Can I give a towel as a gift?

No gift is easier than a towel. It is suitable for any person by age and gender, ideal for any kind of holidays. The product with hand-made decorative embroidery brings especially much joy. But many before buying a presentation ask themselves a question: will it be appropriate to present a towel to one or another person? After all, we live in a world of superstitions and traditions that not everyone dares to violate. Let's look at the main aspects and answer your question.

Can I give a towel as a gift

Historical summary

Superstition regarding the fact that you can’t give a towel arose several centuries ago. The fact that such a present will bring grief to the holder is studied to this day and does not lose its relevance. A textile product is usually presented on International Women's Day, as well as New Year and Christmas.

In those days, such events were considered unacceptable, but today a gift in the form of a towel is perceived quite normally. In part, this combination of circumstances is directly determined by the practicality of the thing itself, as well as a huge selection of textiles. A towel is useful in everyday life for everyone, without exception.

A few centuries ago, a towel with embroidery was manually presented for christening, the birth of a child, as well as in respect. Then the girl sat in the evenings and embroidered a rushnyk, which was subsequently presented to the man as a sign of care and fidelity. A similar gift was presented to the mother-in-law so that the lady could show her skills. But in a leap year, towels could not be given.

Many peoples still have negative associations with a gift in the form of a towel. In their case, such a present was a sign of sadness, tears and parting, promised trouble. This is due to the presence of towels at the funeral, as you know, a mourning event.

He was hung near the front door to signal that the deceased was in the house. Mandatory towel tied to the wrists of people who carried and accompanied the coffin. Subsequently, the rushnyk was put on a cross, a ceremony was performed. For this reason, people in those days refused to take a towel so as not to incur trouble.

For many nations, a presentation of such a product to a beloved man was considered a particularly bad sign. For decades, such a gesture indicated that this person would soon die a close relative. Some people today believe in the negative impact of a rushnyk.

Choosing towels as a presentation

If you seriously think about presenting a textile product of such a feature as a gift, you should carefully consider the choice. You should not buy a white towel on which there is no pattern / pattern. You should also abandon the black tone.

If we consider textiles from the point of view of the material, stopping on a cotton or terry towel would be a great idea. It is immediately necessary to exclude the option of buying and donating an item woven from linen. Take care of the packaging without fail, this is important.

If the person accepting your gift has negative associations, you need to give a towel at a coin. That is, you give a birthday present, it gives you a nominal fee.

How to give

How to give a towel as a gift

  1. It is worth noting that in ancient times, the fair sex with their own hands embroidered an element of personal hygiene and presented it to future mothers-in-law and grooms. Thus, daughter-in-law demonstrated their skills in the field of needlework.
  2. As for the wives, they gave towels to their husbands on long journeys. The attribute acted as a talisman that could save from misfortunes and enemy bullets.As for the modern world, not every woman is able to hold a corner with a thread in her hands.
  3. If you look from the other side, then a beautiful towel as a gift can hardly mean separation or misfortune. On the contrary, such a present can be counted as a symbol of care, a desire to do something pleasant and attention. A towel will be a useful gift.
  4. In the modern world, it is quite normal to give a personal hygiene item to the birth of a baby. Bath towels from two towels will be a good present for your wedding anniversary. Small handbrake can be presented to the housewives, which are required in the kitchen. An inexpensive gift will be a good sign of attention for the New Year.
  5. If a person is superstitious, then you should not present him with an attribute made of dark and dark fabrics. Pure white towels without a pattern are also not welcome as a gift. As a last resort, you can exchange with this person for a simple coin. The gift will simply turn into a purchase, and the sign will disappear.

When to give

  1. A towel can be given to a newborn as an attribute for personal hygiene. Such attention would be entirely appropriate. Only when buying, give preference to natural and soft material. Also, it should absorb well and not cause allergies.
  2. You can give a beautiful rushnyk to the wedding. Only a present should be presented by close relatives of the newlyweds. On the wedding day, no more than 10 towels are allowed.
  3. A bath set for two can be a great gift for a linen wedding. Such an anniversary present is considered a good sign of attention for spouses.
  4. The hostess can give a beautiful dishcloth from a loved one. Give preference to attributes with an intricate pattern or colorful pattern.
  5. If any significant date falls on the warm season, a beach towel will be a great gift. In the modern world, such a present will become a good sign of attention.

A towel as a gift can cause a lot of controversy. Whether it’s up to you to present such a present to loved ones is up to you. If the gift is beautiful and of high quality, why not give it. It is also worth considering whether a person is superstitious or not. If this is not observed, you can safely act.

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