What they drink white dry wine with: useful tips

White wine has a light taste and exquisite aroma. He is undeservedly valued less than red and completely in vain. It also brings benefits to the body and enjoyment of taste for connoisseurs of this noble drink. They prefer to drink it as an aperitif, they love it for sour-tart notes and an exquisite fruit bouquet.

What do you drink white dry wine with


An amazing feature of white wine is that it can be produced even from black grape varieties. For this, peeled berries are used that have almost colorless juice. The quality of the starting material is critical. Also, like red wine, there are leaders. These include:

  • Chardonnay;
  • Sauvignon Blanc;
  • Gewurztraminer;
  • Muscat
  • Riesling.

The taste of acidity depends on the variety and production technology.

Drink history

Red and white wine is almost the same age. They are already mentioned in ancient Greece. Craftsmen have become so advanced in mixing varieties and species that in the process of experiments with various additives, the color of the wine brightens, acquiring a delicate ivory color. It was not possible to find out the author of such a successful experiment, but he received a considerable share of gratitude from posterity.

Gradually, the drink spread throughout the eastern countries, smoothly moving into Europe. They appreciated all the charm of a light aromatic wine and began to purposefully make blends, getting all new flavoring shades. In the modern world, the largest producers of white wine are:

  • Italy;
  • France;
  • Spain;
  • China;
  • Argentina;
  • Australia;
  • Russia.

It is in these countries that the most favorable conditions for the cultivation of wine varieties have developed and it is possible to process raw materials on the spot without transporting it over long distances.

Interesting: the same variety, depending on the country and climatic conditions, gives a completely different taste of berries and the wine obtained from it.

In white dry wine, the amount of sugar does not exceed 4 g / l.

Useful properties of wine

The most important property of wine is its antibacterial effect. The commanders of antiquity were well aware of him. The armies of Alexander of Macedon and Julius Caesar did not suffer losses from intestinal diseases, ordering the soldiers not to drink raw water, but to mix it with wine, which completely disinfected it.

A glass of good dry white wine cleanses blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, stimulates the intestines, and arouses appetite. It is recommended by nutritionists in programs aimed at weight loss, because the amino acids contained in wine accelerate metabolism. Like any medicine, wine has two sides of the coin. In small doses, it can relieve stress, reduce airway spasms in asthma and bronchitis, and increase male strength. And hit a boomerang when abused.

Appetizer rules

Dry white wine of any brand has a light taste. The aroma is characterized by fruity, freshly herbal, berry notes. For a full disclosure of taste, it is necessary to properly set the table, choosing a combination of products that emphasize the merits of the drink.

For some reason, the phrase “red to meat, white to fish” has taken root in everyday life. This is partly true, but there are still a number of products with which the noble drink perfectly coexists.

A great addition will be dishes from poultry, tender veal, and game. To the classic fish option is to add seafood.

It is worth considering: only noble varieties of fish are taken for dishes, herring, mackerel, salted and pickled products are unacceptable.

Cheese, feta cheese, vegetables organically complement the festive table, on which dry white wine flaunts.

Fatty, salty, sour and spicy dishes are capable of ruining the taste of a drink.Do not put citrus fruits, salads with garlic dressing, dishes with lots of pepper and spices on the table.

Wine connoisseurs when choosing snacks take into account the brand, year of manufacture, country of origin and the features of a bouquet of a particular variety. Considered a good choice:

  • baked game;
  • cold cuts with a predominance of veal, rabbit;
  • gefilte fish;
  • shrimp, mussels, seafood mix;
  • salads of fresh vegetables under neutral dressings without spices, vinegar and lemon juice;
  • mushroom dishes, including pate, julienne, grilled mushrooms with vegetables;
  • sandwiches, tartlets and canapes with caviar and fish.

This selection of dishes will be a great addition to vintage white dry wine.

Beverage selection and serving

The technology for producing white varieties is a little simpler, its price is lower, and the choice is as wide as that of red wine. The top three include Italian wines.

Selection and serving of white wine

Pino Grigio Torresella, Bosio Gavi, Pratello Lugana. The French Pavillon Blanc Du Chateau Margaux Bordeaux AOC is striking in its unusual taste, where pineapple, gooseberries, a green apple with a slight hint of candied fruit are intertwined.

If there is no desire to impress guests with an expensive overseas product, but you just want to sit in good company, enjoying the taste of white wine, then you should remember a few rules when buying.

  1. Do not look for good wine in a small stall near the house.
  2. Avoid bottles with a cloudy sediment, indicating premature death of the wine or extremely low quality of raw materials.
  3. Flashy colors and curved lines of the label are clear signs of fake. Manufacturers respecting themselves and the buyer are limited to restrained shades and high-quality printing.
  4. The cork tightly closes the neck, has no signs of deformation.
  5. The inscription on the label contains information about the manufacturer, the date of harvest.
  6. To feel the charm of the taste and aroma of dry white wine, it is served chilled to + 14-16 degrees in small glasses on a thin leg, half full. After uncorking the bottle, the wine should “breathe” for several minutes, only then it is bottled and offered to guests.

Dry white wine is considered a light drink, so it is served before main dishes. The transition from red, which has a high saturation and density of taste, is not recommended.

Observing the simple rules of table setting and serving wine, you can fully enjoy this drink, having arranged for yourself a real celebration of taste.

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