How to care for your skin in summer: useful tips

In the summer, the skin is subjected to additional stress, which is why you need to learn how to care for it correctly. Increased sweating leads to irritation and inflammation, dust clogs the pores, making it difficult to cleanse yourself. The sebaceous glands begin to work in an accelerated rhythm, however, the skin is capable of peeling due to ruthless ultraviolet radiation. The epidermis becomes sensitive to even the most harmless procedures, and the hated pigmentation terrifies the girls. How to care for skin in the summer? Let's try to figure it out together.

How to care for your skin in summer

Correct Cleansing

Use steam baths to cleanse your skin of impurities. To prepare them, it is enough to pour medicinal herbs with boiling water, lower your head over the pan and wait 10 minutes.

As medicinal plants, choose yarrow, chamomile, eucalyptus, birch bark, sage or lemon balm. If desired, you can drip in a decoction of 5-10 ml. ether citrus fruit.

Do not rush to apply the cream, let the skin breathe for about half an hour. If you are concerned about feeling tight, spray your face with thermal water.

As for the frequency of washing, carry out the procedure 3 times a day. Use a foam or gel, in no case do not resort to soap.

No matter how you want to rinse your face with ice water, do it only after morning awakening. Wash yourself with water at room temperature throughout the rest of the day.

The right choice of care creams

For a quarter of an hour before sun exposure, apply a cream with UV protection. Buy funds marked "SPF 20 filter" and above. Pay attention to funds that have the inscription "sun screen", they are also sunscreen.

As for everyday day cream, it should not be oily, buy only hydrogels, serums or moisturizers. Apply them on the fingertips and begin to pat the skin intensively for 5 minutes. So you get rid of wrinkles and increase blood flow. Always remove excess cream with a paper towel, otherwise they will clog pores and lead to inflammation.

Avoid fruit-containing foods completely. They contribute to increased sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light and do not bear any benefit.

Pay due attention to the choice of night cream. Yes, yes, in the summer it must be used without fail! Read the “composition” column, look for natural antioxidants, natural moisturizers and vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, E. Cosmetologists call such a composition ideal, because it not only moisturizes the skin, but also nourishes it. The night cream is applied 2 hours before bedtime, the excess is removed after an hour of exposure.

Dust and dirt protection

In summer, the skin is much more prone to inflammation due to the formation of bacteria due to constant dust. As a protective barrier, use a loose moisturizing powder with silver ions or a product called “veil”. It acts like powder and has the same consistency, the only difference is the completely transparent matte composition. The powder-veil is applied both independently on the “bare” skin of the face, and is used in conjunction with makeup. In the second case, it is applied over all cosmetics.

If, while on the street, your face is covered with sweat, do not rush to remove it with your hand. Such actions cause irritation. In this case, carry paper or special matting napkins in your handbag, soak them in your skin as needed.After removing sweat, use thermal water, it is available in large and small bottles.

Using cleansing lotions

In the summer, it is not necessary to use purchased products, prepare soft lotions and tonics yourself. Brew in 100 ml of boiling water 30 g. medicinal plants, infuse the mixture for 2 hours, then strain.

Using cleansing lotions

Take a look at the following possible combinations:

  • linden and rosemary in equal amounts;
  • 15 gr sage, 10 gr. oak bark and 5 gr. nettles;
  • 10 gr. mint and 20 gr. dried lemon peel;
  • chamomile, ginseng and geranium in a ratio of 1: 1: 1;
  • green or black tea in the amount of 30 p.;
  • 15 gr lavender and 15 gr. yarrow leaves.

Pour the finished broth into a dark bottle and store in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days. After this period, make a new infusion.

Nutrition and Drinking Regime

Take the habit of eating 700 gr. fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the day. They are rich in vitamins and also perfectly moisturize the epidermis. Reduce the amount of protein food, it absorbs moisture, do not get carried away with green tea, it leaches calcium from bones.

Drink at least 3 liters of fluid per day, it is advisable to use a single dose of 300 ml. water every 1.5 hours. From drinks, prefer compote without sugar, freshly squeezed juices with celery. Do not drink packaged fruit drinks and sparkling water.

In the summer, you can not get carried away with sharp, salty and fatty dishes, cook food for a couple or in your own juice. Eat interval every 3 hours. Put on milk, cereals and fish.

Drink a vitamin complex, it is designed for 2 months. So you will cope with vitamin deficiency and at times improve the condition of the skin. You can also take fish oil.

Cosmetic Ice Wipe

To moisturize the skin, it is enough after waking up in the morning and before bedtime to wipe it with ice cubes. To prepare it, you will need all the same medicinal herbs and hot water. Brew 45 gr. plants in 150 ml. boiling water, cool, pour over the molds and send to the freezer.

As components of the decoction, choose chamomile or linden flowers, sage, birch, ash, eucalyptus, mint, nettle, yarrow. Combine herbs with each other or use independently. Add to them various esters in the amount of 10 drops per 100 g.

Practical Skin Care Tips

Summer Skin Care Tips

  1. Always wear sunglasses with dark glasses. Prefer anti-glare polycarbonate accessories. Before buying, be sure to try on glasses and wait a while. They should not distort visibility or expose the eyes to fatigue.
  2. Once every 2 days, make masks from seasonal fruits and vegetables. Cooking them is not difficult: take 60 gr. fruit and grind in a blender pour 20 g. gelatin, wait for the complete swelling.
  3. For girls who do not have a passion for freckles and other possible pigmentation, a cucumber will help. Use it as a brightening lotion or mask. In the first case, you need to skip the vegetable through a meat grinder, add a little parsley, pour boiling water, strain and cool. The second option involves an even distribution of the mixture on the hated areas of the skin. In both cases, the procedure must be performed daily.
  4. To get rid of redness, prepare a mask. Chop 45 gr. fresh cabbage, add 2 yolks and a spoonful of honey. Apply the composition to the skin, put gauze on top, soak for at least 1.5 hours. Also, sour cream, kefir or serum will help to remove pain. Cover your face with dairy products, wait until completely dry.
  5. You can prevent inflammation and irritation caused by dust with Chlorhexidine. Dilute 10 ml. the drug is 25 ml. water, pour 10 ml. lemon juice and 15 gr. dry yeast. Make a mask, leave for a quarter of an hour.It is not necessary to add yeast, mix “Chlorhexidine”, water and lemon juice, soak a cotton pad in the solution and wipe the skin.
  6. Learn a homemade cream recipe that you need to use once in the middle of the day. Combine 10 gr. Vaseline, 10 ml. peach oil and 5 ml. grapefruit juice. Stir the mixture, refrigerate for 20 minutes. Apply in spot motions, then start patting the skin until partially absorbed. After 7 minutes, remove excess with a tissue.

What should not be done

  1. Completely refuse peeling and scrubbing procedures. The face suffers greatly from ultraviolet radiation, due to which the epidermis does not have time to recover. You will not only remove keratinized scales, but also cause the appearance of age spots, redness, inflammation. If you really want to treat the skin with abrasive particles, carry out the procedure 1 time in 3 weeks, not more often, and only before bedtime. Over night, the skin will have time to recover.
  2. Experts categorically do not recommend surgery to remove the spider veins, veins, moles and other neoplasms in the summer.
  3. Do not go to the salon to clean your face mechanically. Any reputable cosmetologist will discourage you. After the procedure, the pores remain open for a long time, dust is clogged in them, and in combination with the production of subcutaneous fat, traffic jams appear. They are heated by ultraviolet light, as a result of which all the dirt rots in the skin ducts. Abscesses and inflammation appear, which lead to disastrous consequences.
  4. Do not apply full makeup, which involves the use of a colored foundation, foundation, powder, blush and other "heavy" products. In hot time, the skin is steamed, as a result of which its permeability increases. There is a high risk of inflammation.

Choose a good cream with a UV filter, refuse hard peels and scrubs. Properly clean your steam bath or tonics. Protect your face from direct exposure to the sun, balance nutrition, wipe with cosmetic ice cubes.

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