Cloth Stretch Ceiling - Pros and Cons

Any person strives to ensure that his home is more comfortable to live in and attractive in terms of design. And, when it comes to repair, ceiling decoration plays an important role. Of course, stretch ceilings made of film are more common now. For some reason, the fabric options were somewhat deprived of attention, but, I must say, completely undeservedly. Safety, reliability and ease of installation are the hallmarks of a modern fabric stretch ceiling.

Fabric stretch ceiling

If there is a desire to install a suspended ceiling in your apartment or house, the question usually arises - what material should be preferred. Some believe that the best is the ceiling of the film, while others are more inclined towards the fabric ceiling. In order to make the right decision, it is necessary to consider in detail all the advantages and disadvantages of the film and fabric, to weigh what is called the pros and cons. This is the purpose of this review.

Benefits of Cloth Ceiling

A detailed consideration of the advantages of ceiling structures with fabric will allow the owner to decide whether to install such a ceiling or not:

  1. Such ceilings differ in the ability to choose a size up to 5 m in width. The manufacturer is able to offer such a seamless ceiling that is suitable for almost any room. Ceiling fabric can even be used for wall decoration.
  2. The material is sufficiently durable. Even if there is a deliberate desire to damage the ceiling, it will not be easy to do this. It does not matter if there is no constant heating in the rooms. The frost resistance of the ceiling allows you to install it there. In this regard, it is an ideal option for country cottages. Even at low temperatures, such a material cannot deteriorate or crack.
  3. Duration of useful life. The ceiling does not change color over a long period of time. The production technology of such structures does not imply the presence of components harmful to human and animal health. It is quite suitable for a children's room. Moreover, such a ceiling is capable of “breathing”.
  4. Installation work on its installation does not differ in complexity. The use of additional materials and heating the room is not required. It is only necessary to move the furniture in order to provide access to the installation of the baguette. If there is a desire, such a ceiling can be painted, and painting is allowed up to 4 times. For this, water-based paints are used.
  5. Such ceilings have good sound insulation. There are such structures, which include the substrate - it is able to create the effect of "Echo".
  6. The fabric ceiling has good antistatic characteristics. This is achieved due to the fact that the surface has a special coating. Dust is not able to accumulate on it. For this reason, the ceiling of the fabric does not require special care.
  7. Such a ceiling coating is not flammable. Therefore, such structures can be installed in those rooms to which increased fire safety requirements are imposed.
  8. High esthetic properties. Due to the even ideal surface, the ceiling can be artistically painted or photo printing can be applied to it.

Negative points

Unfortunately, without finishing, perhaps, every finishing material:

  1. The ceiling of the fabric is not able to hold water. Once inside the ceiling, water will begin to leak out after a while. Naturally, the decorative properties of the material will suffer from this.If cold water gets on the ceiling, then a time within 24 hours is considered safe for it. For hot water, the time period is set at 6 hours. It is difficult to remove water from the ceiling yourself. It will take a call from specialists.
  2. You can’t put a patch on such a ceiling if some separate area is damaged. Replacement of material or new installation of the ceiling is required.
  3. If the width of the room exceeds 5 meters, then it is not possible to choose an option without a seam. This width of paintings simply does not exist.
  4. The negative points include the fact that such ceilings are quite expensive for the price. It can reach up to 400 rubles per square meter. Price variability depends on the quality and type of manufacturer.
  5. The disadvantage is that the color palette does not differ rich choice. The buyer is forced to choose a color within a fairly narrow framework.

Despite the high price, the quality of such ceilings is quite commensurate with the costs. We should not forget that the installation of such a ceiling leads to a certain decrease in the volume of the room. Therefore, the owner of a small room should first think about the appropriateness of its installation.

What are ceilings made of?

The basis for the production is the canvas. It can be stretched if desired. The canvas is represented by a thin polyester fabric having impregnation based on polyurethane polymers. This achieves strength characteristics and the ability to retain moisture. The fabric itself in its structure contains polyester fibers.

The substances that the fabric is impregnated with are not toxic and are completely harmless. From them there will be absolutely no harm to either health or the environment. The impregnating substance is not able to cause allergies in children. It has no smell. Environmental indicators are at the highest level. For this reason, such designs are often chosen for decorating a children's room.

Decorative and photo printing

The stretch ceiling made of fabric is of extraordinary beauty. For those who doubt it, just look at the photo of the ceiling from the brochure. The canvas can be artistically painted. In this case, the method of airbrushing is used. If you decorate the ceiling artistically, then with it it will acquire not only a peculiar zest, but the room itself as a whole will be perceived somewhat differently. You can achieve beneficial visual effects. The ceiling may seem higher and the room wider.

Decorative and photo printing on fabric ceilings

The uniqueness of the room can give photo printing. The owner has the opportunity to select a picture from the catalog. There are many different options from which you can choose what you like the most. But the choice of photo printing should be decided in advance. It is applied before the ceiling is installed, since it is unlikely to withstand dismantling and reinstalling it.

Major manufacturers of fabric seamless ceilings

This type of market is represented mainly by foreign manufacturers. Domestic companies are mainly engaged in the manufacture of ceilings from film. Among the variety of manufacturers, the leaders are:

Clipso from Switzerland
The ceilings produced by this company have no analogues in the world. Products are of the highest quality. The fabric is characterized by strength, resistance to wear, elasticity. It is not subject to deformation. The cloth has the character of a clear knit weaving. For fire safety, this fabric is classified as M1. In the rank scale, this is the highest degree.

Form of fabric release are rolls. They have a width of 2.1 to 5.1 m. When the canvas is purchased, its width should be compared with the same indicator at the room. If its width is greater, then installing the canvas without a seam will not work. All environmental indicators of such a canvas are at the highest level. This allows them to be installed in children's rooms.A fungus will never appear on them, since such a tissue “breathes”. This property is achieved by a uniform distribution of braided threads.

Such ceilings are not able to pass water. They are not afraid of severe frosts. The canvas transfers the temperature to minus forty degrees, without losing its properties.

German manufacturer Descor
German quality does not need advertising. The Germans are pedants by nature and are very meticulous in the manufacture of their products. The basis for the production is Premium fiber. The material is environmentally friendly, with pronounced fire-fighting properties. The products undergo rigorous scrutiny. The consumer is guaranteed 100% quality. Basically, all the characteristics have a pronounced similarity with the previous manufacturer.


Before installing the ceiling, dust is carefully removed. All installation work can be completely carried out independently, since they do not represent any complexity. It takes no more than 4 hours. It is with the installation of baguettes that the installation of a fabric stretch ceiling begins. Baguettes come in the form of clips and in the shape of the letter “P”. Clip-on type has a more frequent use. It is made of high strength plastic. If everything is done according to the instructions, then the ceiling can be installed without outside help. Of course, it is better to invite a friend to help, since it will be quite difficult to install it alone.

Baguettes in the shape of the letter "P" are not in great demand, because they have a small warranty period.


The main requirement is the proper operation of the stretch ceiling made of fabric. If it is treated with care, then its life is practically unlimited. In any case, the manufacturer claims so. The surface of such ceilings is not able to attract dust. Therefore, when cleaning it is enough to use a washing vacuum cleaner. If there is no such vacuum cleaner, manual wet cleaning is carried out.

When such a ceiling is washed, do not use hard brushes. They can damage the surface. Never use sharp or sharp objects for cleaning. Inadvertently, they can simply pierce the ceiling.


Choosing a ceiling for your apartment or house, you must carefully analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of these structures. Do not try to find a seamless ceiling for a room with a width of more than 5 m. Such simply does not exist in nature. In miniature rooms, it is generally necessary to decide on the feasibility of installing a stretch ceiling of film or fabric. During installation, the volume of the room will certainly decrease. This is assumed by the installation technology. With such a ceiling, an already small room will become even smaller in size.

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