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Despite the simplicity of the presented vegetable, it has long been rooted in the diet of every person. It's all about the valuable composition and effects on the body. Beetroot has a mass of essential substances that can be obtained by making kvass on its basis. There are several technologies that we will analyze in order. It is also necessary to study the usefulness of such a drink and other important characteristics.

Beetroot Kvass


  1. Legends can be made about the ability of a drink to treat pathological phenomena of varying complexity. In a vegetable, mineral compounds and vitamins are already enough. If you add to this the enzymes that arise during the fermentation process, then the value simply flies up to heaven. The main property is to put in order the intestinal microflora, disinfect the cavity of the internal organs, remove any inflammatory processes.
  2. The basis of the drink is ascorbic acid, vitamin PP, retinol. There is also a huge amount of B-group vitamins needed by our nervous system. The list of mineral compounds is quite extensive. Of particular benefit is zinc, chromium, and iron. Not without phosphorus, copper, cesium, rubidium and other equally important. The drink centers betanin, quercetin, bioflavonoids.
  3. Despite all the above value and composition, calorie content is 44 units per 0.1 liter. This is not enough. However, the specified amount is enough to cover half the daily requirement of an adult for certain substances. This drink is ideal for categories of citizens who are struggling with obesity and suffering from problems against the background of impaired metabolism.
  4. Surprising is the fact that during the creation of the drink its value is fully preserved. Moreover, it increases significantly due to the fermentation process. For this reason, the composition is often used in the treatment of various pathological phenomena, regardless of their complexity. But you should not forget about the prohibitions on consumption, as some categories of people kvass is contraindicated.

Cooking beet kvass

To date, there are quite a few recipes that differ in technology and inbound components. Complexity may also vary, so first study all the options below, then choose the one that suits you best.

Cooking beet kvass


  1. Rinse three medium-sized beets. Remove the peel, then chop the roots with slices. Send the raw materials to a jar, fill with water, leaving a space of about 3 cm from the edges. That is, you need about 2.5 liters for the indicated volume of vegetable. some water.
  2. Next, wrap the neck with gauze so that insects do not get into the raw material. Leave in the dark until fermentation begins. When you see the bubbles, you can try the drink by draining it.
  3. If you want to make a truly delicious drink, then you can add carrots in the amount of a couple pieces to beets. Some also add berries, for example, mountain ash or cranberries. It gives saturation.
  4. After several experiments, you can introduce a little salt, various spices, chopped greenfinch. To improve quality and add value, kvass is even supplied with kefir.

With bread

  1. Prepare a few beets, rinse them. Remove the peel, then chop into arbitrary slices. Send the pieces into a 5 liter container. Pour 140 g. granulated sugar. Add 3 crusts of stale bread. Pour in 3.8 liters. water.
  2. Cover the glass container with a gauze cloth or bandage, folded in a couple of layers. Leave in a warm room and wait 4 days. Observe the composition without fail. Take off the film.
  3. After cooking, filter the drug.You can fill them with smaller bottles and send them to the cold. You can enjoy a drink at any time.

With raisins

  1. About 4.8-5 liters are allocated to this recipe. water, 3 root vegetables of medium size, half a lemon, 60 gr. granulated sugar, as well as 30 pieces of raisins.
  2. So, pour water into the refractory container for cooking. Leave to start drilling, then let stand another 6 minutes. Enter granulated sugar, knead so that the granules begin to melt.
  3. After 10 minutes, squeeze the citrus juice directly into the saucepan. Root crops should be washed, dried, peeled, cut into slices or other pieces of arbitrary size.
  4. Put the vegetable in the baking dish in the oven. Send to dry at medium capacity. Next, take a jar of a suitable size, pour vegetable into it.
  5. Enter the boiled water into which you added the sweetener and citrus fresh. Pour raisins, but there is no need to rinse it, so that the fermentation goes better.
  6. Now wrap the container with an old sweatshirt. Do not forget to wrap the neck with gauze, folding it in a couple of layers. Alternatively, make holes in the capron cap and seal the container with it.
  7. Leave in the dark for fermentation, which begins a few days later due to raisins. Bubbles will rise from the bottom. This is a consequence of cooking. Filter and try.

Yeast Beet Kvass

  1. Empty 0.5 kg. root and chop finely. Put the beets on a baking sheet, dry a little in the oven. Put the workpiece in a refractory container, pour boiling water. There should be enough water to cover the pieces.
  2. Place the container on the stove and boil the components until they are completely cooked. As soon as you achieve the necessary softness, move the root crop into a bottle made of glass. Put 3 crusts of rye stale bread in the same container. Stir in 60 g. honey and 10 gr. yeast.
  3. Fill the tank with water to the shoulders. Cover the bottle with gauze. Expect fermentation to begin. Often this begins to occur on the second day, unlike a yeast-free recipe. Pour strained kvass into a convenient container and send to the cold. Shelf life is no more than a week.

According to Bolotov

  1. Prepare 2 kg. root vegetable and chop into pieces. Send the vegetable to a 5 liter jar. Pour in 2 liters. pre-warmed serum. It should not be too hot. Otherwise, all useful connections will be lost.
  2. It is worth noting that in the serum 40 g were still needed beforehand. sugar and 10 gr. sour cream. After infusing the whey into the beets, cover the container with gauze. Leave the workpiece in a warm place. Wait until fermentation begins.
  3. After about a day, you will notice the appearance of the first bubbles. This will indicate that you did everything correctly and the fermentation process was started. After 3 days, pay attention to the fact that mold will form, it should be removed in a timely manner.
  4. At around day 6, fermentation will become more active. At this time, the container with the drink should be moved to a cool room. At night, kvass should be left at room temperature. After about 11 days, the healthy drink will be completely ready.
  5. Keep in mind that a similar drink made on such a recipe is most often used for medicinal purposes. Kvass has a number of useful qualities. Therefore, regular intake of the product will improve health and get rid of many ailments.

Benefits and contraindications


  1. The advantage of such a drink is that it contains a large number of useful compounds that are necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. In kvass, a full-fledged vitamin-mineral complex is concentrated.
  2. It is noteworthy that in ancient times, people began to be treated with beet juice for many diseases. We can say that the benefits of such a drink for a person have virtually no limits.It has a positive effect on the entire body.
  3. With a systematic reception, you will cope with insomnia. All metabolic processes come back to normal. Most often, the drink is used to cleanse and improve the lymphatic system, kidneys and liver. Kvass saves with the development of anemia.
  4. If you properly take such a drink and establish food, refusing harmful products, you can say goodbye to unwanted kilograms in a short period of time. Along with this, the drink lowers blood cholesterol.
  5. The finished drink can even be used externally. With systematic application, kvass eliminates some skin diseases and fungal infections of the nails. With oncological pathologies, the consumption of a drink facilitates the condition.
  6. It is good to drink kvass even when there is unbearable heat. It perfectly quenches thirst. Sometimes the composition is prescribed to combat hypertension and diseases of the digestive system. The drink as a whole enhances overall health.
  7. Do not forget about contraindications. Such a drink is forbidden to consume with gallstone and urolithiasis. Consider a possible allergic reaction. Kvass is contraindicated in acute gastritis, gout, arthritis and ulcers.
  8. It should be understood that if you abuse the drink, there will be no value. There should be moderation in everything. In order to satisfy the daily requirement for the most valuable substances, there is no need to drink raw materials in liters. Find out the optimal volume for yourself.

Beet kvass can be considered quite an unusual refreshing drink. It can be taken not only to quench your thirst, but also to promote overall health. In some cases, with the help of kvass it is possible to cope with serious illnesses enough.

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