Can I give flowers in pots?

Choosing a gift is a very complex and responsible process, on which the reaction of the person being gifted will depend. Of course, a polite birthday boy will always thank you and say that your gift is exactly what he always dreamed about. But in fact, I want the present to come in handy, to please, to be needed. In our country, it is customary to give flowers or sweets to the main gift. Not everyone likes sweets, and flowers do not stand for a long time - they wither. That is why many people think of giving a flower in a pot. Home flowers is a modern trend that is really relevant for any person. Such a flower will not fade, and if you continue to care for it, it will grow, still for many years recalling its donor.

Can I give flowers in pots

Why can’t you give flowers in pots?

A few decades ago, giving a flower in a pot was a bad omen, there were several reasons for this. Most often, the pot was associated with damp earth, which could attract death. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a seriously ill person make such gifts. In addition, in ancient times, along with a sprout of a living tree or flower, they could transmit damage that fell into the house and grew, taking away from the owners strength, good luck and prosperity. That is why it is possible to accept a flower in a pot only from a loved one whose intentions you have no doubt about.

How to give a flower in a pot?

Before choosing this gift option, you need to find out something about the birthday person.

  1. Some people do not like indoor flowers, as a rule, they do not have house plants. To give such a person a flower in a pot, at least, is not rational.
  2. An allergy to indoor flowers, or rather, to some of their species is quite real. To avoid a detailed embarrassment, try to find out in advance about a possible allergic reaction from someone close to the future birthday person.
  3. Try to choose a plant that does not require complicated care or special living conditions. It is necessary to transplant the plant in advance, “feed” the flower with the necessary fertilizers, etc. Give only healthy and strong copies of flowers. If the flower dies for some reason, the birthday person will be upset. In addition, some may conclude that the flower was presented with evil intentions.
  4. Together with the flower, give the birthday boy a small memo on how to care for the plant, how much to water, how to fertilize, etc.
  5. A flower requires attention, therefore, it is not necessary to give flowers in difficult care to busy people. Women will like such a gift; they are by nature ready to take care of everyone around. But men should give the flower in a pot with caution.
  6. If you are giving a flower to an experienced florist, take an interest in his preferences. Agree that he doesn’t need one hundred and first red violet, but a rare kind of plant may like more than the most expensive gift.
  7. If you are worried about whether the birthday man is worried about signs and whether he will not accept the gift with hostility, just change the appearance of the plant. You can get rid of damp earth if you transplant a flower into wet decorative soil. It looks simply stunning, such a gift will definitely be remembered. In the future, a person can transplant a flower into a pot of the right size.

It is better to give a houseplant in blooming form, this will enhance the effect of the gift. The exception is small and rare sprouts, which in themselves are of high value.

What flower in a pot to give for a birthday?

There are a lot of indoor plants, each of them has its own meaning and secret meaning. Here are some options you might find useful.

What flower in a pot to give for a birthday

  1. Spathiphyllum, or Feminine happiness. This is a very beautiful and spreading flower that pleases with white flowers. It is not difficult to take care of such a flower; it is believed that it brings harmony to a woman in family and love relationships. Moreover, you can’t buy a flower, you can only receive it as a gift. Therefore, any woman will be happy with such a gift.
  2. Crassula, or money tree. Such a gift is presented to strong and successful people with a wish for prosperity and wealth. This is one of the few flowers that can be given to men. Together with a tree, they often give a red thread woven into foliage, as a symbol of good luck and success in business.
  3. Cactus and Ficus. If the birthday man works at the computer or is constantly surrounded by technology, Benjamin's cactus and ficus are perfect for him. Both of these plants have quite tangible benefits - they neutralize harmful radiation.
  4. Pepper. On sale you can find decorative pepper, which after flowers gives quite real and edible fruits. They have a burning taste and pronounced aroma. Such a gift will not only decorate the kitchen, but can also be used as food. This is sure to be appreciated by cooks or older women.
  5. Anthurium, or male power. This is another of the few male flowers that is given only to the stronger sex. It is believed that the anthurium grows well next to the spotiphyllum, these flowers should be paired with the house. Anthurium is a symbol of sexuality, power and masculinity.
  6. Orchid. This is a way to admit to a woman that she is beautiful. White or pale pink shades of the flower are more suitable for young ladies, purple and red emphasize the dignity and life experience of an adult lady.
  7. Mother-in-law's tongue. This plant can be a wonderful gift for the newlyweds at the wedding. And the point is not that with this gift you want to bring discord to the family, quite the opposite. It is believed that the flower of mother-in-law's tongue absorbs all the domestic negativity, leaving the owners a bright and good aura.
  8. Bonsai A small decorative tree is a real philosophy, an ideal gift for wise and deep people. By giving a man or woman a bonsai, you acknowledge that you deeply respect the intelligence of the new owner of the plant.
  9. Lemon Tree. It is believed that this plant will certainly bring a lot of bright and vivid emotions to the house. It is customary to give a lemon tree to a house where there are children; it can protect small family members from the evil eye. Moreover, this is not just a beautiful, but also a useful plant, who will refuse home-grown, personally grown citruses?
  10. Dracaena. This plant symbolizes the beginning of a new love and the birth of a family. If a young guy or a young girl can not find a soul mate, be sure to present a dracaena. The plant will help you find your man and find the love of a lifetime. The main thing is that the new owner begins to care for the flower - he reverently and carefully watering it, hilling it, etc.

When giving a flower, be sure to take a small coin or a small bill from the birthday person. So he pays off possible evil signs.

A living flower in a pot is a symbol of continued life, growth, energy and development. This is a wonderful gift for any person on any occasion. In addition, if you give a houseplant from the heart, it will bring the new owner only happiness, prosperity and good luck.

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