Can I give birthday crosses?

The pectoral cross is not just a decoration, but a symbol of the Orthodox faith, an object of salvation and atonement for mankind from sins and death. Since ancient times, the cross has been the most secret symbol that has always protected its owner. There are many signs and superstitions associated with the pectoral cross. The cross is worn close to the body and hidden from prying eyes. Today we’ll try to figure out whether it is possible to give a cross for a birthday or accept this sacred gift.

Can I give birthday crosses?

Why can not give a cross for a birthday?

There is a popular sign that says that you cannot accept a cross as a gift. There is some truth in this, because the giver, along with the cross, can give away his sins and life's troubles, you will have to wear someone else's cross and his problems for life. For the same reason, in no case should you pick up a cross found on the street, even if it is made of precious metal. Together with the cross you can take on the problems and illnesses of a person who has lost the creed.

The Church has its own opinion regarding the giving of the cross. The clergy say that in some cases you can give a cross if you are confident in the good intentions of the giver. That is, such gifts should not take place among unfamiliar people. You can give a cross only to close relatives, whose thoughts you have no doubt. Especially if a person needs a cross, if he has changed faith or lost (broken) an old cross. In this case, the gift is absolutely appropriate and comes in handy.

In what cases can I give a cross for a birthday?

According to a long tradition, the pectoral cross is given by godparents during Baptism in the Church. This cross stays with a person for life. However, there are cases that the cross breaks or is lost. In such situations, you must definitely get a new cross. It is believed that godparents should take care of this, even if the child is already an adult and himself able to buy himself a creed. The godfather or mother is buying a new cross, but a person can buy a chain for it himself. A broken cross must not be thrown away, it is necessary to take it to the Church and ask Batiushka to accept it. As a rule, in the Church there are special furnaces for such products.

To give a cross to a near and dear person with good and good intentions is a wonderful gesture of goodwill. So you want the person to be gifted to be closer to God, strengthen his faith. To receive a cross from someone as a present is a good sign, this symbolizes affection and a person’s sincere love for you. Often they give a cross to younger relatives, it is believed that in this way you transfer your strength and life experience. But remember that you should give a cross only if the person needs it. It is undesirable to give a second cross in the presence of your own body cross.

When your loved one needs a new cross, it’s not necessary to wait for a birthday. It is very symbolic and correct to receive the cross on the day of the Guardian Angel or on the eve of major Orthodox holidays. If no celebration is planned, buy a welcome gift just like that. The purchased cross can be made of any material, the Church does not see any particular sense in this. Gold, silver, copper or wood - it makes no difference, the main thing is the meaning that you put in a gift. The purchased product must be consecrated in the Church, remember this.

Can I give my cross?

Can I give my cross
As noted earlier, you cannot give your own cross, otherwise you can give your sins, illnesses and problems to a person. However, in some cases, the giving of one's own cross is permitted. For example, if the giver has survived a deadly disease and recovered. You can give your cross to a loved one with a similar misfortune. In this case, the cross is the hope of healing from the disease. Sometimes crosses give spouses to each other, that is, exchange them. This is a sign of special love, respect and affection. But, as a rule, this happens in extreme cases, just don’t give your cross to someone, you need to treat the symbol with respect, awe and frugality. If you are tormented by doubts and you do not know what to do at the moment, you can turn to Father for advice, telling him everything. It will help to make the right decision, not contrary to religion. If you are afraid that with the positive energy you will pass negative qualities along with the cross, then before giving it is necessary to bless the cross in the Church. The sacred sacrament will cleanse the symbol of faith from all negativity and help to convey to a new person only strength, light and faith in God.

Can I accept a cross as a gift?

As previously noted, you can accept a cross as a gift only from the closest people, whose intentions you have no doubt. Accepting a cross as a gift should be with great gratitude not only to the giver, but also to God. You cannot accept crosses as a gift from people who lead an unrighteous lifestyle. Such crosses, even after lighting, must be left as a gift to the church or given to those in need. If suddenly you were presented with a second cross, one of them can be worn, and the other put next to the icons in the house. The cross can be given to someone from relatives, having previously lit it. A birthday cross is a very delicate, intimate gift that is made only among friends and relatives. Naturally, he should not contradict the faith of the birthday man, he should not give such a shrine to atheists or representatives of another faith, in any case, at least the person will be forced to refuse the gift.

Remember that the pectoral cross is not a talisman that brings good luck. This is a protection from evil and calamity, which should protect any Orthodox person. Wear a cross with respect and awe, and it will help you in difficult situations.

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