The benefits and harms of cherries for the health of the body

Today, around the world, there are about 150 varieties of cherry trees. They attract bees with pollen and nectar, which can be obtained from flowers. Everyone knows cherries, like an incredibly beautiful and smelling flowering tree. The fruits are taken in canned and fresh form. On the basis of cherries, tinctures, compotes, preserves, jams are prepared, and confectionery is decorated with berries. Against the backdrop of such popularity, many people are interested in the beneficial and harmful qualities of cherries.

The benefits and harms of cherries

Cherry composition

To this day, scientists around the world are working on the question, is cherry a berry or a fruit? It is traditionally assumed that the fruits of the tree belong to the berries, we will not deviate from this statement.

So, cherries focuses a decent amount of folic acid, or vitamin B12. It also has vitamin PP, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, and other B vitamins (they are responsible for the nervous system).

In addition, the fruits are rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, sodium and calcium. The composition of cherries contains organic acids, natural saccharides in the form of glucose and fructose, plant fiber.

Cherry differs from its counterparts in that a substance called inositol accumulates in it. This natural compound is necessary to enhance all metabolic processes in the body.

The composition contains anthocyanins, which are necessary for the body for the correct functioning of the circulatory system. Chlorogenic acid improves the functioning of the liver with the kidneys, and iron carries out the prevention of anemia (anemia). Copper increases hemoglobin and fights low blood pressure.

Plant fiber in combination with pectin form a powerful union. It is aimed at cleansing all organs and systems, removing cholesterol, radionuclides, toxins. Coumarin, which accumulates in large quantities in cherries, prevents heart muscle disease, fights thrombophlebitis and varicose veins.

The benefits of cherries

  1. Cherry is used for colds, flu, tonsillitis. Fruit juice has mild expectorant properties. It removes mucus from the respiratory tract, increases the protective functions of the body, strengthens immunity, which is naturally low. Cherry relieves fever and treats bronchitis.
  2. Juicy berries are good for joints. When mixed with milk, the bones are strengthened, the pain is relieved with rheumatism and arthritis. It is useful to eat cherries to people of advanced age for strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.
  3. Experts recommend the use of cherries for patients with gout. Fruits enhance the effect of medicines, improve the well-being of the patient. When gout is recommended to apply compresses based on ground fruit seeds. Infusion on the bark of a tree relieves pain in radiculitis.
  4. Due to the content of B vitamins, cherry favorably affects the human nervous system. A systematic technique guarantees the normalization of sleep and the psycho-emotional background in general. Cherry juice relieves feelings of anxiety and the effects of stress.
  5. Due to the accumulation of folic acid in the composition of fruits in humans, mental activity increases. All this becomes possible due to increased activity of brain neurons. Cherry improves memory and concentration.
  6. A decoction based on tree bark is used to treat neurosis. It is also used to relieve epileptic seizures.The infusion on the leaves is useful for enhancing tissue regeneration, the speedy healing of wounds, and the removal of nosebleeds.
  7. The composition of the fruits contains carotenoids, which perfectly affect the health of the eyes. Doctors ophthalmologists advise eating cherries to categories of people with low vision and those who spend a lot of time behind a PC monitor. In addition, the berry prevents cataracts.
  8. The fruits accumulate a lot of iodine, this element is necessary for the thyroid gland and the entire endocrine system for full work. Incoming natural antioxidants preserve the youth of the body, and ascorbic acid saves from seasonal vitamin deficiency.
  9. The benefits of cherries for the fair sex are undeniable. A decoction based on shoots and stalks is used as a hemostatic agent. It is useful to take with uterine bleeding, strong and painful menstrual cycles, menopause.
  10. The country's greatest minds have been studying cherry for more than a year as an effective remedy for oncological ailments. The ingredients in the pulp are included in many cancer drugs. That is why it is necessary to eat cherries for the prevention of oncology. It has the ability to block the flow of blood to tumors and trigger their self-destruction.
  11. Chlorogenic acid, which accumulates in large quantities in cherries, is the best way to affect the health of the liver. This compound enhances the outflow of bile. Cherry also positively affects the functioning of the kidneys, freeing them from small formations (up to 0.5 cm) and sand.
  12. The benefits of berries for the body have been noticed, which is caused by the accumulation of pectins. These compounds prevent uremia, remove fecal stones, eliminate constipation (in particular, chronic ones), and prevent early aging.

The benefits of cherries for the heart

The benefits of cherries for the heart

  1. Fresh cherry pulp concentrates substances such as oxycoumarin and coumarin. Elements are needed to enhance blood coagulation. This ability of cherries prevents heart disease, stroke, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease (ischemia) with a low level of hemoglobin.
  2. Due to the ability of cherries to clean the blood channels, remove cholesterol, and seal the walls of blood vessels and arteries, atherosclerosis and hypertension are treated and prevented.
  3. People who suffer from frequent heart attacks need cherries. It makes the blood channels elastic, cleanses the bloodstream and enriches the cells with oxygen. Against this background, the likelihood of developing angina pectoris and thrombosis is reduced.
  4. A high accumulation of iron allows you to cure anemia by improving blood composition. At the same time, cobalt and copper also affect blood formation functions. Such positive qualities indicate that cherry is a berry of cores.

The benefits of cherries for children

  1. Many children love the juicy fruits of ripe cherries. The berries are saturated with iron, the enzyme is necessary for hematopoiesis. In addition, cherry is easily absorbed by the growing organism.
  2. Fruit juice is considered an excellent source of most vitamins. The drink has a sedative effect, which helps to normalize sleep and solve all problems with it.
  3. No less in demand are the leaves of cherry. The tea prepared on their basis will help to bring down the temperature and overcome a catarrhal disease in a short time. It is important to find out in advance whether the child has contraindications to the product.

Slimming Cherry

  1. Fresh cherries are actively used for weight loss. Calorie content is only 50 Kcal per 100 g. Moreover, the composition has a sufficient amount of mineral compounds and nutritional components.
  2. Cherry has a positive effect on the body, triggering digestive processes and cleansing tissues of slagging and toxins. The unique enzyme inositol allows you to normalize your natural metabolism.
  3. The essential oils that make up the fruits, when ingested, actively break down the fatty layers.Cherry also relieves a person of excess fluid in, eliminating edema. This property is necessary for weight loss.

Cherry during pregnancy and lactation

Cherry during pregnancy and lactation

  1. The rich composition will bring invaluable benefits for the girl's body during gestation. Cherry contains folic acid and many other minerals that positively affect the development of the baby.
  2. Cherry can bring no less benefit during breastfeeding. It is strongly recommended that you consult with a specialist in advance. In this case, you can avoid some trouble.

The use of cherries in cosmetology

  1. Since ancient times, cherry has established itself as an effective cosmetic product. The composition of masks often include pulp and juice of red fruits. The product thoroughly moisturizes, nourishes and tones the skin.
  2. Such masks are especially recommended for increased excretion of subcutaneous fat and wide pores. Cherry extract is part of many dermal care creams. Such a tool carefully cares for the skin and is suitable for the coating around the eyes.
  3. Cosmetics with cherries will help get rid of age spots and uneven skin tone. Also, the composition allows you to remove gentle creases and wrinkles. Cherry is used for hair care products. Curls take on their original appearance.

Choosing the right cherry

  1. When purchasing fresh berries, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of specimens and ripeness.
  2. Cherries should not be dried, have mold and pests. Quality berries are shiny and elastic to the touch. Overripe cherries quickly disappear, remember this.

Storage rules for cherries

  1. Freshly picked cherry fruits can be stored for about 3 days. It is recommended to wash the berries, dry thoroughly and place in the refrigerator.
  2. To keep the cherry as long as possible, it can be frozen. It is recommended that the procedure be performed with a previously removed bone. Thus, the product will retain all the beneficial qualities for six months.
  3. Cherry can be dried. Remember, ascorbic acid in the composition of the product will be destroyed if the procedure is carried out at a temperature above 60 degrees. In this case, set the appropriate mode in advance.

The harm of cherries to the body

The harm of cherries to the body

  1. Cherry in some cases can harm the human body. If you abuse the product at a time, tooth enamel is destroyed. Always rinse your mouth thoroughly after taking the fruit.
  2. It is forbidden to consume cherries in any quantity for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, high acidity, ulcers, obesity, pancreatitis, gastritis.

The harm of cherry seeds

  1. Remember, cherry seeds and seeds are poisonous. The product contains hydrocyanic acid, which leads to poisoning. If by chance you swallowed a few bones, nothing bad will happen to you.
  2. To seriously poison, you need to consciously consume about 150 grams. pitted. Such a portion of the product can be fatal.
  3. Carefully monitor the children, it is recommended that they clean the fruits on their own. This way you can avoid such problems.

Cherry is good for people in any form. It is important to observe the daily rate of the product. If you doubt that you have a serious illness, go through an examination. After that, the product can be included in the daily diet.

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