How to dry shoes from the inside at home

Which of us did not get in the rain or slush, did not get wet at the bus stop, or did not step into the puddle? Such a nuisance can happen to every person, it is important to properly remove the consequences. In order not to get sick, you need to get home as soon as possible, take a hot bath, steam your feet, drink milk with honey or tea with raspberries. This will help you protect yourself from the common cold. But what to do with wet shoes? How to dry it until the next morning so that it does not lose its shape and gloss? How to dry the shoes from the inside so that there is no unpleasant smell in it? In this article we will try to deal with wet shoes and answer all your questions.

How to dry shoes inside

How to dry wet shoes?

Most often, the problem occurs in the offseason - in the fall in the rain or in the spring, when the snow begins to melt and slush forms everywhere. What to do with wet shoes?

  1. First of all, shoes need to be thoroughly wiped from clay, dirt and travel reagents, while drying, dirt can eat into the surface of the skin and leave unpleasant marks and stains. Wipe the shoes thoroughly with a damp cloth.
  2. After this, the shoes should be opened as much as possible so that the evaporating moisture comes out. This means we take out the wet insoles, untie and take out the laces, open all the locks, ties and Velcro. We open the shoes, we maximize the turns of the bootlegs.
  3. Next, you need to choose a drying method, which we will discuss in detail a little later. The simplest is the heating radiators that are in every home. But remember, too hot batteries can cause skin deformation. Therefore, it is best to leave the shoes to dry on a stool near a heat source.
  4. In order for the shoes to dry well from the inside, they need to be hammered in so that they absorb moisture well. An ordinary newspaper copes with this task best - it instantly adsorbs moisture. But this method is not suitable for snow-white shoes - traces of black printing ink may remain on it.
  5. Under these conditions, the shoes dry in 5-6 hours. If you want to speed up the process, you need to change wet paper from shoes to dry as often as possible.

These are options for drying shoes in emergency and unexpected situations. Remember that with frequent wetting, the shoes deteriorate, deform, and begin to let moisture through even more. Therefore, it is better to have rubber boots on such wet weather - they wear well, have an attractive design, and most importantly, do not miss the slush at all.

What else can dry shoes?

In the struggle for comfortable, dry and comfortable shoes, various drying methods can be used.

  1. Warm floor. If the house has underfloor heating, you do not need to take any special measures - just leave your shoes on a warm surface. This is an ideal solution, because the shoes in this case are dried gradually and evenly, without excessive heating.
  2. Hair dryer. If you need to dry your shoes quickly, then use a hairdryer - just direct the air flow inside. Of course, you have to work hard, but you can dry your shoes in just an hour and a half. Remember that while drying shoes should be set to cold, so that the air flow is not hot.
  3. Special dryers. On sale there are special devices that are designed specifically for drying shoes. Such dryers can be portable or stationary, many of them are equipped with ionizers - they prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor. Also, in some models, ultraviolet sterilizers can be built in - they disinfect the inner surface of the shoe and protect the person from nail fungus and skin.Such dryers need to be inserted directly into the shoes, they heat up to a certain temperature, the shoes dry in a few hours.
  4. Fan. If you don’t feel like standing near a shoe with a hairdryer, just attach the wet pair to the fan grid and turn on the device. Make some ordinary loops or hooks on which the shoes will be attached. Make sure that the air flow is inside the shoe.
  5. Absorbent materials. Instead of a newspaper, you can put another filler inside the shoe, which absorbs moisture perfectly. It can be soda, salt or just rice. Selected products should be poured into a canvas bag and placed inside wet shoes. The cat litter for toilets also copes with the problem that has arisen. It not only absorbs excess moisture, but also suppresses the spread of unpleasant odors.

When filling shoes with absorbent material (newspaper), try not to fill it too tightly. Firstly, it impairs air circulation - the shoes will dry longer. Secondly, from tight packing, shoes can become deformed and dry in an unnatural position. When drying leather shoes, you should insert small spacers into it - plastic or wooden sticks, which will help maintain shape when drying.

How to dry shoes?

If you want your winter boots and boots to serve you more than one season, they should be properly looked after. Most importantly, erroneous methods of drying shoes cannot be allowed.

  1. In no case do not leave the shoes directly on the hot battery - it can melt and change its shape. If the battery is hot, leave the drying shoes a short distance - at least 50 cm, and not in the immediate vicinity.
  2. Never blow dry your shoes with a hot air stream. From this, the glue can melt, the sole simply moves away, the shoes will let moisture through even more.
  3. If you wear ski boots or other professional shoes, you need to dry it on a special profile dryer. If you do not follow this rule, the characteristic of quality shoes is gradually deteriorating.
  4. Never dry your shoes in the oven, even at low temperatures. With prolonged heating, the skin will simply crack, a winter pair of shoes will be irreparably damaged.
  5. Do not dry shoes on an electric heater, especially an open type. Not only can shoes go bad, there is a high risk of fire, it is very dangerous.

Very often, feet get wet on hikes and on picnics, that is, in nature. In such circumstances, people often dry shoes around the campfire. This should be done very carefully, without bringing the shoes too close to the fire. You can’t leave your shoes at night and go to bed - one spark can be enough to catch fire, this is dangerous not only for shoes, a whole camp can catch fire. In such cases, it is best to take a spare pair of shoes or a special dryer that runs on batteries.

In order not to get into unpleasant situations, you need to dress according to the weather - wear rubber boots in the rain and slush, and take removable shoes with you to work. Remember, winter shoes should be of high quality, because your health depends on this. If the shoes began to leak, it will not be possible to completely restore the sole's integrity - you should think about a new pair of shoes or boots. Remember that we are not rich enough to buy cheap shoes.

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