Can pregnant women eat popcorn

It is human nature to seek new taste sensations or pamper yourself with your favorite treat. Popcorn appeared on the market relatively recently, at the beginning of the 20th century, and immediately gained popularity among all segments of the population. It is made from special varieties of corn, the grains of which open at high temperature. In the raw material there are no harmful impurities, they appear with the addition of dyes, flavor enhancers and other additives, so it’s worth talking not about the dangers of popcorn in general, but about its composition and method of preparation.

Can pregnant women eat popcorn

Useful properties of popcorn

Corn, among other cereals, is recommended for dietary nutrition. Porridge from golden grains carries a large vitamin reserve and includes a list of useful elements, among which selenium. It is important in preventing miscarriage and relieving excessive smooth muscle tension. Of great benefit is a number of B vitamins, including folic acid, necessary for the proper formation of the neural tube of the fetus and further harmonious development of the child. In addition, popcorn:

  1. Improves digestion due to the high content of coarse fiber in the grains.
  2. It activates intestinal motility and removes toxins.
  3. It contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, preserve the structure of cells and increase immunity.
  4. Reduces blood sugar and cholesterol.
  5. Improves mood.

In addition, 100 gr. The product contains up to 410 kcal. The density of the appetizer is impressive. Another thing is that eating such an amount of airy goodies at once will not work.

Harmful product features

Corn itself is quite useful, it almost does not cause allergies and helps to satisfy unexpected tastes during pregnancy. But only if it is made at home without the addition of flavorings and flavor enhancers. The open grains are almost tasteless, it is not surprising that I want to decorate the dessert with bright shades of cheese, caramel or paprika. This is the catch. Natural products do not give such a taste intensity, and resorting to synthetic substitutes, you have to sacrifice intestinal health.

In the period of expectation of the baby it is difficult to resist the temptation to treat yourself to something tasty. Yes, and you do not need to switch to a fresh diet, but preservatives and other harmful additives need to be ruthlessly removed from the daily menu.

It is worth considering: unscrupulous producers add addictive substances to corn to increase sales.

To prepare goodies you need to add a little vegetable oil, and here, too, is in danger. In the pursuit of economy, low-quality raw materials are taken, which emits diacetyl during frying. It gives off a sweet smell that people associate with corn, but is also a source of toxic substances.

Salted popcorn has another unpleasant effect, it retains water in the body, causing a sharp increase in body weight, swelling, malfunctioning of the excretory system. During pregnancy, you want salty, but everything should be in moderation.

Rainbow colors and fireworks flavors have a different kind of attack, which involves the use of a large number of dyes and sweeteners. The natural color of the opened corn is white with a small golden middle. Light caramel syrup coloring is allowed, giving a warm brown-orange hue. Bright colors clearly indicate abuse of chemicals that are not beneficial at any age.

Important: There are a number of indications in which there is no popcorn at all.

These include exacerbations of gastrointestinal diseases, individual intolerance, and an allergy to flavoring additives. The most useful and safe is considered a dessert prepared at home.

Popcorn in his kitchen

Popcorn in his kitchen
The advertisement assured those around that the most delicious delicacy should be prepared in a special apparatus, have a strong smell and be colorful. All postulates are erroneous. The natural product almost does not smell, has a white color and is perfectly prepared in a few minutes in an ordinary frying pan with a wide thick bottom. It is enough to pour the seeds in a thin layer on a heated surface and immediately close the lid, shaking the dishes evenly, so that the popcorn opens completely.

Caramel popcorn
The secret lies in the technology of cooking the right caramel. For cooking, take 1 cup of sugar, 50 g. water, thoroughly mixed and put on a slow fire. You can’t climb into the pan with a spoon anymore, the mixture will crystallize. To obtain uniform heating, the pan is gently rotated, slightly tilting in different directions. As soon as the mixture has become liquid and has acquired a golden color, 50 g is laid out on the bottom. butter and the fire turns off. Then there are 2 ways: pour the finished syrup or “fluff” it with soda. Then the mass will become airy, it will lie on corn better and dry faster.

Honey treat
Often in recipes there is an option to replace sugar with honey. Basically, an equal mixture of both substances is used, the principle of preparation is almost the same. Those who cannot tolerate beekeeping products can experiment with jam syrups.

Popcorn is not a prohibited product for pregnant women. It can be included in the form of dessert several times a month, most importantly, take a few minutes and cook it yourself. In such a dish there will definitely be one good and reason for a good mood.

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