Can I give an icon for a birthday?

An icon is not just an image of the face of saints on canvas. This is a shrine that needs to be treated accordingly. The icon is a strong amulet that will help a person protect himself from evil spirits, survive grief, get rid of physical and mental pain, and overcome life's difficulties. Today, the icon is given mainly to the christening of the child, as well as to the newlyweds at the wedding. In ancient times, it was not accepted to give a person an icon for a birthday; this was associated with various reasons. One of them is the fear of malice. That is, the person who accepted the icon as a gift placed it in the most prominent place in the house. If the icon was presented with aggression, anger and hatred, it could bring harm to its new owner. Therefore, unfamiliar people did not take the icon as a gift. In which cases you can give and receive an icon for a birthday, let's try to figure it out.

Can I give an icon for a birthday

When can I give an icon for my birthday?

It is believed that the icon is a very reverent gift that is made exclusively for loved ones. The icon should be given and received only to relatives - parents and children, sisters and brothers, etc. Usually an icon is either bought at a church or made independently. In the church, holy faces are sold already lit - nothing needs to be done with them, you can immediately give them. Sometimes icons are embroidered, burned out on wood, painted. Such works of art should first be consecrated in the church and only then be donated to someone close. Homemade icons are not inferior in strength to those made by the priest, but only if they have passed the ritual of lighting.

When you give the icon, be sure of the faith of the person. In no case should you give the icon to a Muslim or a Buddhist. This will not only make the gift ridiculous, but it can also upset the birthday man. Also, do not give the icon to atheists. Some people give an icon to loved ones in order to arouse a sense of faith in them, to make a loved one closer to God. If you have any doubt about whether the birthday man will be able to treat the Orthodox shrine accordingly, you should not present such a gift.

Can I accept the icon as a gift?

What to do if they give you an icon? First of all, you need to know that accepting an icon as a gift should be correct. Thanks should be given not only to the giver, but also to God; be sure to attach your forehead to the shrine. It is also important to understand who the icon is from. If the gift is from a good person whom you fully trust, take the icon boldly. If you have any doubt about whether the Orthodox shrine was presented with good or not, refuse the gift as tactfully as possible. If you accept it as a gift, and then you understand the evil intent of the donor, it will just be difficult to get rid of the icon - the shrine cannot be thrown away, drowned or burned, it is a big sin. If such a thing does happen, the icon must be taken to church and persuaded the priest so that he accepts it. Only then can one consider oneself protected from evil.

What icon to give for your birthday?

Each holiday has its own icons, which are designed for a certain strength. For example, images of the Virgin and Jesus Christ are usually presented at the wedding. Young boys and girls are presented with images of the holy saint and the saint, respectively. As a rule, it is customary to give nominal icons for a birthday. But sometimes, depending on life circumstances, a person in the name day may be presented with another icon.

What icon to give for your birthday

  1. If the birthday boy is still a child, then the student can be presented with the icon of St. Sergius of Radonezh, who is considered a mentor in school.But older students who have entered the status of applicants or students, you can give Saint Tatiana, especially on the eve of important exams.
  2. If a soldier acts as a birthday man, then be sure to give him the face of the Holy Archangel Michael the Archangel. He patronizes the military, is considered the leader of the heavenly army. If the young man is just going to the army, then the recruits are often given the icon of St. George the Victorious.
  3. Men are often presented with St. Joseph of Volotsky, who is considered a true patron in business and commercial affairs. If a man is often traveling or working with cars, the Guardian Angel and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker will protect him on the road. If a man cannot attend church often, he can be given the Holy Savior. When a person is confused in business, cannot choose the right path in life or is at a crossroads, the Image of a patron saint in business will help to make the right decision.
  4. Women are often presented with the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, which eliminates diseases and gives family well-being. If a woman is very worried about children and suffers from heart disease, give her a Vladimir icon. The Blessed Virgin “Fadeless Color” is presented to young girls as a gift, it is considered a symbol of femininity and purity. If a person needs to pray for his sins, he will certainly come in handy the Iveron icon.
  5. If a woman has problems in maternity, she should give the Bethlehem Icon or the Miracle-working Icon of the Mother of God “Feodorovskaya”. They patronize family well-being, the birth and upbringing of children. The most powerful icon that will help to get pregnant in difficult cases is considered Matrona of Moscow. If a woman cannot give birth for a long time, be sure to give her a small Holy face for her birthday, which you can always carry with her.

If you cannot choose which icon to choose for this or that person, you need to talk about this with the church minister. The priest will surely direct you to the true path and help you choose the right face.

What to do with the donated icon?

The presented faces of saints should be treated with respect and reverence. In ancient times, the icons were framed in silver and gold frames, this was not just a good gift, but also a great investment. If you have been presented with an icon, be sure to accept it with joy. You can’t put the icon in a distant drawer, put it below the level of the head, especially on the floor. It is usually hung on the wall or placed on the very top shelf so that the face is in a prominent place in the house. On the same day that you have been presented with the icon, you should pray to the shrine and thank the creator for the gift you received. Small images of the faces of saints are carried with them to be protected from evil forces and intentions. Recently, people began to leave small icons in the glove compartment of the car, in their wallet, in order to more often contemplate them and be protected. However, the clergy recall that it is not the icon that protects the person, but the prayers addressed to her. Very rarely, one of the people prays in front of a wallet, therefore it is worth treating a shrine more respectfully. If you want to leave the icon in the car, hang it in a prominent place, often turn to it with a prayer.

The icon is a very kind, good, faithful birthday present, which shows that a person wants to protect him from evil and evil intent. Give the icon in the name day to your close relatives, and they will certainly appreciate your clean impulse.

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