Pepper Sun - description and characteristics of the variety

The variety refers to early ripening varieties, harvesting can be carried out 110 days after planting seedlings. Bushes of medium height, up to 80 cm. Plants with abundant fruiting should be tied to a support. A variety of universal purpose. It is good for making lecho.

Pepper sun

Grade description

Bushes of the Sun variety need to be formed, tied to supports. The pulp of the fruit is very fleshy, juicy, aromatic and sweet. The fruit size is medium, the shape of the pepper is cuboid. Pepper acquires a golden glossy color as it ripens. Pepper The sun is high in carotene and vitamins.

The advantages of the variety include excellent taste, tolerance to sunburn and fungal diseases. In areas with a cold climate, peppers are grown in film greenhouses. Also, the plus of the Sun variety is that the fruits can be consumed fresh, frozen, stuffed.

How to grow seedlings at home on the windowsill

Before planting, the germination of planting material is checked, the seeds are treated with a growth stimulant, a solution of potassium permanganate. Next, the seeds are pressed to the soil and sprinkled with a layer of fertile soil.

  1. An important point is the preparation of the soil for growing seedlings. Containers for growing seedlings take a small diameter. Shoots are covered with film or glass to create a greenhouse effect.
  2. Attention! Use fertile, structured, loose soil to grow bell pepper seedlings. The deeper the seeds are in the soil, the longer they will germinate.
  3. In the first 2-3 days, the presence of sunlight is not necessary, enough heat and moisture. After the appearance of whitish loops of shoots, transfer the containers to the windowsill. At a temperature of 22 degrees, the seeds will germinate after 7 days. You will definitely need lighting for seedlings with phytolamps, since daylight hours at the end of winter and the beginning of spring are not long enough.
  4. Do not use too deep pots, grow seedlings in small pots, as the root system of pepper is slowly developing. Pepper is a heat-loving culture that does not tolerate drafts.
  5. In no case do not leave the plants to grow together in one pot. Young seedlings will begin to compete for light and water, stretch out and turn yellow, be sure to dive peppers in separate containers.
  6. In the phase of four real leaves, transplant the seedlings of pepper Sun in separate pots or cups.
  7. To disinfect the soil before sowing the seeds, treat it with a Bordeaux mixture. In pots there should be a drainage and an opening for drainage of moisture.

Temper the seedlings, two weeks before planting in the ground, take the plants outside.

Plant care

Pepper does not like drought, but also does not tolerate excess water. To preserve moisture in the upper layers of the soil, apply mulching. Use hay, straw or sawdust as mulch.

Do not neglect pinching, it will help direct the energy of the plant to the development of the fruit, and not the vegetative part of the bush.

Pepper Sun is very responsive to fertilizing with organic fertilizers, for example, herbal infusion.

In the flowering period and the appearance of the ovary, treat the bushes with a urea solution.

It is desirable to hush up bushes, to tie up to a support. For the cultivation of this culture, it is worth choosing the most protected places from the wind.

Water pepper directly under the root to avoid sunburn on foliage and fruits.

Important: growing pepper from A to Z

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