Matsutake - a description of where it grows, the toxicity of the fungus

Truffles are by no means the only ones that are expensive in the world. In today's article, we will consider a representative of the mushroom family, which is called nothing more than matsutake. This fruiting body is quite popular in Japan, the cost of one piece can reach up to $ 100. Mushrooms are delicacies, they prefer to grow under red pines and in other similar places. Most of these representatives are in Japan, but they are also found in other states.



  1. This variety of fruiting bodies is attributed to the family of row rows, otherwise the fungus is called shod row row. It is included in the agaricomycete class, respectively, has indirect characteristics and comparability with self-similar. Let's consider some external characteristics.
  2. So, the hat in the initial degree of growth is smooth and dry. But over time, it becomes fibrous, there are flakes. In diameter, the tip varies between 3-20 cm. The larger the specimen, the more expensive it is.
  3. The top format is rounded with a bulge. The edges are tucked. Then the hat becomes cushioned, smoothed out. She has a large mound in the center. It is pigmented by light or nut-brown, it may have brownish spots. At the edges there are fibers. Mature specimens are cracked to such an extent that the flesh is visible.
  4. The plates are painted light, more often they are whitish or pigmented with a cream tone. The length is uneven. Young mushrooms, in which the hat is small and bulging, hide their plates under the remains of the bedspread. Spores rounded and small in size, brown.
  5. The base in thickness is about 3 cm. When stretched to a length of 20 cm. To the initial section, the leg either narrows or expands. This is a feature of mushrooms. She plunges into the ground. It is painted in a brown tone, there is a fringe ring, which is uneven.
  6. The leg is whitish in color. Its lower part is pigmented with a dark, there is a brownish pattern. The soft part is compacted, not too hard, there is a unique aroma of cinnamon with pine resin.


The spread of Matsutake

  1. If you translate the name of the instance from Japanese, it sounds like a pine mushroom. It is a high-quality delicacy, compared with the value of the truffle. It grows in pine forests next to the corresponding trees.
  2. In some cases, you can find these fruiting bodies in a mixed strip, as well as larch trees. In the territory of their country, these mushrooms have turned into rare specimens.
  3. As for the specifics regarding the territory of growth, let us say the following. These fruiting bodies are found in North America, Korea, Finland, China, Sweden. They are also located in the south of the Urals, in the Far East and Siberia. They are found in Belarus and Ukraine.
  4. Discussed specimens often grow in groups. Such fruiting bodies form circles around pines. However, the mushrooms in question can be quite difficult to detect. The fruits have a crowning hat and a deep-set leg. Because of this, fruiting bodies can only be slightly visible through a layer of needles and leaves.
  5. Among other things, such mushrooms require special temperature conditions and humidity. In addition, the soil should be quite fertile. If you are going to breed mushrooms yourself, you should know the conditions in which matsutake grow.
  6. The temperature in daylight should not exceed 26 degrees. As for the night, it is at least 15 degrees. In 3 weeks, at least 100 mm should fall. precipitation.Soil should not be oversaturated with nutrients. In addition, it must be perfectly drained.
  7. Fruit bodies cease to develop if the fallen leaves give humus in a greater amount than mushrooms require. As for the fruiting season, it starts from the beginning of autumn and does not last more than 3 weeks. It was during such a period that Japanese mushroom pickers open a quiet hunt. Specialists in other countries do the same.

Similar views

  1. The honeycomb or bandaged rowfish is a little similar to the discussed fruit bodies. These are rather little-known, but edible mushrooms. Bandaged rowing grows in most cases near pines. The surface of the fetus is scaly-fibrous.
  2. The hat is painted in variegated brown tones. On the leg you can observe a ring of fibrous structure. The flesh is light colored and it is quite fleshy. However, the mushroom has a very short leg. Fruit bodies are easy to extract from the soil. In this case, you can feel a clear powdery aroma.
  3. Bandaged rowing grows in Scandinavia among pine trees. Studies have shown that these fungi belong to the same species as the considered matsukate. It was after such confirmation that many mushroom pickers began to collect fruits for export in order to make good money.


Matsutake Processing

  1. To preserve the famous aroma of the fruit bodies in question, they need to be wiped with a damp cloth or slightly rinsed. Make sure that the skin is in no way damaged. Keep in mind that you only need to cut off the tip of the leg, nothing more.
  2. After preliminary preparation, these specimens can be subjected to frying, drying, stewing and baking. Such mushrooms can be prepared with various delicious recipes. True gourmets carefully chew even raw fruits.
  3. Often, such fruiting bodies are pickled and dried. Unacceptable is only if you decide to freeze them. Prolonged heat treatment is also highly undesirable. In any case, with such processing methods, the rich aroma is completely destroyed.


  1. Due to the valuable composition, the fruiting bodies discussed have excellent anticancer and antiviral effects. Moreover, all this was officially confirmed thanks to laboratory studies.
  2. Regular consumption of such fruiting bodies allows you to return blood pressure to normal levels. Blood sugar is stabilizing. In this case, you will not encounter side effects during the wellness course.
  3. As for traditional medicine, the copies are incredible success in China. Mushrooms effectively eliminate various pathologies that are associated with the gastrointestinal tract. Matsukate are used as a painkiller and sedative.


  1. In fact, fruiting bodies have no serious contraindications. The only thing you may encounter is with individual intolerance to the components. In addition, you should not include mushrooms that have been stored for a long time in the diet.
  2. It is worth mentioning separately that such healing and precious specimens of the kingdom of mushrooms grow not only in Japan. Fruits can bear fruit wherever climatic conditions allow them, but finding them is extremely difficult.

Considered fruiting bodies are expensive and very valuable mushrooms. They are not only rare, but also have a number of healing qualities. With their help, you can even fight serious ailments. In any case, self-medication without consulting a specialist is not worth it.

Video: Matsutake (Tricholoma matsutake)

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