Is it possible to breast pickles?

The nutrition of a nursing mother should be formed taking into account the recommendations of the doctor and the characteristics of her own body. Someone can indulge in spicy food every other day and this does not affect the quality of the milk and the baby’s well-being, while someone needs to follow a strict diet, as the child is sensitive to any new products.

Is it possible to breast pickles

For nursing girls, vegetables and fruits are a pleasure, as they make it easier to work with internal organs, in particular, the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system. In addition, low calorie content allows you not to gain extra pounds, but, on the contrary, to start losing weight to restore weight.

Among the most popular vegetables, it is worth noting cucumbers in fresh and salted form, so it will not be superfluous to consider their benefits and harms when breastfeeding. This will avoid the troubles associated with the quality of breast milk and the health status of the baby.

The benefits of breast milk for the baby

Breast milk contains useful micro and macro elements that are passed on to the baby for the normal functioning of the body and its protection from negative external influences. Doctors recommend breastfeeding the baby for at least the first two months in order to strengthen their immune system and help the body adapt to the new environment.

As for the diet of a nursing mother, then it should have vitamin products. If there is a desire to eat pickled cucumbers or tomatoes, which are not recommended because of a violation of the quality of lactation, it is important to consult with a pediatrician initially to find out exactly how the product affects the newborn's body.

The lactation period is very important for a woman and a child, so the products that the mother prefers form the gastronomic preferences of her child. If some new products are introduced into the diet, then you need to monitor the condition of the baby in order to take the necessary measures in case of a negative reaction. If the child normally responds to new dishes for himself, then you can gradually increase their number in the diet of the mother. Thus, the girl pleases herself with a balanced diet with new opportunities, and the baby receives tasty and nutritious breast milk.

Useful properties of cucumbers

Fresh and pickled cucumbers bring great benefits to the body due to the concentration of such substances:

  1. A large amount of potassium - positively affects the work of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Vitamins B and E - accelerate metabolism and ensure the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Iron, magnesium, zinc and iodine are important useful substances that take part in blood formation, the work of the heart muscle and internal organs. Fast assimilation by the body eliminates the accumulation of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Plant fiber, located in cucumbers, improves the digestive system, which normalizes stool and prevents constipation. It is also important that cucumbers are considered a light diuretic product, therefore, toxins are removed and the kidneys are cleaned of accumulations of sand.

Saturation from cucumbers avoids overeating, which, combined with a low calorie product, guarantees rapid weight loss without harm to health.

Fresh cucumbers

Fresh cucumbers can not completely remove toxins from the body due to the liquid in the composition, but the regularity of intake allows to improve the condition, which is considered an important advantage in terms of establishing the gastrointestinal tract.

Swelling of the hands and feet is a frequent companion of pregnancy and the postpartum period, as the body adapts, which is negatively displayed on the state of health. Potassium, located in cucumbers, allows you to remove moisture, therefore, a small lymphatic drainage effect is provided, which eliminates edema and prevents their reappearance.

Problems with the thyroid gland after pregnancy are justified by hormonal changes in the body, so iodized foods must be present in the diet to make up for the lack of a substance in the blood. Cucumbers due to iodine in the composition are considered a useful product to prevent or eliminate such problems.

Salted cucumbers

Breastfeeding Pickles
In the process of salting, the product loses most of the nutrients. Interchangeable processes take place, for example, potassium is replaced by sodium salts, which retain water in the body, which provokes the appearance of edema and high blood pressure. Therefore, such a product will not provide benefit, but harm, to nursing mother, therefore it is important to evaluate all the pros and cons before including it in the diet.

Do not forget that pickled cucumbers have a bright spicy taste, which causes the bitterness of milk, which negatively affects the health of the baby.

Salt is the main cause of thirst, so the child may constantly want to drink, which will lead to disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. A large amount of fluid burdens the kidneys, which is considered another drawback of pickles.

But each organism is individual, therefore, if a girl eats 1 salted cucumber, nothing bad will happen, because when a vegetable is combined with other products that do not contain salt, a salt balance is created. As a result, milk will not be enriched with sodium salt, which eliminates the adverse reaction in the child.

Important! It is necessary to monitor the well-being of the child even after consuming a small amount of the product.

Pickles whose enzymes enter the child’s body can cause the following symptoms:

  • Feeling very thirsty.
  • Meteorisms.
  • Violation of the consistency of the stool.
  • The appearance of an allergic reaction.
  • State of anxiety.

If the condition of the child worsens, you should consult a doctor who will advise you on what to do in this situation.

The rules for eating pickles

In order to avoid problems associated with impaired milk quality, it is recommended to take into account the following rules for pickling:

  1. Pickled cucumbers and home-made tomatoes are considered the safest, since the composition does not contain any unknown products that can cause an adverse reaction of the body. And also the salting recipe can be adjusted to avoid a high concentration of salt or acetic acid.
  2. You can not eat pickles on an empty stomach to avoid irritation of the mucosa and the appearance of inflammatory processes in the kidneys.
  3. In no case should you drink the pickles with water, as this can lead to deposits of salts in the kidneys, which in the future will lead to the appearance of stones.
  4. It is recommended to introduce pickles to the diet of a nursing mother only when the child reaches the age of three months.

Taking into account the recommendations of the pediatrician, the correct attitude to the formation of the diet and monitoring the reaction of the child is an opportunity to avoid an adverse reaction and worsening of condition during breastfeeding.

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