Quartz Vinyl Floor Tiles - Pros and Cons

Quartz vinyl tile is a material used in construction, which has appeared on the market relatively recently. For repair and decoration specialists, such tiles are of constant interest, which is due to the fact that such a coating has all the important qualities and meets the requirements that are set for flooring.

Quartz vinyl floor tiles

Quartz vinyl tile is a material of several layers:

  1. The basis is a polyvinyl chloride layer, which ensures a reliable fit of the tile to the floor.
  2. The reinforcing element is fiberglass.
  3. Quartz and vinyl, acting as the main layer. They allow not only to achieve high strength tiles, but also good thermal insulation.
  4. On top of the tile is covered with a decor with a variety of patterns.
  5. To protect the tile from mechanical stresses, the outermost layer is made of a polyurethane coating with aluminum oxide. It also makes the coating non-slip.

The composition also includes a number of other materials, which are certainly natural and safe from an environmental point of view. The country where this flooring was originally produced is Japan.

Advantages of Coating

Many people rate this coating based on its high level of strength and its incredible resistance to wear. In addition, due to the presence of polyvinyl chloride in the composition, the material has natural warmth. Many buyers indicate in the reviews that such tiles are more pleasant to the touch than ceramic.

The idea of ​​the advantages of this material used in construction provides the opportunity to choose this particular tile, so we will dwell on its advantages in more detail:

  1. This material is very durable.
  2. The tile is durable, can last up to fifteen years.
  3. Differs in wear resistance. Withstands various mechanical stresses due to the protective layer. If individual fragments are still damaged, their replacement is not difficult.
  4. Tiles can be placed over a warm floor.
  5. This material is resistant to abrasion and chemicals.
  6. It has soundproofing ability and a high level of soundproofing.
  7. Resistant to moisture. The tile withstands the effects of steam and water, therefore, it can be used to create flooring in the kitchen, balcony or bathroom. The surface of the material is not prone to mold or mildew.
  8. The surface is non-slip, the risk of accidental injury is reduced.
  9. Tiles can be changed without the general process of dismantling, as sometimes happens with linoleum and other materials used in construction.
  10. When using the material, heat is well retained.
  11. It copes well with temperature extremes.
  12. The material is natural and environmentally friendly, as evidenced by an international certificate of high quality.
  13. The process of laying tiles is very simple and easy, which saves on installation work. If the tile has a lock fastening, then you can not use glue.
  14. There is the ability to self-extinguish, well resists the effects of fire.
  15. An extensive range of material textures, which allows you to achieve a good simulation of many different materials.
  16. The material is antistatic, does not conduct electricity.

Important! The composition of quartz vinyl tiles does not contain phenolic resins and melamine, which makes it completely safe not only for people, but also for pets.

Material flaws

Despite the impressive list of positive aspects, quartz vinyl tile is not without a number of disadvantages. Knowing the negative aspects of this material makes it possible to finally make the right decision when choosing a coating. In the list of coverage minuses:

The disadvantages of quartz vinyl tiles

  1. Despite the fact that quartz vinyl tile is considered to be a completely safe coating, it incorporates a number of substances that prevent it from being considered natural material.
  2. Although the resistance to mechanical damage in the tile is very high, but too heavy furniture can leave unpleasant dents on it, in particular, they can appear from furniture legs.
  3. Before you begin the process of laying the flooring, it is important to pay a lot of attention to the floor surface. Any unevenness, cracks or defects in the base will be noticeable after the product is laid.
  4. The material reacts poorly to exposure to ultraviolet rays, which results in a slow burnout of those tile fragments that are under the influence of direct sunlight.
  5. Various manufacturers produce tiles with different dimensions, therefore, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the material was bought from only one company.

This list allows you to understand that the disadvantages in comparison with the positive sides are not too significant. So, if you want to add aesthetics and beauty to the floor, but there is no way to spend money on a laminate having its own negative sides, quartz vinyl tile will be a great option.


Quartz vinyl tiles are available for sale, with different sizes, textures, shapes or shades of colors. Such diversity is necessary in order to satisfy all the needs of customers. But the main criterion for the difference between the tiles is the method of its installation. Three different types of coating installation can be distinguished:

  1. Installation in which glue specially designed for this is used.
  2. Mounting provided by locking fastenings on tiles.
  3. Self-adhesive tiles, when laying it is necessary to remove the protective film on the inside of the tile and stick it, firmly pressing it to the floor.

Also, quartz vinyl tiles are divided into different classes according to the level of abrasion. To use the tiles for installation in the apartment, it is advisable to use class material - 31-33. This choice will ensure the safety of flooring for 11-15 years. If you use the tile for installation in the hallway or work offices, schools and universities - it is important to pay attention to the tile of the 34th class. Such coatings have high resistance to constant loads, therefore, the durability is much greater.

Foundation preparation process

Mounting a quartz vinyl tile is quite easy, the process does not cause any particular difficulties and it can be done with your own hands. It is only important to pay attention to the fact that the base is prepared for laying as efficiently as possible, carefully and carefully - this was mentioned in the list of negative sides of the tile. The following surface options are suitable for mounting this material:

  • wood flooring;
  • ceramic;
  • metal;
  • concrete.

To lay the tiles on concrete, you will have to clean and eliminate a variety of flaws and defects, perform a base primer. It is necessary to ensure that the surface is as perfect and even as possible, without cracks and drops. Mounting the coating is required when the screed is completely dry. You will also need to eliminate almost the entire volume of dust particles that may be on the base, so that the effect of adhesion strength is much higher.

If the surface for mounting the tile is made of wood, then the requirements are exactly the same as in the case of concrete.Only by all means it will be necessary to eliminate any gaps that may be between the plywood sheets. Also, if the cover has hats of nails or screws, they will need to be sanded. In order for the tree to be protected from moisture and subsequent decay, it is necessary to use a biocidal mixture to impregnate the floor.

After the surface is completely ready for the subsequent laying of the quartz vinyl coating, you can begin the direct installation.

Material laying process

The algorithm that allows you to qualitatively lay the classic square quartz vinyl tile is as follows:

The process of laying quartz vinyl tiles

  1. Initially, it is necessary to correctly mark the base for laying tiles. To implement this stage, you will need to use any means at hand: pencil, pen, coated cord. The result of the markup is a point in the center of the room, which will be the starting point for the installation of the tile.
  2. The glue used during installation is applied to the base, then it is necessary to wait about thirty minutes before it dries. The laying process must begin from the central part of the room or from the entrance to the room.
  3. The lines that appeared on the floor after the markup make it possible to most fully and thoroughly control how correctly this process is performed.
  4. After the tile has been completely laid on the base, it will be necessary to apply a roller in order to eliminate excess air.
  5. Many manufacturers put the necessary marks on the wrong side of the coating, which can be used to navigate in which direction to continue laying.
  6. All tiles that are laid after the previous one, it is important to dock with each other in order to prevent the occurrence of cracks and gaps.
  7. If after the installation of the tile there is an excess of glue, it can be eliminated by using ethyl alcohol. You can move around the freshly laid coating almost immediately, but you can install furniture in the room only after a few days. Washing and any water procedures with the floor is allowed only 5 days after the installation has been completely completed.

You can also specify a number of recommendations that help simplify the styling process and make it better:

  1. The temperature of the base on which the tile is laid should not fall below fifteen degrees.
  2. Tile is important to glue exactly butt.
  3. With the density of the tiles to each other, do not squeeze them excessively.

As a result, we can say that the tile made on the basis of quartz vinyl is an excellent option in order to update the flooring. Given the impressive list of positive aspects of the material, you can throw aside minor minus tiles, so this building material is currently widely in demand in many countries, including Russia.

With a proper approach to laying and operating the tiles, this floor covering can certainly serve you up to fifteen years, and all this time it will delight the eye with a beautiful appearance.

Video: Quartz Vinyl Tile - Material Overview

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