Sunflower oil hair masks

Such a simple and widespread product as sunflower oil can be an effective lifesaver for overdriven and brittle hair in any season. Home cosmetics is famous for the naturalness of all ingredients and affordability, so masks and compresses with sunflower oil are a very profitable option for maintaining healthy hair: inexpensive, easy to use and effective. Lean raw materials are always at hand, therefore, will help out even in crisis or "field" conditions. Save yourself some valuable recipes for restoring curls with sunflower oil - and use it with pleasure.

Sunflower oil hair masks

What are the benefits of sunflower oil

High-quality vegetable oil is a storehouse of vitamins and valuable acids that nourish and heal cells. In the case of hair, they have a maximum beneficial effect:

  1. They retain moisture in curls, preventing them from drying out even under the scorching sun or in the dry air of heated rooms.
  2. Restore the structure of the hair cuticle, smoothing the scales, so that the hair becomes smooth and obedient, less break and split, better combed.
  3. They saturate the bulbs with nutritious components, due to which they stimulate hair growth, nourish the scalp, saving from dry dandruff.
  4. Returns a healthy glow and rich color to hair, even when dyed.
  5. They help smooth out curls, which are often subjected to chemical and heat treatment: painting, the use of resistant cosmetics for styling, curling, straightening and other procedures.
  6. Remove the effect of electrification.

Thanks to the means with the addition of natural oils, the hair becomes obedient, fits beautifully, acquires softness and shine, and is also always protected from the effects of the sun, frost, rain, which makes dull and lifeless curls.

The composition of sunflower oil includes keratin and phosphoric acid, which maintain hair elasticity and healthy scalp. It also contains oleic and linoleic acids, vitamins A, E, group B, calciferol and other valuable compounds. The antioxidants in the oil stop aging and keep hair “alive”. Refined oil is safe, therefore it can be used in all situations on all types of hair.

Oil selection and application rules

To make the result pleasantly pleasing from time to time, you need to follow a few simple recommendations on the use of sunflower oil in hair cosmetics:

  1. Choose clean filtered raw materials. Ideally, this should be a cold pressed product in which all beneficial substances are stored. The presence of suspended matter is not a problem, because it contains phosphatides - these bioactive substances are useful for curls.
  2. Holders of dry and brittle hair can use the oil even in its pure form, but for greasy or normal ones you will have to dilute the oil with herbal decoction or add citrus ether. Concentrated greasy extraction may be difficult for skin with active glands.
  3. Masks with sunflower oil love warmth and are more active when heated. Therefore, before introducing the fatty component into the mixture, it is advisable to hold it in a water bath, bringing it to a temperature of + 30- + 40 degrees, no more - the oil keeps heat well, you can burn the delicate scalp with a hot mixture. For the same reason, it is advisable to wrap such masks and lotions after application: first with polyethylene, then with a towel. However, holding the product for a long time is not worth it - the hair needs to breathe. Typically, such a mask can withstand 10-30 minutes, depending on other active components in its composition.
  4. It is better to apply the product on dry curls - this way it is better absorbed and penetrates deeper into the structure of curls. First, the mixture is applied to the hair roots, while massaging the skin, and then carefully distributed along the entire length to the ends.
  5. Flushing oil is not always easy. To begin with, you can apply a little shampoo dry and try to dissolve the bulk of the product in this way, distributing it through the hair and then rinsing with warm water. After this, the soap solution is applied a second time. If the oil is poorly washed out, acidic juice will help - add a few drops of lemon fresh to the water.

To obtain a lasting effect, it is best to take a course of procedures - 10-15 applications in a row. For dry hair - 2 times a week, for greasy - 1 time in 7-10 days. However, they are not recommended to be used on a regular basis; after completing a health-improving course, hair is given rest for a couple of months.

Hot pressed oil can be used for cosmetic purposes, but it will be less effective. Such a product can be distinguished by color and smell: it is usually a dark brownish-tea liquid with a pronounced aroma of fried seeds and a possible sediment. Cold-pressed oil, as a rule, does not have a smell or it is delicate, grassy-nutty, and the color of the raw material is pale golden.

Cautions and contraindications

Sunflower oil suits everyone and does not harm ringlets. However, it must be used in small quantities and infrequently, so that the strands do not seem heavy and dirty. The effect of the nutritional procedure lasts for a long time, and its premature repetition leads to a kind of overdose. The hair must breathe, so the course of oil is carried out in cases of need to improve and restore curls. For preventive purposes, it is enough to use it 1-2 times a month.

Naturally, it is possible to apply in cosmetic procedures only fresh, non-fried oil without impurities. And if sharp active components, for example, warming essential drops, are included in the product, it is necessary to monitor the aging time of the mask.

Useful recipes with sunflower oil

 Hair Recipes with Sunflower Oil
With the addition of a healing ingredient, balms, wraps and hair masks that require rinsing are most often made, since this oil has a rather heavy texture and is noticeable on the hair. A large amount of oil is washed off with shampoo, and a smaller amount is enough to rinse with warm acidified water or a decoction of herbs, such as chamomile, burdock, nettle, thistle, plantain.

Dandruff Balm
If your scalp dries up, there is a burning sensation and a feeling of tightness, such a recipe will be very useful:

  • 30-40 ml of calendula infusion;
  • 30-40 ml of chamomile decoction;
  • 25 ml of oil;
  • 50 ml of infusion of oak bark;
  • 4 drops of tea tree oil;
  • 1 egg white.

To prepare the product, it is necessary to whip the protein with oil in a foam, and then introduce the liquid components. This balm is distributed over the hair with an emphasis on the scalp and is aged 10-15 minutes. It is necessary to prepare the preparation fresh each time - over time, useful compounds disintegrate and the mixture disappears. You can use the course in 10 procedures.

Rehabilitation of damaged and tired hair: wrap with sunflower oil
To do this, you need only about 50 ml of oil - how much will take on your hair length. The product must be heated in a water bath to body temperature, applied to dry locks and wrapped with a film or bag. Oil is kept for 30-40 minutes, in some cases - an hour. To increase efficiency, you can use a hairdryer in warm mode, directing a stream of air over the bag to maintain temperature or simply wrap your head in a bath towel.

After the specified time, the head is washed with shampoo and allowed to dry hair naturally. The procedure can be carried out once a month.

Do-it-yourself gentle repair shampoo
For periodic use, this recipe may come in handy:

  • dandelion and nettle leaves - 10 g each;
  • lavender oil - 6 drops;
  • water - 20 ml;
  • soap component - 50 ml;
  • sunflower oil - 5 ml.

Preparing the shampoo is simple: you need to fill the leaves with water and hold in a water bath for about 20 minutes. A strained broth is mixed with a base and oils. The tool strengthens and refreshes hair.

Mask for normal to oily hair against split ends
To keep hair longer clean and fresh, and also not damaged during styling, you can use this mask:

  • geranium oil - 3-4 drops;
  • sunflower oil - 25 ml;
  • lemon juice - 25-30 ml.

The finished, thoroughly mixed mass is applied to the hair, wrap the head and stand the mask for 40 minutes. After that, the hair is washed with shampoo.

Nutrient Elixir for Dry Hair
Such a mask will help if you often use a hairdryer, color, curl or wear loose hair in snow and in the sun. It softens hair, restores its structure and restores shine.

You will need:

  • 1 egg yolk;
  • castor oil - 15 ml;
  • sunflower oil - 30 ml;
  • high fat kefir - 100 ml.

To prepare the oil, you need to mix with kefir and warm in a water bath, then enter the whipped yolk. The resulting mixture is evenly applied to the hair along the entire length and wraps. Hold the mask for at least an hour, then rinse with shampoo.

Mix for active growth
To make your hair thick, you can make this nourishing mask:

  • 50 ml of sunflower oil;
  • 50 ml sour cream;
  • 290 g of mustard powder.

Mustard must be mixed with sour cream, after which add warmed oil. The mass is whipped with a whisk and the resulting foam is applied to the hair roots and along the entire length. You need to wrap your hair to get a better effect. After 20 minutes, the mask can be washed off.

To see if the component is right for you, watch your hair react to masks. Perhaps it is sunflower oil that will help you regain perfect shine and volume.

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