Can legs soar during pregnancy?

When carrying a baby, every woman is disturbed by any questions that concern health. The caution of a pregnant woman is certainly justified - after all, any careless action is fraught with aggravation of well-being and can greatly threaten the development of the fetus, and sometimes the entire pregnancy. Many mothers are interested in whether it is dangerous to soar your legs when you are waiting for the appearance of a child.

Can legs soar during pregnancy

Why is a procedure needed?

It is known that soaring feet is necessary for colds. Such a procedure dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow. It has a beneficial effect on health with a runny nose, sore throat, flu, SARS. However, every expectant mother needs to know that in the later stages of bearing a baby, a steam room for legs can be dangerous. In some cases, the procedure causes a miscarriage or premature birth.

Under the influence of hot water, the blood vessels of the whole body expand. The procedure helps to get rid of the common cold. Heat contributes to better blood supply to the nasal mucosa. However, the procedure cannot be performed at high t. Otherwise, the temperature may rise even more and provoke a deterioration in well-being.

The common cold is an insidious affliction. It requires special attention to the person during the crisis, a high temperature indicator. To quickly get rid of the disease, some people certainly soar their feet. For this, medicinal decoctions or mustard are often used. Hot water relieves nervous tension, swelling, favorably affects the blood supply to internal organs. However, the biological processes in the body of a pregnant woman and non-pregnant are very different. What helps a woman who does not bear a child is categorically not suitable for a future woman in labor.

Is it possible to soar the feet of the expectant mother: expert opinion

Pregnant feet can not soar. Scientists around the world categorically declare that the procedure contributes to the development of miscarriage and premature birth. The expediency of the steam room for a pregnant woman has not been scientifically proven. It is known that when carrying it is strictly forbidden to take a hot bath. It provokes an increase in blood circulation and causes oxygen starvation of brain structures. Likewise should be applied to the park of legs. It is better not to provoke the emergence of a critical condition if a woman wants to save the fetus.

A future mom can not soar feet at any gestation period. Experts note that in the early stages of pregnancy, the embryo is just beginning to form. In the first months, the structures of all internal organs, sex, bone and nervous system of the unborn child are laid. During this period, a lot of different factors can provoke a miscarriage or harm the embryo. Even the female uterus perceives the embryo as a kind of foreign body and at any moment is ready to get rid of it when the conditions favorable for the development of the fetus change. The embryo is still very weakly taken root in the uterus, so there is a high probability of a miscarriage from the beginning of pregnancy to 24 weeks.

This means that a steam room, hot bath, sauna and even a foot park can have a very negative effect on pregnancy. The cause of a miscarriage may be:

  • excessive expansion of blood vessels;
  • changes in pressure inside the uterus and in the mother’s blood;
  • varicose veins, fainting, bleeding - all this provokes the rid of the body of the embryo.

A future mother can not risk either her health or her baby.She is obliged to observe a sleep and rest regimen, take care of her health, eat right and be extremely careful in many things. A woman has to give up a lot when carrying a baby. Procedures that threaten the course of pregnancy are not permissible!

It has been known that since ancient times in cities and villages, to get rid of a child, ladies and village girls resorted to the procedure of parks of legs. We know about this from historical stories and films. Having decided to cope with a cold in this way, the expectant mother is extremely at risk for her health and causes a risk of bearing the fetus. It is dangerous to soar the feet while carrying the baby, not only in the first trimester, but also in the third. During this period, the female uterus prepares for childbirth and is hypersensitive to any changes in the mother's body.

Alternative procedure

If the expectant mother just wants to do a pedicure, then she does not have to immerse her feet in excessively hot water. A warm foot bath with the addition of safe chamomile is suitable. A vegetable broth will perfectly soften the skin and prepare the area of ​​nails, heels and fingers for a pedicure.

To treat the common cold of the expectant mother, it is strictly forbidden to soar the feet. It is contraindicated during pregnancy to increase blood flow in the pelvis and to promote excessive vasodilation. Hot foot baths for varicose veins, edema, high blood pressure are contraindicated. To cure a cold, a pregnant woman should resort to safer methods of treatment. With a cold, a future mother is better to drink warm tea with raspberries and lemon. A leg park with or without mustard is strictly contraindicated!

It is possible to relieve stress after a hard day by using not hot but warm water. The optimal t foot bath for a pregnant woman is no more than 35 degrees. No overcooling of the legs should be allowed. A warm bath with herbal decoctions will help to remove heaviness in the legs, normalize the circulation of blood masses in the extremities, and relax and soothe the nerve endings.

You must be aware that the bearing of the baby and experiments are incompatible. Any procedure, especially a medical one, should be approached reasonably. Caring for the health of the baby from the first day of its conception will allow you to successfully endure and give birth to a strong baby. This should be remembered by every future mom.

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