable, it makes sense to change the coating completely. Than to spend money on replacing boards, it is better to spend money on a new laminate, and then save it from damage.

Minor scratches and scuffs

As a rule, after laminate flooring, people realize the price of the coating. Therefore, they try to treat him as carefully as possible. But it is impossible to completely avoid damage, even with all the precautions. Some types of floors can be scratched very easily. In this case, there are several ways to remove scratches from the laminate:

  • wax crayons
  • mastic
  • putty
  • repair kit

Consider in detail each method.

Wax crayons. The beauty of these little pencils is that they are sold everywhere. At the same time, they are quite inexpensive, and their color gamut is wide enough to choose the right shade for repairing scratches.

Using them is very simple. It is only necessary to draw small scratches across the scratches. After the repair result is satisfactory, it is necessary to polish the former damage with a soft rag. This makes it almost invisible if the color is matched to the tone.

Tip. Try waxing the entire surface of the laminate. A little work, but you get additional protection and prevention of scratches in the future.

Mastic. Its color spectrum is not so wide. It is possible that the desired shade cannot be found on sale. No problem. The desired color can be obtained by mixing several options. Mastic is sold in any hardware store and can be in the form of a bar or ready-made pasta.

Many sellers recommend purchasing an additional special plastic spatula for applying mastic. Allegedly without it in any way. Good marketing ploy.And in the future, the tool may come in handy. But, let's say a secret, the repair of scratches on the laminate can be carried out without a spatula. It is perfectly replaced by an unnecessary plastic card. Equal edge and the necessary rigidity will do their job to restore beauty.

How to apply mastic? Absolutely all sources advise to paste the laminate around the damage with masking tape so as not to spread excess paste. But it dries very quickly. And while you pick out the tape, it will freeze. You get clearly defined putty borders, instead of a neat and invisible patch.

We recommend not to bother with pre-pasting. Gently apply a small amount of mastic with a spatula or plastic card to the scratch. Flatten out quickly. And, until it has dried, remove the excess with a soft cloth. Smooth the surface at the same time.

Tip. Before using the laminate, wait at least 3 hours. During this time, the mastic will dry completely. And nothing will remind you of the former scratch.

Putty. Widely represented in construction stores. It has a huge selection of colors and shades. Able to repair even deep scratches. Dries instantly. These are the pluses.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting the need to use a special melter. Because putty is sold in solid form. And the obligatory increased speed of work with precise movements. Otherwise, ugly stains and streaks will remain.

Otherwise, the principle of scratching is no different from working with mastic. Putty is melted, applied to the damaged place. Immediately then, in one smooth motion with a spatula, level it. And immediately smooth the surface with zero grit sandpaper. Do not rub, namely smooth down!

If the first time you put too little putty, do not grieve. Melt a little more and repeat the procedure. If you overdo it, then quickly remove the excess with a spatula. After solidification, such putty is removed only with the top layer of the laminate.

Tip. You can use the laminate 10 minutes after fixing the scratch.

Repair kit. Perfect solution. Includes putty, wax pencil and putty knife. The color scheme is amazing. Full instructions on the packaging. It remains only to buy a suitable shade, read the manufacturer's recommendations and strictly follow them. If everything is done correctly, then the former scratch will not be visible at all. Even the owners themselves will have to work hard to find a repair site.

Useful Tips

  1. Before starting any repair work, vacuum the scratch and the surface around thoroughly. Then wash with any detergent and dry thoroughly. This is done to prevent peeling of the repair layer. Even the smallest dust will prevent a good quality masking agent. Within a few days, the wax or putty will calmly move away from the laminate, and the scratch will again appear in all its glory.
  2. Some sources recommend that after applying any product, smear the former scratch with any colorless nail polish. This is fundamentally erroneous advice, and even harmful. Such a glossy spot will stand out brightly on the surface of the laminate. And an attempt to remove the varnish with a solvent or acetone can result in much more damage than a tiny scratch.
  3. If you really really want to varnish, then get a special acrylic varnish for the laminate. It is ideal in all respects and is designed specifically for such purposes. Just do not varnish the scratch on the matte laminate. You understand the whole absurdity of such an undertaking.
  4. Deep cracks can be repaired with a plaster composition. For this, dry gypsum is mixed with sawdust and water. Then put a spatula into the crack almost flush with the edges. After drying, the residue is coated with putty and masked on top with a wax pencil.A few movements with a soft cloth and now an absolutely whole laminate board, not a canyon or ravine.
  5. In order not to puzzle over how to remove scratches from the laminate, try to limit their appearance as much as possible. For example, walking in street shoes or slippers with hard heels can leave very visible marks on the surface.
  6. Fans of furniture rearrangements in the room or racers on wheel chairs have special recommendations. Felt circles are glued under the furniture legs. You can buy or cut them yourself. And let the riders ride not on the bare laminate, but on a special rug. Felt or plastic.

How to remove scratches from a laminate? As you can see, nothing is impossible. Everything is completely doable on their own. The most difficult thing in this matter is to choose the right shade. The rest is sleight of hand. And now the laminate is again as good as new.

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