Why do avocados turn black and dry?

Outwardly, an avocado looks like a strong fruit and a persistent plant. It seems that it successfully resists any negative manifestations. In fact, this opinion is not entirely true.

Why do avocados turn black and dry

It turns out that the avocado is so tender and prone to various changes or diseases that it immediately reacts to external stimuli by the fact that it begins to fade, lose its attractiveness and may even die. One can only wonder why this happens, because all the care instructions are followed, the care was decent.

The subtleties of proper care

Avocado, or, as it was given another name - American Perseus, the plant is not so small, and it is often a mistake to put it in a small pot. Growing gradually, the roots become crowded. Outwardly, it is still imperceptible, but the root system begins to deform, like the crown, and then one by one the leaves dry up and fall off. This can be prevented by replanting the plant in a spacious container in time.

A large role is played by the place correctly found in the room for this plant. The fact is that avocados love natural sunlight, so a lack of lighting can have a painful effect on the plant. The sun's rays should fall on it as much as possible, otherwise the color of the leaves will be dull, lifeless, the brightness will disappear.

The temperature in the room where the avocado is located should not be very cold. But the plant does not tolerate too hot temperatures. Required plant and percentage of moisture. He is most comfortable if you consider that his native place is the tropical zone, where the humidity is increased, then the leaves will never dry, but, on the contrary, they will acquire juicy bright colors. To create such conditions, you need to put moss in a pallet - you can buy it in flower shops, or expanded clay. It will be necessary to ensure that there is water in the pan, a small amount. A procedure such as spraying water on leaves and around in the air also has a beneficial effect on the plant.

Watering American Perseus is a science. The plant requires moisture only when necessary, but watering should be moderate, as the soil should not dry out, but too much moisture can adversely affect the health of the plant.

Disease control

Avocados have enemies - small but very serious pests. First of all - powdery mildew. In fact, this is a fungus that, having penetrated the leaves, covers them with a whitish bloom, very reminiscent of mold. The lower leaves take the first blow. They begin to turn yellow, and then fall off. If new leaves appear, they acquire a deformed shape. Soon the tree may die.

Most often, the cause of the disease lies in improper watering, when too much moisture remains, or very little. Therefore, you can’t leave the plant in the open when a long rainy season has begun or the air temperature has been reduced to 15 degrees Celsius.

Plants quickly become infected with this disease from each other, therefore, if someone has found a plant with signs of powdery mildew, it must be urgently isolated.

Experts advise to fight the disease this way:

  1. Remove the leaves affected by the fungus and preferably burn them.
  2. Remove the topsoil, replacing it with a new one.
  3. Spray the trunk and leaves with an effective drug. Manganese solution, mustard or soap-soda help.

After curing the plant, you need to check the condition of the foliage - the disease can return. If the raid has disappeared about itself, it usually does not return anymore.

A spider mite or a scab can hit a plant. They breed very quickly, settling on the trunk and on the leaves.If you miss the hit of parasites, the plant can be lost in a short time. Note that the avocado began to hurt, it is possible by the color of the leaves: they become yellow and not so hard, and then begin to fall off.

Dry air in the room is especially dangerous during this period, since parasites in these conditions reproduce more easily and faster. Therefore, it is imperative that, starting a struggle with them, the air should be humidified.

Each plant located next to the infected can be attacked by a scab and a tick, which means that they need to be temporarily taken from the premises to another place. Infection can occur through the air, often a person, caring for plants, unwittingly carries dangerous pests on his hands or tools for caring for plants.

To get rid of these parasites you will need:

  1. Against the scab - soap solution. In a hardware store you should buy tar soap, dissolve it in water. With such a soapy solution, periodically wipe the leaves using a cotton fiber cloth.
  2. Avermekatins will help against spider mites. Actophyte or vermitek has an effective effect.

However, pests are not always to blame for the fact that the leaves fall off. If they begin to deteriorate at the bottom of the avocado, the root is likely to rot or the soil is too moist. In this case, the leaves begin to blacken, are plaque-forming. If the reason lies in too intensive watering, in the future there is no need to water so actively. Or it will be necessary to create conditions for the plant not with such high humidity.

When the upper leaves deteriorate, this means that there is not enough persea of ​​American moisture, the air is too dry, and the watering is insufficient. It happens that watering corresponds to the norm, and the top of the plant turns yellow, the leaves fall off. So, nevertheless, watering will require more intensive. During this procedure, moistening is required not only the soil, but all parts of the plant - the trunk and leaves. The room in which the avocado grows needs to be ventilated, especially if the weather is humid, but it should not be left in the draft, since the plant does not tolerate wind flows and temperature differences. The easiest way to rid a plant of dryness is to put a container of water near it.

Dryness can be caused by improperly selected fertilizers. A large amount of chemistry can damage the roots, so it is better to choose fertilizers with natural ingredients.

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