Can corn sticks be given to children?

For many, corn sticks remain popular and one of the most delicious treats. The problem is that the product is saturated with a huge amount of harmful substances and all kinds of preservatives. For this reason, refreshments are not recommended for young children. Sticks can provoke serious poisoning, the manifestation of allergies, diarrhea and other pathologies associated with the gastrointestinal tract. We will understand everything in more detail.

Is it possible for children corn sticks

What corn sticks are made of

  1. To cook everyone’s favorite treat, salt and corn kernels are used. Grains themselves are of great benefit to children and adults. The composition contains important mineral compounds and many vitamins. Systematic eating of corn strengthens the immune system. The tone of the whole organism rises.
  2. Corn cereals normalize the work of the entire digestive tract, remove excess bile, and cleanse the body of harmful compounds. However, after processing the culture, it loses almost all the useful qualities. The result is a far from useful product without taste and with a large amount of starch content.
  3. In addition, in the manufacture of corn flour, the processing of raw materials and sanitary standards are increasingly violated. The quality of the corn sticks is poor. They are prepared on an industrial scale from second-class raw materials. Preservatives, etc. are added to enhance palatability.
  4. To obtain really tasty sticks, harmful components are also introduced into the composition in the form of sucrose, dyes, vegetable oil and various chemicals. As a result, the treat goes far unprofitable and high-calorie. A treat is hard to digest. It disrupts the digestive tract, contributing to gas formation, bloating and constipation.
  5. Due to the high concentration of dyes and all kinds of flavors, the child begins to develop an allergy. Against the background of high calorie content, problems with overweight appear. The sticks contain fast carbohydrates that instantly saturate the body with energy. Also, along with this, blood sugar levels are significantly increased.

The harm of corn sticks

  1. Do not forget that in the production of such a treat, manufacturers use not cereal, but flour. It is in the latest product that there is nothing useful. During the heat treatment, valuable compounds are destroyed. Such substances are converted to starch.
  2. Due to the high calorie content, treating is prohibited for people with obesity and diabetes. It is a mistake to believe that fiber is present in the rods, which is able to cleanse the body of slagging and toxic compounds.
  3. A treat getting into the stomach dissolves completely. Against this background, on the contrary, there is a slowdown in the removal of harmful compounds from tissues. As a result, poisoning of the body occurs. In addition, refreshments contribute to strong flatulence and bloating.
  4. Experts do not recommend offering the product to young children who are under the age of one. It is also worth excluding sticks from the diet of pregnant and breast-feeding women. A whole list of harmful substances can adversely affect a person’s condition. Also, children often have an allergic reaction.
  5. When choosing goodies, give preference to sticks in powdered sugar. Most manufacturers replace it with a sweetener. This is done in order to save. Such a product will be unsafe for the body and even toxic. Also, the treat contains maize flour, which slows down the digestion process.
  6. Frequent eating of sticks negatively affects the condition of the teeth.Caries begins to develop. Therefore, treating is harmful not only to kids, but also to adults. Also, dainty is contraindicated in peptic ulcer and gastritis, which occur in the acute stage.

When can I give corn sticks to children?

  1. If a child really wants to try a treat, carefully study the composition and do not let him overeat. In addition, such a treat is better to include in the diet from 3 years of age. This will avoid the development of most negative reactions.
  2. When choosing, it is recommended to take the most natural sticks without the content of any additives. Harmful components will only increase the chances of allergies. For the first time, only one wand is given. Next, monitor the reaction of the baby's body. Servings can be increased over time.

Corn sticks can not be attributed to useful products that must be included in the children's menu. If possible, protect your child from the consumption of such treats. In any case, they do not bring any health benefits.

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