Pepper Tolstoy barin - description and characteristics of the variety

Fat master is an early ripening mid-growth variety, characterized by increased productivity. Harvesting can be done 110 days after planting in open ground.

Pepper Fat gentleman

Grade description

The variety can be quite successfully grown both in open and in closed ground. The bush is compact, low, the leaves are dark green. The weight of fruits under favorable conditions can reach 300 g. With proper agricultural technology, up to three kilograms of fruits are harvested from one bush.

This variety is high in sugars and carotene, the fruits have a pleasant aroma. Fruiting lasts until the first autumn frost.

The variety is resistant to most diseases and pests. Fruits well tolerate transportation over long distances. Peppers are used fresh, canned, stuffed.


First you need to make a selection of seeds. To do this, fill them with a glass of water, those that come up can be considered a marriage. After, perform the procedure of hardening the seeds. Place them in a non-concentrated solution of potassium permanganate for fifteen minutes. Then place in wet cheesecloth and let swell for 12 hours.

  1. Sow the seeds in small peat pots. It is very important to use small peat pots, since the root system in pepper develops slowly. When planting, do not deepen the seeds too much into the soil.
  2. Almost all beginner gardeners and gardeners make a mistake when growing pepper seedlings; they begin to grow seedlings too early when the daylight hours are still too short, while the plants do not provide additional lighting. With this method of growing seedlings it turns out stunted, stretched out, pale.
  3. Seedlings do not tolerate drafts and shade.
  4. Seedling cultivation begins 65 days before the expected moment of planting in open ground.

About two weeks before planting, seedlings are taken out briefly on the street in order to adapt to the conditions in which it will grow.


Pepper is responsive to fertilizing with organic fertilizers. It is recommended that rotted manure and compost be added to the planting holes.

When planting seedlings, pour plenty of soil with warm water. Take plants out of containers very carefully, the root system is very fragile, it recovers after transplanting for a long time.

The first fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers is carried out two weeks after planting in open ground or a greenhouse. Ammonium nitrate or urea is used for this. Pepper is recommended to be planted in quiet places, protected from the wind.

The soil between the rows is mulched with mowed grass or sawdust. This procedure will allow moisture to be retained in the upper layers of the soil, facilitate weed control, and reduce the number of loosening.

If the crop is grown on poor soils, then regular fertilizing with organic fertilizers is required.

An important procedure is the formation of a bush. It allows you to make the load on the bush optimal. Removing stepchildren can be done no more than seven times in ten days. The lower leaves are removed, pinching the fatliquoring shoots.

Harvesting is carried out in the stage of technical ripeness. Fruiting fruits stimulates the formation of new ovaries, thus increasing productivity.

Variety Fat Baron is distinguished by high palatability and juicy pulp. The advantages of this variety include drought tolerance.

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