Products that are undesirable to eat before training

Everyone knows about the benefits of sports. Only few are aware of how to eat before a workout, with pleasure to exercise and feel cheerfulness after physical exertion. The information is owned by trainers, sports nutrition specialists and those who are self-interested in the problem.

Products that are undesirable to eat before training

Food and exercise

Just before going to the gym, hardly anyone will eat a magnificent bun. We are talking about food before going to the sports complex. Some foods are very high in calories, absorbed by the body for a long time. He does not have the strength to do other things, all the attention is absorbed by the splitting of the incoming food. List of foods that should be excluded from the diet before training:

  1. Fried foods with a large amount of fat, which are more appropriate to replace with stewed or boiled.
  2. Spicy food objectively accelerates metabolism, but as side effects it causes increased thirst, strengthens perspiration, and in most cases guarantees the appearance of heartburn during active movements.
  3. Eggs do not give quick energy if they are not combined in a single dish with meat, vegetables, croutons.
  4. Legumes are strictly forbidden before intensive training, because they contain a large amount of coarse fiber, causing increased gas formation, provoking the appearance of cutting pains in the intestine and stomach.
  5. Hummus perfectly replenishes energy, but after training, so it is better to put it in the refrigerator for a more suitable time.
  6. All types of cabbage also cause bloating, which is not entirely appropriate for increased stress.
  7. Apples are on the list due to the large amount of pectin and fruit acids.
  8. Nuts perfectly satisfy hunger, but their structure requires additional energy from the body to assimilate, and energy will be needed to perform the exercises.
  9. Alcohol is strictly prohibited, it worsens the reaction and concentration, which is fraught with injury.

The list of products not recommended for use is supplemented with ice cream, avocado, milk and sour-milk products, coffee, carbonated sugary drinks, and energy drinks. Undiluted citrus juices also will not bring benefits. It is better to include them in a mixture with a vegetable, pineapple base.

In order not to go hungry for training, you should pay attention to stewed or baked fish, lean meat, poultry, vegetables, excluding cabbage and cruciferous. Whole grain cereals and cereals will provide carbohydrates that provide energy and do not burden the digestive system.

Training brings benefits and moral satisfaction from the process of improving your body. Nutrition can help by speeding up the metabolism and saving energy for active activities. And you can enjoy your favorite dish after a workout.

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