Semolina for children - benefits and harms

Since ancient times, semolina has been part of the basis of baby food. In addition to this, many adults like this dish very much. However, now more and more often you can hear that porridge does not have any beneficial properties. In some cases, the dish may even harm. Pediatricians recommend not including semolina in the baby’s diet for up to 1 year. The problem is that gluten is present in the composition, which often causes allergies to develop.

Semolina porridge for children

The use of semolina

  1. The undoubted advantage of the dish is that it quickly and for a long time saturates the body with nutrients. It is recommended to consume porridge more often if you know that there will be a long interval between meals.
  2. It is best to offer a dish to hyperactive children, especially in the evening. This way you can prevent your child from requiring food late in the evening. All this negatively affects the quality of sleep.
  3. As for the main benefits of semolina, it gently and gently affects the stomach. The advantage of the dish is that it lacks fiber. Therefore, porridge is allowed to be introduced into the diet after surgery.
  4. In addition, the dish is recommended to be introduced into the main diet for people who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. With systematic eating of the product, cramps with ulcers and gastritis pass.
  5. If the baby has problems in the form of lack of body weight, semolina will help to rectify the situation in a short time. It is recommended to consume a dish when the body is exhausted and prone to dystrophy. Against this background, increased efficiency, energy, fatigue disappears.
  6. The porridge contains a complex of vitamins B, which are necessary for the full development of the baby's body. In addition to this substance, the entire nervous system is correctly formed. The child becomes more balanced and calm.
  7. The advantage of cereal is that it contains a minimal amount of protein. Therefore, porridge will be useful to consume in case of kidney problems. Such a dish will not create additional burden on damaged internal organs.
  8. Among other things, the useful properties of the product are precisely in its mineral composition. Zinc, sulfur, magnesium, chlorine are present in sufficient quantity in semolina. Together, the substances have a strengthening effect on the immune system. Minerals ensure the normal functioning of all internal organs.

The harm of decoy

Harm decoys for children

  1. In most cases, cereals can harm the children's body, due to the presence of phytin. As a result, when consumed in a meal, calcium coming from food is poorly absorbed. Against this background, the skeletal system is severely affected and does not fully develop. Such phenomena are quite dangerous for the growing organism.
  2. If you systematically give porridge to babies who are under the age of one, the risk of developing rickets increases significantly. In addition, semolina can also harm children. Gluten is present in the composition. Protein is contraindicated in people who have its individual intolerance. The disease is called celiac disease.
  3. In addition, semolina often causes an allergic reaction and diathesis. Such a dish is strictly contraindicated in case of diabetes. Because of the dish, constipation often develops. This is due to refined, fiber-free grains.
  4. It is forbidden to include the product in the diet of children who are prone to overweight. If you often consume semolina, this will lead to a sharp set of unwanted kilograms. When cooking porridge on the water, per 100 gr. accounts for about 100 kcal.Keep in mind that the taste of the dish leaves much to be desired.
  5. It is worth noting that such a product is strictly prohibited to give to babies who are under 10 months old. If necessary, protect the child from the food if he has an allergic reaction or an individual gluten intolerance. Otherwise, the baby will begin to have serious problems with the digestive system.

Rules for choosing semolina

Rules for choosing semolina

  1. The nutritional value of a product directly depends on the quality of the cereal itself. When choosing, give preference to semolina from durum wheat. On the pack you can observe the designation in the form of the letter "T". When using soft cereals, the symbol “M” is put.
  2. It is worth noting that in the latter case, the quality of the product leaves much to be desired. But such a cereal has a lower cost. In any case, semolina has a low price with a great ability to absorb water.
  3. When choosing raw materials, be sure to pay attention to color. The high-quality product has a light cream or pure white color. If you saw a grain of yellow shade, do not try to buy it. In addition, pay attention to flowability.
  4. No lumps should be present in the porridge. When compressing cereals, pay attention to the fact that the particles disintegrate. If they began to stick together, this indicates high humidity and a violation of the rules for storing the product.
  5. High-quality semolina has an expiration date with proper storage of no more than 9 months. Also, when choosing, do not attach much importance to the smell of raw materials. Moreover, you will not be able to smell the composition in the pack. After unpacking, the semolina should not smell at all.
  6. If you do not want to make common mistakes when choosing cereals, when buying, give preference to raw materials in transparent packs. After opening the package, pour the composition into a glass sealed container. Store on a shelf in the kitchen cabinet.

If you want the baby to get the maximum amount of nutrients, offer him porridge, having studied all the rules. Do not enter the dish before the due date. Choose an exceptionally high-quality product. Observe storage conditions. If the baby is completely healthy, semolina will positively affect the condition of the whole organism.

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