Pros and cons of running in the morning for men and women

Today, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is gaining popularity. To some extent, it has even become a fashionable modern phenomenon. There is a rational grain in this. After all, abandoning bad habits and playing sports - means the opportunity to extend your life for several years, significantly postpone old age and sores that fall off like snow on your head during this period. While there is still time, it is necessary to create all conditions for maintaining one's health at the proper level. One of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve this is through your morning run. It is difficult, of course, to force yourself to do this daily, but you can try.

Pros and cons of running in the morning

The benefits of morning running

Running in the morning has several advantages:

  1. The heart and its vessels are strengthened, which, undoubtedly, is an excellent prevention of cardiac pathology. The risk of clogging of blood vessels and, as a result, heart attack is reduced.
  2. Blood pressure returns to normal, the pulse becomes less frequent. For those who are aged, this is a very favorable indicator.
  3. Skeletal muscle develops and strengthens. As a result of increased blood flow, tissues and organs are more intensively supplied with oxygen, which is a positive moment for their normal function. This is a good prevention of joint diseases.
  4. There is an intensive burning of excess fat, which leads to weight loss. The effect is more pronounced and stable than with all kinds of diets.
  5. Activation of the respiratory apparatus. There is an increase in the respiratory volume of the lungs. Blood is more intensively enriched with oxygen, transporting it to literally every cell in the body.
  6. In the morning, the air is cleaner, with less pollution that accumulates during the day.
  7. Running in the morning for the whole day will energize the body, which will ensure a good mood.
  8. Jogging in the morning starts the metabolic processes, as they say, "to the fullest."
  9. In the morning, classes can take place without interference, because there are still few people and not so much heavy traffic.
  10. If the jogging takes place in the gym, then there are not so many people in it and you can always find a free running track.

If someone has a sore spine, then morning jogging will be especially useful for them.

Note! One rule must be well understood. If there is a pathology from the musculoskeletal system, then jogging can only be done with the permission of a doctor.

What time is better to run?

It is necessary to choose a time for running, depending on what type a particular person is. It is known that all people are divided into “larks” and “owls”. If a person is an “owl”, then it’s better to run in the afternoon. The body of such people is more adapted to physical activity at this time. If such a person starts to run in the mornings, then there will be no benefit from this. The body, on the contrary, will receive additional stress. All day in this case, as they say, will not be asked. A person will not achieve anything during the day, because he simply can not concentrate his attention. Therefore, it is more advisable for such people to run in the evening.What time is better to run

But "larks" can run in the morning, while receiving not only pleasure from moderate physical activity, but also benefit. Running in the early morning will be pleasant and useful for them in all respects.

Running in the mornings also has negative points that must be taken into account when exercising. In the morning, the body has not yet entered its active phase.During this period, increased blood viscosity is noted. You should not start running immediately after getting out of bed. It is necessary to wait a while, as if allowing the body to wake up completely.

The following scheme is optimal:

  • rise;
  • a glass of boiled water at room temperature on an empty stomach;
  • shower;
  • gymnastics for 5 minutes;
  • cup of coffee (tea);
  • jogging classes.

Drinking fluids before running is not an accidental requirement. This helps lower blood viscosity. This will reduce the burden on the heart.

Morning run for beginners

Those who are still at the very beginning of the path of this useful activity should be well aware that the process should adhere to the correct technique and regularity of classes. Only in this way can you get the most out of your morning run. You should not immediately start from long distances. Many do just that. Loaded in full on the first day, in the morning they feel incredibly severe pain in all the muscles. Of course, after this, the desire to run from them will clearly disappear.

Before starting classes, a warm-up is required. It is necessary to perform several simple exercises, squats, bends. Warming up for 10 minutes will warm all the muscle groups well enough. After that, you can immediately start jogging.

The load at the very beginning of classes should be moderate. It should not be heavily loaded, otherwise it negatively affects the heart muscle. Compliance with the duration of the training and the techniques of the classes themselves is required. To eliminate negative points, follow the rules:

Morning run for beginners

  1. Hand movements. They are constantly kept at waist level, making movements to the beat of the legs. Hands should not be strained, they should be in a relaxed state. Do not give up often. Let them be constantly at waist level.
  2. Body. The back is held straight. This ensures uniform blood circulation throughout the body. The chest is slightly protruding. Slouching is prohibited.
  3. Rhythm and respiratory rate. Classes should be started at a pace so that breathing remains rhythmic in nature. It is necessary to ensure that breathing does not go astray. The one who starts classes with heavy loads does the wrong thing. At the same time, it becomes difficult to breathe. Oxygen is not enough and the athlete will quickly get tired. Inhalation must be done with the nose, and exhaled through the mouth.
  4. Leg setting technique. Those who play sports professionally stand on their feet. But for a novice runner at first it will be difficult to do. Therefore, novice runners are allowed an arbitrary setting of the feet. You can focus on the heel or on the toe, as it is convenient for anyone.

At the beginning of classes, interval running is recommended, which is combined with walking. Using this technique, you can get rid of extra pounds and lose weight. When the training is finished, you do not need to stand still, it is better to just walk around for a certain time.

At the very beginning of training, you need to make a schedule according to which classes will be held. Start with a quarter of an hour, then gradually add time. Classes should be held at an average pace. If someone has set a quick topic for himself, then it is necessary to provide a couple of days for rest in the schedule. This is necessary to restore strength.

No need to run next to the highway, which is an intensive traffic. There will be no benefit from this. You will have to inhale the exhaust fumes of automobiles with intense light. The best option would be a path in the forest or park. For beginners, the track should be smooth, without steep ascents and descents. The best option is to start training at the stadium, where for beginners there is an ideal treadmill.

Pay attention to the clothes in which classes are held. It should be convenient, not put pressure on the body, but not hang out at the same time.

Winter activities

If the window is frosty, not everyone will wish to continue their studies. At the same time, jogging on the frost is associated with certain benefits:

Jogging in winter

  1. In frost, the body is quenched. Together with him, the character becomes stronger. In such weather, the performance of jogging is much higher.
  2. Immunity is strengthened. Proper breathing in the freezing air trains the body in terms of protection against respiratory diseases.
  3. The psychological mood improves. A person is pleased to realize that he overcame his fear and unwillingness, left a comfortable room in the cold. Half an hour running through the winter frost will cope with the winter depression and provide a good mood.
  4. Frosty air contains negative ions, which can give the body a sense of vitality. Intense breathing will enrich the blood with oxygen and energize it for the whole day.

Lose weight with morning run

Jogging in the morning will help get rid of extra pounds. When running, the body undergoes heating, which leads to increased blood flow. Along with this, metabolism increases, the elimination of toxins and salts increases. Jogging suppresses hunger and leads to a decrease in the content of harmful low molecular weight cholesterol.

To lose weight, you need to jog every day for at least an hour. The best option for weight loss is interval running. With it there is a combination of moderate and significant loads.

For morning runs there must be a powerful motivation. Not everyone will be able to overcome their laziness and do morning running. You can find companions for classes with whom communication is always pleasant. This will be an occasion for another meeting with them. For some, the first time of classes is very difficult, but then everything will get back on track and become the same routine as morning hygiene procedures. The benefits of running will be more than enough. The main thing is not to be lazy and do everything right.

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