Delicious and easy to make chocolate strawberry cake

So that the dessert table at the funniest bachelorette party or at a children's birthday is rich and at the same time spend money on it to a minimum, you need to use a little trick. Namely - to choose a recipe so that the dish was easy to prepare, and the purchase of products required minimal costs. In fact, there are many different recipes that allow you to cook a homemade treat very quickly. This unusually bewitching delicacy is one of them.

chocolate strawberry cake

Have you ever wondered why millions of people in the world simply adore and adore such a work of confectionery art? The answer is quite simple. A healthy duet of chocolate and strawberries is perfect for any occasion! Is it possible not to fall in love with this off-scale tenderness, which hides so many interesting things? This splendor is covered with velvet ganache, which can be planted in any style. It gives the cake with natural ingredients a special appeal and unique lightness. Inside there are two stable tastes, an extremely soft mousse, an excellent layer and a magnificent biscuit, from which it is definitely impossible to leave voluntarily. Admirable not only the internal content, but also the appearance of the product.

Let's get down to the details. First of all, prepare a smooth beautiful ganache, which is easy to apply on the surface of the finished dessert. Heat fat cream (160 g.) As much as possible until the first signs of boiling, then add thermostable chocolate (100 grams), thoroughly mix the contents with a hand whisk until the components are completely combined, cover with a thick film and put in cold.

During this time, we will prepare an almond biscuit with a pleasant texture, which has tremendous splendor. It should be noted that the product bakes well and remains juicy inside for a long time. So, in a high blender bowl we combine the egg yolk of the highest category (about 90 gr.), Sifted almond flour (80 gr.) And the same amount of cane granulated sugar. In a separate container we collect ordinary granulated sugar sand (15 grams will be enough) and raw protein (70 grams or even less). Qualitatively beat the masses with kitchen appliances to a paste-like emulsion and put together. Next, we introduce the universal flour of the Extra grade (25 gr.), 20 gr. melted unsalted butter and 15 gr. premium quality bitter cocoa powder.

In the next step, we bring the mixture to a stable consistency, move it into a tin solid form and cook at an average temperature for twenty minutes (of course, deviations within small limits are allowed) to a confident crust. Then we cool the biscuit, carefully cut it into equal parts, cut out the center with a metal ring and send it to a cool place.

If desired, you can prepare a strawberry layer, but our baking is so self-sufficient that it is good without it. To do this, we soak the gelatin powder (in an amount of 5 g.), Bring the strawberry puree (exactly 220 g.) To a light boil in a thick-walled pan, then carefully mix the components, pour into a silicone mold and freeze.

It remains to prepare a fairly obedient chocolate mousse. Dissolve gelatin (8 gr.) In a hot mass. Pour whole milk into a thick-walled dish (150 g is enough), bring to the appearance of the first steam, then pour into a deep bowl with chocolate (190 g), add swollen gelatin, whipped cream as much as possible (220 g), make the resulting mass planetary mixer at low speeds and completely cool.

At the final step, we proceed, slowly, to the assembly of our confectionery bliss.We set the bottom cake in the form, put the halves of the berries on the sides, generously pour the strawberries with chocolate mousse (almost to the edge), cover with a second blank, add ganache, distribute it on the surface of the product with a pastry palette and freeze. Then we proceed to the final decoration of the dessert at our discretion (as your imagination allows). At the output we get a bright, velvety, unusually mesmerizing taste and the same cut.

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