Can dried fruits be breastfed?

Dried fruits are useful for all categories of citizens, newly moms on breastfeeding are no exception. Such a product is endowed with natural substances that have a positive effect on the body of a woman and a baby. Therefore, the question regarding whether dried fruits are allowed is definitely answered. Yes, you can, and even need to! Let's learn all the subtleties and rules of admission. We also give the compote recipe and the types of dried fruits that are acceptable for consumption in HS.

Dried Fruits for Breastfeeding

The composition and useful qualities of dried fruits

The main value of the raw materials discussed is that there are a lot of dietary fiber in dried fruits. They are responsible for the functioning of the digestive system, therefore, they prevent constipation and digestion problems (a common problem of lactating women). But in this matter it is very important not to overeat, otherwise the baby may begin to have a bowel disorder.

Based on the opinions of experts, it is useful to eat dates, dried apricots, raisins, this is a traditional trio. Dried rosehips in the form of compote, apples and pears, prunes are allowed. The listed varieties help strengthen lactation, improve the quality of milk, and tidy the psyche of the mother.

Almost all dried fruits concentrate organic acids, dietary fiber, mineral-vitamin complex and a lot of (!) Saccharides. Due to the inclusion of carbohydrates, do not overeat.

It is not necessary to mistakenly believe that it is possible to consume beneficial fruits immensely. A day is allowed to eat no more than 3 pieces of dried apricot, 2 dates, half of raisins. All dried fruits, except dried apricots, are consumed after the main meal.

Now about vitamins and minerals. Dried fruits are rich in phosphorus, iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium. Among vitamins, a place of honor is given to group B, ascorbic acid, tocopherol with retinol, and vitamin K.

Such an extensive list is important for a newly mummy, because it helps maintain immunity, improves digestion, eases the burden on the heart and kidneys, increases cognitive abilities, and enhances metabolic processes.

Putting dried fruits in food

  1. Compotes and teas are prepared on the basis of dried raw materials. They are allowed to enter the daily menu after a couple of weeks following the birth. Dried fruits themselves are introduced into the diet after about a month (sometimes earlier).
  2. Do not immediately pounce on a large number of dried fruits or eat several varieties at once. Start with one thing, gradually increasing the volume and watching the reaction of the child.
  3. If the child has no adverse reaction, an increase in the amount is allowed. In case of undesirable consequences, a certain type of dried fruit is excluded from the menu for at least a month.
  4. In most cases, almost all dried fruits are digested quickly and do not cause allergies. But their overeating can lead to colic, gas, pain in the baby’s stomach.

Accepted Dried Fruits

Acceptable dried fruits for breastfeeding

  1. Raisins. The leader among the available varieties. Dried grape berries accumulate many minerals necessary for the correct formation of the musculoskeletal system of the child. We are talking about phosphorus and calcium, which in combination are an ideal duet. Raisin is useful because it improves the activity of a woman’s heart, monitors pressure indicators and eliminates jumps.
  2. Apples / Pears A universal type of dried fruit and relatively safe for use by newly minted mothers. Teas and compotes are often prepared on the basis of apples with pears.But they are also allowed to be taken in dried form. It contains a lot of iron, magnesium and potassium. A positive feature is the fact that a child rarely has an allergy.
  3. Prunes It is considered a champion in the accumulation of dietary fiber, therefore it perfectly cleanses the intestinal tract from stagnation and prevents a slowdown in metabolism. Enhances the digestibility of food, eliminates the fermentation of food in the esophagus. It is an excellent remedy for constipation in the mother and digestive problems in the child.
  4. Dried apricots. It is recommended to eat it before a meal, so that food is absorbed more easily and quickly during intake. Thus, the newly mummy will not feel any heaviness, eats a moderate amount, saturates the body with the missing mineral and vitamin complex.
  5. Dates. In the process of taking dried fruits of this type, milk production is significantly increased. Therefore, with problems with lactation, it is worthwhile to include dates in the menu. They also have a lot of potassium, good for the heart.

The rules for taking dried fruits

  1. Dried fruits are allowed to be introduced into the daily diet from 2-3 weeks after delivery. Stewed fruit can be drunk after 7-9 days from the beginning of breastfeeding. Such products will be an excellent addition to dietary nutrition. In addition, dried fruits are considered hypoallergenic.
  2. If you are just about to introduce such foods in your diet, do it gradually. First, eat a certain type of dried fruit for several days. Watch the reaction of your own body and baby. If the child does not have digestive problems and does not show allergies, you can continue to eat the product.
  3. If the body's reaction to the composition manifests itself in a negative way, be sure to postpone the consumption of dried fruits for about 1 month. After that it is allowed to repeat the procedure. It is forbidden to try several types of products at once. Observe intervals of several days.
  4. Without fail, observe the daily rate of raw materials, it is forbidden to overeat with such compounds. Otherwise, you can encounter quite serious problems. Dried fruits may develop a severe allergic reaction or individual intolerance.
  5. Products can greatly harm the baby. The child will significantly increase gas and colic. When buying dried fruits, always look at the expiration date and composition. Inspect the bundle for integrity. The best option, of course, is self-drying fruit. Add the composition to cereals and other dishes.

Dried fruits compote

Dried fruit compote for breastfeeding

  1. To cook a delicious compote, you do not need to have the skills of a cook, you also do not need many components. It is enough to take raisins, apples, prunes, lemon and 120 gr. Sahara. Before use, pour dried fruit over boiling water.
  2. Take only the zest from the lemon. Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and pour 2 liters. purified water. It will take about 400g. dried fruits. Boil the compote after boiling about 12 minutes. Leave the drink to infuse for about 2-3 hours. If you have a craving for sweets, give preference to dried fruits.

Dried fruits are of great value for the fairer sex who breastfeed the baby. In the absence of contraindications, such products allow you to fully strengthen the body of the mother and baby. The main thing is to follow simple instructions. For any deviations, immediately consult a specialist for advice.

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