Products that in no case should be eaten with hiccups

No one is immune from the appearance of hiccups. Obsessive diaphragm cramps can last from 2 days to a month. This phenomenon is tiring, interferes with normal life, and they try to get rid of hiccups as quickly as possible. One of the means to help calm her down is diet.


Causes of hiccups

In order to choose a diet that reduces the risk of diaphragmatic spasms, you need to remember the reasons. Among the most common:

  • binge eating;
  • a large number of carbonated drinks;
  • contrast of air or food temperatures;
  • stressful situations;
  • CNS disorder;
  • infections
  • metabolic disorders.

The basis of dietary nutrition at this moment are neutral foods. Hiccups can occur spontaneously or indicate one of the serious diseases.

Important: in order not to harm the body until the cause is clarified, you will have to remove products from the diet that irritate the esophagus and overload the digestive tract.

They include all fried foods. They are considered difficult to digest, take a long time to digest and require a significant amount of energy from the digestive system. Fast food and french fries are also undesirable. They have a very large amount of oil, trans fats and taste enhancers that irritate the esophagus mucosa may be present.

Crackers, croutons, crumble cookies and puff pastry are dangerous. With a sharp muscle spasm, the crumbs can get into the respiratory tract. For the same reason, you need to refrain from seeds and nuts.

Have to be content with liquid soups, vegetable puree, casseroles and other dishes where the products are ground. This eliminates the risk of swallowing large, hard pieces during muscle spasm. No matter how long the hiccups last, you still have to eat, so preference is given to soft food of medium temperature.

To stop hiccups, you can try improvised means.

  1. Slowly drink 8-10 sips of water. Measured movements relieve spasm.
  2. Eat a slice of lemon. Acid causes profuse salivation, shifting attention to other receptors.
  3. Holding your breath, and then releasing the air in a thin stream, you can stabilize the respiratory process, while relaxing the intercostal muscles.

A sparing diet will eliminate the basic prerequisites for the appearance of hiccups and help to get rid of it as soon as possible.

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