How to find out if a husband has a lover

Not all couples are perfect, many for some reason lose their former harmony and the pleasure of being near their soul mate. Often, such situations end in treason on the part of a man, less often - a divorce. Representatives of the strong half settled comfortably under the wing of his wife, but at the same time, did not mind warming herself in her lover's bed. How to understand that this is true? Let's get it together.

How to find out if a husband has a lover

Signs of Infidelity

If the thought that a man is cheating has seriously crept into his head, urgent measures must be taken. In this situation, torture with fire, breaking out of fingers, and blows with a pan will not work. It will take a more accurate approach, which will surely lead you to your desired goal.

The schedule has changed in the daily routine

  1. Perhaps this is the surest sign of the presence of an outside girl on the side of a married man. If his schedule has changed dramatically, this could be a serious bell. Spouse earlier goes to work, while preening in front of a mirror for a long time. He later returns, does not want to have nice conversations and have sex before going to bed.
  2. Every beautiful lady takes time. Unfortunately, not all men are monogamous by nature. Some of them prefer to have fun on the side, to tease a new lover and sex partner with gifts, depriving attention of their own spouse.
  3. Carefully follow the schedule of the day narrowed. As soon as his working time comes to an end, lure him home in all sly ways. Do not accept excuses, claim that you yourself will come after him, and watch the reaction. A normal husband is happy to hurry home to the hearth keeper.
  4. If possible, make acquaintances with his colleagues at work and arouse their sympathy. Secretly press on guilt and pity so that the spouse's friends confessed everything. Or at least hinted at the fact that the husband is not delayed at all at work.
  5. The sure signs of betrayal and the presence of a mistress: according to the spouse, his car always breaks down, the boss loads the job head over heels, friends require urgent help, the husband spends the night with all friends in turn. In this case, you should talk to the unfaithful, ask clarifying questions, look at the reaction.

Changes in appearance

  1. Analyze the beginning of your relationship. Surely the missus always looked from the needle, put on shoes that were grated to shine, was perfectly shaved and dressed in starched shirts. Naturally, married life left its mark. There is no longer a former gloss, fragrant perfume and perfectly smooth face.
  2. If a man abruptly decided to take on himself, enrolled in the gym, bought new clothes, began to douche to horror and shave every day, he has a mistress. Of course, if there are no other reasons for this (for example, you insisted on all this).
  3. Also, the sharp appearance of the man’s cleanliness indicates the presence of a second woman. If earlier you could not take off his shirt for washing for several days, today the missus is happy to change t-shirts 2 times a day. What is it, isn't it a lover? It’s worth considering.
  4. Of course, it makes sense to mention a new sports form. Spouse abruptly began to visit the gym, seriously thinking about proper nutrition, spending money is not clear on what? Find out why this is happening.
  5. All men who are married, over time, lose their former grip "male". If he regularly wallowed with beer in front of the TV, not wanting to develop, and then suddenly abruptly started reading books, there are reasons for this. And the point is clearly not in education.
  6. Any spontaneous changes should alert you.And the gym will be a great help to the fact that the infidel will always have excuses. He will begin to “visit” the rocking chair almost every day, but it is strange that in this case the muscles will no longer appear. If this happens, go to the gym together.

Suspicious Gadgets

  1. Modern people can not imagine life without devices and gadgets. Now everyone has a mobile phone. The device can completely replace the diary and personal diary. Reminders are placed on the phone, important dates and meetings are marked. In addition, there are many more additions.
  2. It is worth noting that it is with the help of devices that you find out everything you need. The phone will be a key point in the fact that the satellite may have a lover. If possible, check for suspicious messages and dubious contacts. Pay attention to the strange names of friends, such as "Anton repair."
  3. If your man really has a new darling, he may have secrets, sections on the phone and obscure folders that you might have accidentally deleted. So he set a password to prevent this from happening. Pay attention to whether frequent calls from banks and credit departments began to arrive. Suspicious SMS will serve as the first signal.
  4. If a man starts to get nervous due to the fact that you read such messages, then the case is clearly not clean. The satellite in this case will constantly keep the phone closer to itself. It is strange if the husband began to talk for a long time in the toilet or in the bathroom, allegedly with his brother or relatives. The TV began to work louder, and the man leaves for another room to answer the call. Of course, maybe everything is not as it seems.

Inexplicable financial costs

  1. If you continue to doubt whether your man has someone, you should pay attention to incomprehensible expenses of finance. You have to spend money on a new woman, you won’t get anywhere from this. Of course, we are not talking about cars, jewelry and furs. But going to cafes and flowers still needs money.
  2. Since you’ve been married for a long time, you don’t need to pamper your wife anymore - this is “male logic”. But the new companion needs to be conquered. Cute toys and various things also cost.
  3. If you notice any incomprehensible embezzlement, sound the alarm and begin to deal with your husband in fact. Of course, you should not exclude the possibility that, perhaps, the gentleman is secretly preparing a gift for you. Maybe a loved one began to gamble. By the way, this option is not the worst.

Decreased sex drive

  1. Analyze how often you previously had sex, and what happened now. Compare the attitude of the partner during intimate caresses, you will immediately feel the cold. It will seem to you that this is not love, but consumption in relation to you. If there is a mistress, the past harmony and passion in marriage will no longer be.
  2. Flaccid sex once a month should clearly alert you. First, just talk and find out the reason. Sometimes, the truth can happen blockages at work and increased emotional stress. In this state, I do not want anything. Perhaps the satellite is simply experiencing difficulties with potency and is embarrassed to say so.

Car care

  1. For almost every man, a car is considered to be something special and can be associated almost with his own home. A husband can take care of a car in a way that he does not care about his wife. In this case, you can understand whether a lover has appeared. Persuade the companion to help him with the cleaning under a good pretext.
  2. Take the vacuum cleaner and start acting. Search everything, look into every gap. If the husband has a mistress, traces will remain in any case, and you will find the very “present”. Pay attention to cigarette bulls, the scent of a women's perfume and hair that obviously does not belong to you.

If you began to suspect a loved one of having someone appear, do everything consciously. Do not panic ahead of time and do not roll up scandals.Try to behave naturally. You need reliable facts and evidence of treason. Do not just blame the man for some strange jambs. Often, suspicious behavior may indicate a completely different. Do not exclude the fact that the satellite has started to gamble or is just preparing a surprise for you.

There are many reasons that can make a man change a beloved woman. If you suspect a spouse of infidelity, first of all, pay attention to his daily routine, changes in appearance and behavior. Try to talk heart to heart, a good husband will remove all suspicion and show sincere feelings.

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