The use of milk thistle oil for hair

Many people spend fabulous money on buying expensive cosmetics. They do not suspect that there are cheaper and more effective formulations to improve the condition of the hair. Milk thistle oil is an excellent example; it is considered hypoallergenic and completely natural.

Milk Thistle Oil

Properties of Milk Thistle Oil

  • responsible for the nutrition of hair along the entire length;
  • moisturizes follicles;
  • fixes the bulbs in place;
  • makes the mop smooth and soft;
  • struggles with a static effect;
  • promotes rapid growth;
  • removes dandruff and other skin ailments;
  • restores the stem structure;
  • allows the "dead" tips to fall away, sealing the core;
  • gives root volume.

Where to get milk thistle oil

  1. Oil is sold in the phyto-shop, pharmacy, cosmetics supermarkets, shops with organic additives. The product can be easily purchased via the Internet, and the price will be lower by 20-30%.
  2. Try to buy cold-pressed butter. It is advisable to choose a composition made in the Altai Territory. For a bottle of 0.25 liters. you will give about 450 rubles. In this case, the composition will help to cope not only with hair problems, but also with the skin.
  3. The manufacturer Oit produces milk thistle at a price of 400 rubles per 0.5 liter bottle. This composition is used not only as a cosmetic product, but also as an immuno-enhancing drug. A distinctive feature of the oil is that it is prepared from sunflower and thistle. That is, in fact, the composition is considered not completely pure.

Use of pure thistle oil

  1. Any oil used for cosmetic purposes is applied after preheating. To do this, pour the product into a bowl of a suitable size, install over steam or send to a water bath.
  2. The product warms up to such a temperature that it is convenient to apply to the hair and scalp. As a rule, the indicator does not exceed the mark of 40 degrees. Judge by your feelings.
  3. After warming up, comb your hair, it is not necessary to wash it. First work on the root zone and be sure to scalp. Rub, doing massage for 5-7 minutes. So you accelerate blood microcirculation and strengthen the bulbs.
  4. After processing the roots, proceed to the next step. Spread the mixture over its entire length and rub it well into the tips. Each hair should be carefully smeared.
  5. Wrap cling film around the head and hair, or use a cap for water procedures (or swimming in the pool). From above build a turban from a terry towel.
  6. For added effect, use a hair dryer to warm your hair. Point him at the head from a distance of 30 cm., Hold for 3 minutes. Then wait another 1.5 hours.
  7. Flushing requires a special approach. Oil repels water molecules, so the composition will be removed poorly. First, shampoo your hair several times with alternating rinsing. Then apply the balm, finally rinse the strands with any decoction.

Other uses for oil

  1. If you do not have time for periodic application of oil with an exposure of one and a half hours, do otherwise. Three times a week, cover the curls with the heated composition and the basal part, keep under the film for 20 minutes. Rinse off in the same way.
  2. To enhance the result, it is necessary to supply the usual hair care products with oil.For example, add oil to shampoo or balm. The calculation is carried out taking into account the proportions: 1 part of the oil accounts for 10 parts of detergent.
  3. To restore hair and maintain their beauty from the inside, you need to use milk thistle oil inside. So you not only contribute to the efficient conduct of procedures, but also strengthen the immune system. 2 tbsp can be consumed per day. tablespoons of product. Refill salads with oil or take in capsule form.

Thistle oil for hair prone to dryness

  1. Warm up 35–45 ml over a cup with steam. sunflower oil. Pour 30 ml into it. fresh orange or lemon, 60 gr. honey, 4 raw egg yolks. Beat the contents with a fork or whisk, at the same time inject 30 ml. milk thistle oil.
  2. Wash your hair in advance, then let it dry for 85–90%. Gently spread the whipped mask, rub into the root area and stretch along the length.
  3. The mass must be kept strictly under an insulating film and a scarf. Do not heat the product with a hairdryer in order to avoid the melting of honey and protein coagulation. The product is valid for 1 hour 20 minutes, the procedure is carried out every other day.

Milk Thistle Oil for Dandruff

  1. Dandruff refers to skin ailments that cause a lot of inconvenience to their owners. The oil is able to get rid of all problems of this kind, including dry and oily seborrhea.
  2. Buy calendula oil at the pharmacy, pour 20 ml., Mix with 35 ml. milk thistle oil and 80 gr. sea ​​salt (without fragrance, ground). Warm the mask to 35 degrees, then apply only to the scalp.
  3. Rub in soft circular motions for 5 minutes. After this time, wrap the head with polyethylene, and lubricate the ends with warm oil (any cosmetic). Wait 15 minutes, rinse. The procedure is repeated twice a week.

Milk Thistle Oil

  1. Make tincture on hot pepper or buy a ready-made drug in a pharmacy. Pour 13 ml., Combine with 3 chicken yolks (raw). Add 55 gr. honey, 30 ml. jojoba oil and the same amount of milk thistle.
  2. Gently warm the mixture strictly to 30 degrees, in this state, apply to the scalp. Rub 3 minutes, then put on a plastic cap. Wait at least 10 minutes.

Milk thistle oil for general hair healing

  1. Mix 30 ml. olive oil with 40 ml. sunflower oil and 40 gr. milk thistle oil. Add 5 ml. tea tree ether, enter 3 ampoules of a solution of vitamin E.
  2. The head should not be washed, the product is distributed to the hair before carrying out water procedures. Warm up the mask, start application from the roots. At the end, go down to the tips.
  3. Insulate yourself with plastic wrap, then wait 1 hour. For best results, leave the mask overnight. In the morning, the product is easily washed off with shampoo. In order to prevent, it is enough to carry out therapy 1 time in 5 days.

Milk thistle oil to maintain hair color

  1. Colored and natural hair needs constant nourishment. For this, it is better to use pharmacy vitamins, which are dispensed in the form of an ampoule solution.
  2. Get vitamins of the following groups and quantities: B12 (2 pcs.), E (3 pcs.), A (1 pc.). Additionally, nicotinic acid (1-2 ampoules) is required.
  3. Combine all preparations in one container, then apply to dry hair after shampooing. You can touch the scalp to enhance the effect. After that, do not forget to warm the hair, wait from 4 to 8 hours. If the hair is not greasy, do not rinse.

With the help of milk thistle oil, you can get rid of almost all the problems associated with hair. In a short time you will eliminate cross-section, dandruff, grease and other misfortunes.

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