Products that in no case should be eaten with thrush

Candidiasis significantly complicates life, causing itching, irritation, discomfort. Candida albicans fungus in small amounts is always present in the body. Under certain conditions, it begins to multiply rapidly, manifesting its pathogenic properties. Thrush can occur with antibiotics, with climate change, prolonged stress, metabolic disorders. In any case, symptomatic treatment is necessary with the simultaneous introduction of a special diet that reduces the reproduction of pathological flora.


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Some products can accelerate the development of microflora, while others, on the contrary, slow down. In the case of taking antibiotics, they cleanly "mow" all microorganisms, not understanding the degree of their usefulness. The vacant place is quickly occupied by the most adapted species that already live in the body. The most vulnerable are the mucous membranes, so most often candidiasis occurs in the genital area. In treatment, personal hygiene, a healthy lifestyle, and proper nutrition become important factors.

Important: the stronger the immunity, the less chance of candidiasis.

Among the products that should not be found in the diet are:

  • polished rice;
  • confectionery;
  • jam;
  • dried fruits;
  • chocolate;
  • starchy foods;
  • chips, crackers;
  • fast food dishes;
  • muffin;
  • spicy and spicy seasonings, sauces, spices;
  • yeast products;
  • alcohol;
  • soda.

The peculiarity of the diet lies in its duration. Relapse of the disease is possible at any time, therefore it is recommended to maintain a special diet for at least 3 months, it is better to extend it to a year. The smaller the menu of sweets, the lower the likelihood of re-development of thrush.

Garlic, green onions, natural yogurt, unsweetened fruits and vegetables are considered products that suppress the development of fungi of any kind. A drinking regimen that eliminates toxins from the body is very important. It is necessary to pay attention to freshly squeezed acid juices, boils and fruit drinks from berries that have an antibacterial effect. Seafood, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and linseed oil are welcome in the diet.

In combination with drugs, the diet will ensure a quick recovery and reduce the risk of relapse.

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